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Guile Days in Strasbourg, France, June 19–22

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Guile Days in Strasbourg, France, June 19–22
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2019 22:32:19 +0200
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Hello Guilers!  Hello Guix!

We’re organizing Guile Days at the University of Strasbourg, France,
co-located with the Perl Workshop, from June 19th to 22nd:

We were kindly invited by the Perl Workshop organizers to join them and
have Guile + Guix sessions, while they take care of all the logistics
and web site—how could we refuse?  :-)

You are encouraged to submit by June 1st, on the web site, talks on
topics such as:

  • The neat Guile- or Guix-related project you’ve been working on.

  • Cool Guile hacking topics—Web development, databases, system
    development, graphical user interfaces, shells, you name it!

  • Fancy Guile technology—concurrent programming with Fibers, crazy
    macrology, compiler front-ends, JIT compilation and Guile 3,
    development environments, etc.

  • Guixy things: on Guix subsystems, services, the Shepherd, Guile
    development with Guix, all things OS-level in Guile, Cuirass,
    reproducible builds, bootstrapping, Mes and Gash, all this!

You can also submit hands-on workshops, which could last anything from
an hour to a day.  We expect newcomers at this event, people who don’t
know Guile and Guix and want to learn about it.  Consider submitting
introductory workshops on Guile and Guix!

We encourage submissions from people in communities usually
underrepresented in free software, including women, people in sexual
minorities, or people with disabilities.

Participation to the event is subject to a code of conduct:

Many thanks to the organizers of the Perl Workshop and in particular to
Marc Chantreux, and thanks to the sponsors of the event: RENATER, and
Université de Strasbourg.

See you there!


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