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Debug setup in emacs

From: Fredrik Salomonsson
Subject: Debug setup in emacs
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2020 16:37:42 -0700


I've been playing around with guile for awhile and really liking it. One
thing I haven't figured out is how to setup a good debugging environment
in emacs, similar to edebug for elisp or gdb i.e. have a buffer that
shows me were I am in the code.

The manual (from what I have found) only shows me how to run that in a
REPL. And I didn't find much when searching in the mailing archive. Is
there a way to set this up or is the REPL the way to go?

I'm currently using guile-2.2.7 and I'm using guile-hall-0.3.1 [1] for
building and running my tests.




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