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From: Catonano
Subject: unsigned-int
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:42:45 +0200

I can't extract correct values from unsigned-int's

I can extract correct values from int, unsigned-short

but NOT form an unsigned-int

In that case the number that comes out is plainly wrong

This is how I extract a number from an int (and it works)

(bytevector-uint-ref (pointer->bytevector
          outcome-ptr (sizeof int)) 0
          (endianness big) 1) )

This is an unsigned-short (and it works)

(bytevector-uint-ref (pointer->bytevector
                   columns-ptr (sizeof unsigned-short)) 0
                   (endianness big) 1)

This is an unsigned-int and it DOESN'T work

(bytevector-uint-ref (pointer->bytevector
                    rows-ptr (sizeof unsigned-int)) 0
                   (endianness big) 1)

Thanks in advance

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