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Re: Heap profiler

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Heap profiler
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 10:24:25 +0100


On Mon, 07 Nov 2022 at 12:03, Ludovic Courtès <> wrote:

> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
> scheme@(guile-user)> (profile-heap)


> sampled heap: 3.48865 MiB (heap size: 12.78906 MiB)
> $5 = #t
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> It samples the GC-managed heap and counts the number and size of objects
> of each type.  The “unknown” bit is anything that lacks a type tag, such
> as stacks allocated for delimited continuations by ‘capture_stack’ in
> libguile.

It could nice to have it by default. For instance under ’,help profile’
with something like ’,heap [,ph] - Profile heap memory executation’.  Or
elsewhere as ’,help system’ close to ,gc.


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