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Guile Sandbox and importing modules

From: Kovacsics Róbert
Subject: Guile Sandbox and importing modules
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2020 19:44:47 +0100


I have been playing around with libfive-{guile,studio}, which seems
nice so far, but one of the problems is it doesn't support importing
other modules due to the sandboxing, AFAICS
( I wonder if I could
have some opinions on it, e.g. if I were to put use-modules into a
sandbox would it break the sandbox completely? Presumably if I am
importing/compiling code (such as read/eval) within the sandbox just
as if it were written inline, it won't break the sandbox -- just fail
to load. Do I have to write my own load function that does this? Will
this strategy break with compiled .go files, which might I presume
call out to arbitrary C or somesuch, and would first need to be


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