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branch master updated (36a1eec -> 840e577)

From: Eric Bavier
Subject: branch master updated (36a1eec -> 840e577)
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2015 14:12:47 +0000

bavier pushed a change to branch master
in repository guix.

      from  36a1eec   list-packages: Use GuixSD logo and name.
       new  73fc71b   perl: Alphabetize module packages.
       new  fc8c2f7   gnu: perl-data-optlist: Move input to propagated-inputs.
       new  884529b   gnu: perl-test-simple: Update to 1.001014.
       new  90fb2e2   gnu: Add CPAN-Meta-Requirements.
       new  6f2768c   gnu: Add CPAN-Meta-YAML.
       new  70e8346   gnu: Add Parse-CPAN-Meta.
       new  e0b8689   gnu: Add CPAN-Meta.
       new  a77ed67   gnu: Add CPAN-Meta-Check.
       new  90ae615   gnu: Add Try-Tiny.
       new  07b2c25   gnu: Add Test-Fatal.
       new  185082c   gnu; Add Module-Runtime.
       new  b7d9aa5   gnu: Add Dist-CheckConflicts.
       new  cb6d9b1   gnu: Add Test-Requires.
       new  f59d9fc   gnu: Add Test-Warnings.
       new  76a6f27   gnu: Add Package-Anon.
       new  3fa4c22   gnu: Add Module-Implementation.
       new  f9f6444   gnu: Add Package-Stash-XS.
       new  d9e6af9   gnu: Add Package-Stash.
       new  85e92c3   gnu: Add Sub-Exporter-Progressive.
       new  5f60001   gnu: Add Variable-Magic.
       new  0e2f7cf   gnu: Add B-Hooks-EndOfScope.
       new  9727c33   gnu: Add namespace-clean.
       new  a7a75c8   gnu: Add Sub-Identify.
       new  cab8848   gnu: Add Text-Glob.
       new  f57c768   gnu: Add Number-Compare.
       new  e91d4ac   gnu: Add File-Find-Rule.
       new  b0c2ae5   gnu: Add File-Find-Rule-Perl.
       new  269ef08   gnu: Add Test-CleanNamespaces.
       new  6eb28ec   gnu: Add ExtUtils-Config.
       new  9c8f076   gnu: Add ExtUtils-InstallPaths.
       new  0bcb85b   gnu: Add ExtUtils-Helpers.
       new  9c7d97c   gnu: Add Test-Harness.
       new  6c319d1   gnu: Add Module-Build-Tiny.
       new  d439d53   gnu: Add Class-Load.
       new  81bffd4   gnu: Add Class-Load-XS.
       new  70a9a49   gnu: Add Devel-GlobalDestruction.
       new  2aa5103   gnu: Add MRO-Compat.
       new  e2e3d62   gnu: Add Devel-OverloadInfo.
       new  5d2935e   gnu: Add Sub-Uplevel.
       new  bf1975c   gnu: Add Test-Warn.
       new  d85de70   gnu: Add Class-Tiny.
       new  81da66e   gnu: Add Devel-PartialDump.
       new  42350bb   gnu: Add Devel-StackTrace.
       new  54af5f5   gnu: Add PadWalker.
       new  0b15ffb   gnu: Add Devel-Caller.
       new  4400eb9   gnu: Add Devel-LexAlias.
       new  8bc9515   gnu: Add Eval-Closure.
       new  ce60f16   gnu: Add Config-AutoConf.
       new  e8bba43   gnu: Add inc-latest.
       new  0d3ec49   gnu: Add Algorithm-Diff.
       new  3453cd7   gnu: Add Text-Diff.
       new  c68b185   gnu: Add Test-Differences.
       new  bc4899e   gnu: Add Class-Data-Inheritable.
       new  3a8ee9d   gnu: Add Exception-Class.
       new  625d066   gnu: Add Module-Build.
       new  800e13d   gnu: Add Test-Exception.
       new  d4dfe33   gnu: Add Test-Most.
       new  d0662af   gnu: Add Test-Directory.
       new  ec77a71   gnu: Add parent.
       new  29b6ca7   gnu: Add File-Temp.
       new  4ee88d6   gnu: Add File-HomeDir.
       new  61fc683   gnu: Add Data-Tumbler.
       new  da9e301   gnu: Add Test-WriteVariants.
       new  a595c10   gnu: Add Exporter-Tiny.
       new  04e9de0   gnu: Add List-MoreUtils.
       new  ff89255   gnu: Add Module-Runtime-Conflicts.
       new  21a99dd   gnu: Add Package-DeprecationManager.
       new  c8d68ff   gnu: Add Scalar-List-Utils.
       new  7bda142   gnu: Add Devel-CheckBin.
       new  39bbf61   gnu: Add Sub-Name.
       new  ae7135a   gnu: Add Task-Weaken.
       new  840e577   gnu: Add Moose.

The 72 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 gnu/packages/perl.scm | 2244 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 1 files changed, 1951 insertions(+), 293 deletions(-)

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