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03/03: Update NEWS.

From: Ludovic Courts
Subject: 03/03: Update NEWS.
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 19:32:45 +0000

civodul pushed a commit to branch master
in repository guix.

commit e9ade3eeef5e79a48e83be7847cb39eee497f862
Author: Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>
Date:   Tue Jul 21 21:26:35 2015 +0200

    Update NEWS.
 NEWS |   91 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 1 files changed, 86 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index aa5e233..e33e2ac 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -44,25 +44,105 @@ Please send Guix bug reports to address@hidden
 *** ARMv7 port now requires NEON
 *** The disk footprint of a dozen key packages has been reduced
-*** XXX new packages
-*** XXX package updates
+*** 179 new packages
+adwaita-icon-theme, amule, aragorn, arpack-ng-openmpi, blast+, bundler,
+camlp4, camlp5, clutter, clutter-gst, clutter-gtk, cogl, coq, couger, crda,
+dealii, dealii-openmpi, devhelp, diamond, dunst, edirect, emacs-auctex,
+emacs-mmm-mode, emacs-pdf-tools, eog, execline, exempi, fasttree, faust,
+fizmo, gcr, git-modes, gnome-common, gnome-keyring, gnome-klotski,
+gnu-c-manual, gnujump, gom, grilo, grilo-plugins, gst-plugins-ugly,
+guile-emacs, guile-for-guile-emacs, guile-gdbm-ffi, guitarix, haskell-mode,
+hevea, hmmer, hoedown, htslib, hydra, hydrogen, idr, libcmis, libiberty,
+libmng, libmpeg2, libreoffice, libressl, librest, libstdc++, libstdc++-doc,
+libstdc++-doc, libsvm, libtar, libx264, libxdg-basedir, lpsolve, lxappearance,
+magit-svn, metabat, metis, mumps, mumps-metis, mumps-metis-openmpi,
+mumps-openmpi, orfm, p4est, p4est-openmpi, perl-authen-sasl,
+perl-catalyst-plugin-authorization-roles, perl-data-stag, perl-gssapi,
+perl-io-string, perl-net-smtp-ssl, perl-set-object, plink, powertabeditor,
+preseq, prodigal, proof-general, pugixml, pv, python-click,
+python-feedgenerator, python-flake8, python-gridmap, python-libsvm,
+python-libxml2, python-mccabe, python-pandas, python-pep8, python-pep8,
+python-psutil, python-pyflakes, python-pyflakes, python-pyzmq, python-redis,
+python-rpy2, python-rq, python-scikit-image, python-seaborn, python2-click,
+python2-fastlmm, python2-feedgenerator, python2-flake8, python2-gridmap,
+python2-libxml2, python2-mccabe, python2-pandas, python2-pep8, python2-pep8,
+python2-psutil, python2-pyflakes, python2-pysnptools, python2-pyzmq,
+python2-redis, python2-rpy2, python2-rq, python2-scikit-image,
+python2-seaborn, python2-warpedlmm, qsynth, randomjungle, rapidjson, raul, rc,
+rhythmbox, rsem, rtmidi, ruby-arel, ruby-bacon, ruby-connection-pool,
+ruby-daemons, ruby-git, ruby-minitest, ruby-minitest-bacon,
+ruby-minitest-sprint, ruby-multipart-post, ruby-net-http-persistent,
+ruby-rake-compiler, ruby-rspec, ruby-rspec-core, ruby-rspec-expectations,
+ruby-rspec-mocks, ruby-slop, ruby-useragent, scalapack, seahorse, setbfree,
+sfarklib, sfarkxtc, sfxr, skalibs, slepc, slepc-complex,
+slepc-complex-openmpi, slepc-openmpi, sox, st, totem, wayland, wireless-regdb,
+withershins, wxmaxima, xfce4-clipman-plugin, xmlsec, zita-resampler
+*** 181 package updates
+ardour-4.1-5aa834e, bash-4.3.39, bash-light-4.3.39, bedops-2.4.14,
+bind-utils-9.10.2-P2, bison-3.0.4, bitlbee-3.4, boost-1.58.0, brasero-3.12.1,
+calibre-2.29.0, catch-1.1.3, ccache-3.2.2, chibi-scheme-0.7.3, clang-3.6.0,
+coreutils-8.24, cups-2.0.3, cups-filters-1.0.71, cups-minimal-2.0.3,
+curl-7.43.0, datamash-1.0.7, dfu-programmer-0.7.2, duplicity-0.6.26, ed-1.12,
+efl-1.14.2, eigen-3.2.5, elementary-1.14.2, emotion-generic-players-1.14.0,
+enlightenment-0.19.5, evas-generic-loaders-1.14.0, evince-3.16.1, feh-2.13,
+ffmpeg-2.7.1, freeipmi-1.4.9, freetype-2.6, gawk-4.1.3, gcal-4, gcc-5.2.0,
+gcc-cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.9.3, gcc-cross-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64-4.9.3,
+gcc-cross-sans-libc-avr-4.9.3, gcc-cross-sans-libc-xtensa-elf-4.9.3,
+gcc-objc++-4.8.5, gcc-objc-4.8.5, gcc-stripped-tarball-4.9.3,
+gcc-toolchain-4.9.3, gcc-toolchain-4.9.3, gcc-toolchain-5.2.0, gccgo-4.8.5,
+gcj-4.8.5, gdb-7.9.1, geoclue-2.2.0, gettext-0.19.5, gfortran-4.8.5,
+gfortran-4.9.3, gfortran-4.9.3, girara-0.2.4, git-2.4.3, git-manpages-2.4.3,
+global-6.5, gnu-pw-mgr-1.4, gnupg-2.1.6, gnutls-3.4.1, goffice-0.10.14,
+gpgme-1.5.5, gtk+-3.16.3, gtkmm-3.16.0, guile-2.0.11, guile-2.0.11,
+guile-reader-0.6.1, guile-sdl-0.5.2, guix-0.8.2, guix-,
+gxmessage-3.4.3, harfbuzz-0.9.40, help2man-1.47.1, httpd-2.4.16, hwloc-1.10.1,
+icecat-31.8.0-gnu1, imagemagick-6.9.1-3, inetutils-1.9.4, julia-0.3.10,
+libassuan-2.2.1, libdvdnav-5.0.3, libdvdread-5.0.3, libetonyek-0.1.3,
+libgpg-error-1.19, libidn-1.31, libksba-1.3.3, libmicrohttpd-0.9.42,
+libmpdclient-2.10, libmwaw-0.3.5, libpipeline-1.4.0, libpsl-0.7.1,
+librsvg-2.40.9, libunistring-0.9.6, libusb-1.0.19, libvpx-1.4.0, libwps-0.4.0,
+libxml2-2.9.2, linux-libre-4.0.8, linux-libre-4.1.2, livestreamer-1.12.2,
+lv2-1.12.0, magit-1.4.1, man-db-2.7.1, mariadb-10.0.20, maxima-5.36.1,
+mdds-0.12.1, mpd-0.19.10, mpd-mpc-0.27, mpfr-3.1.3, mysql-5.6.25, nano-2.4.2,
+ncmpc-0.24, ncmpcpp-0.6.5, nettle-3.1.1, ngs-java-1.1.1, ngs-sdk-1.1.1,
+npth-1.2, nss-3.19.2, nss-certs-3.19.2, ntp-4.2.8p3, ocaml-4.02.1,
+openblas-0.2.14, openjpeg-2.0.1, openjpeg-2.1.0, openmpi-1.8.5, openssh-6.9p1,
+openssl-1.0.2d, parallel-20150622, pari-gp-2.7.4, pcre-8.37, perf-4.1.2,
+petsc-3.6.0, petsc-complex-3.6.0, petsc-complex-openmpi-3.6.0,
+petsc-openmpi-3.6.0, pinentry-0.9.5, pius-2.1.1, polkit-0.113,
+postgresql-9.3.8, pspp-0.8.5, pt-scotch-6.0.4, pumpa-0.9.1, python-3.4.3,
+python-dateutil-2.2, python-pillow-2.8.1, python-scikit-learn-0.16.1,
+python2-dateutil-2.2, python2-pillow-2.8.1, python2-pygobject-3.16.1,
+python2-pyqt-5.4, python2-scikit-learn-0.16.1, qemu-2.3.0,
+qemu-headless-2.3.0, qt-5.4.2, r-3.2.1, readline-6.3, ruby-2.1.6, ruby-2.2.2,
+samtools-1.2, scotch-6.0.4, screen-4.3.1, sharutils-4.15.2, sipwitch-1.9.8,
+sqlite-, star-2.4.2a, swig-3.0.5, synergy-1.7.3, sysfsutils-2.1.0,
+talloc-2.1.2, texinfo-6.0, tor-, ucommon-6.3.4, unrtf-0.21.9, vamp-2.6,
+webkitgtk-2.8.3, which-2.21, xorriso-1.4.0, youtube-dl-2015.06.25,
 ** Programming interfaces
 *** New “package Reference” and “origin Reference” sections in the manual
-*** monads: ‘foldm’, ‘mapm’, and ‘anym’ now take a list of regular values
-*** monads: Allow n-ary ‘>>=’ expressions
+*** New ‘emacs-build-system’, which mimics what package.el does
 *** New (guix cpio) module, used to produce Linux initrds deterministically
 *** New ‘clone’, ‘setns’, and ‘pivot_root’ bindings in (guix build syscalls)
 *** New ‘dependencies’ field in <file-system>
 *** New #:gem-flags parameter for ‘ruby-build-system’
+*** monads: ‘foldm’, ‘mapm’, and ‘anym’ now take a list of regular values
+*** monads: Allow n-ary ‘>>=’ expressions
 ** Noteworthy bug fixes
 *** Binary installation tarball now has files root-owned, with zeroed mtime
+    (<>)
 *** GRUB background image is always available (<>)
 *** ‘guix system’ catches references to non-existent user groups
+    (<>)
 *** Ignore trailing components for ‘guix gc -d’ (<>)
 *** ‘guix lint’ warns only when all the URIs are unreachable
 *** ‘guix system init’ overwrites the items in the target store
@@ -81,6 +161,7 @@ Please send Guix bug reports to address@hidden
 *** Daemon preserves build user groups (<>)
 *** Fix quadratic behavior when building packages with many propagated inputs
 *** Tarballs for origins with patches/snippet are now build deterministically
+*** Scalability issues in ‘guix publish’ have been fixed
 ** Native language support

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