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Re: #define SOMETHING some_value

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: #define SOMETHING some_value
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 16:06:28 -0400
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Catonano <address@hidden> writes:

> 2017-06-10 17:55 GMT+02:00 Matt Wette <address@hidden>:
> Yea.  I may have steered you wrong before. (I didn’t look back.)  The
>> argument signature might need to be (list ‘* unsigned-short ‘*) rather than
>> your current one with unsigned-int.

I agree with Matt that you should use 'unsigned-short' here, since
that's the type specified in the C function prototype.  Although it is
true that most platform ABIs will treat them equivalently for purposes
of argument passing, the C standards provide no guarantee of that as far
as I can tell.

> I tried with no result :-/

What does "no result" mean here?  For now, I will assume it means that
you get the same error as before:

  ERROR: Throw to key `get-info-error' with args `(error-code -3)'.

The -3 corresponds to:

  #define FREEXL_INVALID_HANDLE -3   /* Invalid xls_handle argument. */

So I would consider it likely that the problem is with the first
argument (the handle), not the second one (the unsigned short).

> Also, unsigned-short isn't mentioned in the guile manual
> (API reference -> Foreign pointers -> Foreign types)

Indeed, this is an omission in the manual.  Thanks for letting us know.


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