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Re: How to run objcode files

From: Matt Wette
Subject: Re: How to run objcode files
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2017 06:08:13 -0700

> On Jul 28, 2017, at 8:48 AM, Tommi Höynälänmaa <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi
> How can I run guile objcode files from the command line? So far I have made 
> Scheme wrapper scripts that call load-compiled to load the .go files.
>     - Tommi Höynälänmaa

Not sure what you are looking to do but I can do this:

mwette$ cat hello.scm
(define (hello) (display "hello, world\n"))
mwette$ guild compile hello.scm -o hello.go
wrote `hello.go'
mwette$ guile --no-auto-compile -c '(load-compiled "hello.go") (hello)'
hello, world

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