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Web development

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Web development
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 17:43:17 +0200
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Hello Guile Users!

Today I wanted to try developing a website in Guile again. I took a look
at GNU Artanis, but unfortunately it seems to be not compatible with
Guile 3 or at least not yet released for Guile 3. At least version 0.4.1
on Guix seems to still depend on Guile-2.2.x. So I thought "Hmmm I had
that example project once, but the issue was with serving static files
not being a good idea using Guile's web server." So that leads me to the
next point: What HTTP server to use?

- I could use NGINX, but then again I don't really like NGINX
configurations, even though I am familiar with it.

- I could try and get familiar with HAProxy. This seems to have the
advantage of being GPLv2.

But how to create a development setup? I'd like to not install Docker on
this particular system (so far it is very clean, only using free
software), but still keep my system clean. Perhaps I could use Guix
somehow (Guix containers?). Both, NGINX and HAProxy, seem available on Guix.

I seem to remember, that sending static files via Guile's web server
would be slow or insecure and that other HTTP servers make use of
sendfile or something, to be fast. Also they take care of MIME types
etc. I would be OK with being a bit slower, if I don't have to make a
huge effort to handle MIME types and whatever other stuff correctly. But
if there was something already implemented in Guile somewhere, which I
could copy for my project, perhaps that would work too.

I would like to have a local development environment, where I can start
a server (and the Guile service behind it) with a command and shut it
down again, but keeping my system rather clean.

So I have a few questions:

(1) How do you do your Guile web development? What's the setup?

(2) What do you use to serve static files (securely)? If you use Guile's
web server, how exactly do you do it? Do you have the code somewhere?

(3) Perhaps there is a minimalistic option instead of NGINX or HAProxy
out there, which is also free software? Is there perhaps even anything
in Guile, which I could use, that is suitable for serving static files?

Best regards,


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