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CHAMP implementation / port to Guile

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: CHAMP implementation / port to Guile
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 18:23:44 -0500
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Hello all,

I had the good fortune of seeing Peter Schuck's talk on the speedups
they wrote to the design of Clojure's immutable datastructures.  (I
believe this would be pretty similar to the code Wingo wrote for fashes,
but apparently this revision has some pretty large performance
imprevements over the original Clojure design.)  It's based off of this

I have no idea if I'd actually find the time for it, but I asked if I
did a direct port of their code to Guile if they'd mind it being
licensed under the LGPL.  They authorized, as you can see below.

No idea if I'm going to find the time super soon to work on it (it would
be nice if so), but just thought I'd capture this, especially the

Peter Schuck writes:

> The code repository is here with the
> actual implementation being here
> A link to the paper is included in the readme at the bottom under the
> thanks section.
> As for the license, here's my attempt at legalesse:
> I Peter Schuck authorize Guile and / or Christopher Allan Webber to copy my
> lean map work ( and relicense it as
> they see fit.
> If you need any help with understanding the implementation feel free to ask
> me questions.
> ​Peter Schuck

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