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Re: I've made a sound/audio thing

From: blake
Subject: Re: I've made a sound/audio thing
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2022 14:06:17 +0000

Very cool, I look forward to checking it out!

September 4, 2022 12:16 PM, "Zelphir Kaltstahl" <> 

> Hello Guile users!
> Recently I've looked at "how to write a wav file?" and wrote some code to 
> output in RIFF-WAVE fie
> format: 
>  It only
> writes a file currently, and does not read in any files yet. Hopefully I will 
> work on it more soon.
> My idea is, that Guile should be kind of perfect for making functions, which 
> output sample values.
> Just combining functions. I want to make more effects like fade-in and fade 
> out, amplify, change of
> sample rate or whatever else is simple to do. Already implemented things like 
> a function to make
> another function "stepped" (is what I call it), so that one only gives an 
> integer and it will give
> the sample of the index that is that integer, considering a previously given 
> step size.
> I imagine, that it should be possible, to build good abstractions over sample 
> values and then give
> helper functions allowing anyone to make their own effects and so on. When 
> reading in files is
> implemented, one could easily write a little Guile code and apply effects to 
> any wav file.
> I know libsndfile exists and perhaps I should be using FFI to interface with 
> it, but I still have
> not gotten around to learning more about how to use FFI and also I made the 
> mistake of looking at
> the implementation of wav file format in the libsndfile library … biiig 
> mistake :D Well, I also
> would probably not have learned as much about wav files and some bytevector 
> and vector stuff, if I
> had used libsndfile. Though more about FFI …
> Will see how far I take it : )
> Best regards,
> Zelphir
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