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I've made a sound/audio thing

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: I've made a sound/audio thing
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2022 12:16:16 +0000

Hello Guile users!

Recently I've looked at "how to write a wav file?" and wrote some code to output in RIFF-WAVE fie format: It only writes a file currently, and does not read in any files yet. Hopefully I will work on it more soon.

My idea is, that Guile should be kind of perfect for making functions, which output sample values. Just combining functions. I want to make more effects like fade-in and fade out, amplify, change of sample rate or whatever else is simple to do. Already implemented things like a function to make another function "stepped" (is what I call it), so that one only gives an integer and it will give the sample of the index that is that integer, considering a previously given step size.

I imagine, that it should be possible, to build good abstractions over sample values and then give helper functions allowing anyone to make their own effects and so on. When reading in files is implemented, one could easily write a little Guile code and apply effects to any wav file.

I know libsndfile exists and perhaps I should be using FFI to interface with it, but I still have not gotten around to learning more about how to use FFI and also I made the mistake of looking at the implementation of wav file format in the libsndfile library … biiig mistake :D Well, I also would probably not have learned as much about wav files and some bytevector and vector stuff, if I had used libsndfile. Though more about FFI …

Will see how far I take it : )

Best regards,


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