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Re: ffi-helper: looking for C libraries to try

From: Amirouche
Subject: Re: ffi-helper: looking for C libraries to try
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 02:55:42 +0200
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Le 15/07/2017 à 01:17, Matt Wette a écrit :
Hi All,

I am working on a ffi-helper: a program that will read in a C dot-h file and 
generate a Guile dot-scm file which
defines a module to provide hooks into the associated C library.  My goal is to 
have something to release ~Oct 2017.

I am looking for suggestions for libraries (w/ includes of course) to use as 
test cases to flush-out and debug my code.  I have worked on cairo and now 
working on gdbm.  I tried git2 but those headers are too broken.

If you have suggestions for test cases, please post.  They should be commonly 
(I use MacPorts and would want them to be installable in that context.)


I have now been able to compile-ffi the following on my Mac. I’m sure bugs 

(define-ffi-module (cairo cairo)
  #:pkg-config "cairo"
  #:include '(“cairo.h" "cairo-pdf.h" "cairo-svg.h")

  ;; the following are bent pipe to scm-module
  #:export (make-cairo-unit-matrix)

(define (make-cairo-unit-matrix)
  (make-cairo_matrix_t #(1.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0)))

I convert the above “cairo.ffi” file to “cairo.scm” using the following command

        mwette$ guild compile-ffi cairo/cairo.ffi

Can you provide guidance regarding how to run compile-ffi, here what I've done so far:

$ git clone
$ cd nyacc
$ git checkout c99dev
$ cd examples/nyacc/lang/c99
$ source


$ guild compile-ffi cairo/cairo.ffi

;;; note: auto-compilation is enabled, set GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0
;;;       or pass the --no-auto-compile argument to disable.
;;; compiling /home/amirouche/.guix-profile/bin/guild
;;; compiled /home/amirouche/.cache/guile/ccache/2.2-LE-8-3.A/gnu/store/1pzfigry5bnh3n146w0ib77vkd2g6jdc-guile-2.2.2/bin/guild.go
guild: unknown script "compile-ffi"
Try `guild help' for more information.

I have guile-bytestructures


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