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branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a deleted (was bfa5e9f)

From: Paul
Subject: branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a deleted (was bfa5e9f)
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 15:29:03 +0000

toothbrush pushed a change to branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a
in repository guix.

       was  bfa5e9f   gnu: Add raincat platform game.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  bfa5e9f   gnu: Add raincat platform game.
  discards  b0167a2   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-image.
  discards  f65b014   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-mixer.
  discards  311c93e   gnu: Add ghc-sdl.
  discards  f4a5feb   gnu: Add ghc-glut.
  discards  5d89754   gnu: Add ghc-opengl.
  discards  cbb7eba   gnu: Add ghc-objectname.
  discards  3729fe7   gnu: Add ghc-gluraw.
  discards  3374e5d   gnu: Add ghc-openglraw.
  discards  ae603a2   gnu: Add ghc-half.
  discards  7def3b7   gnu: Add ghc-regex-compat.
  discards  8caf40e   gnu: Add ghc-regex-posix.
  discards  eb25caf   gnu: Add ghc-xhtml.
  discards  63f63e2   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src.
  discards  8cb7df0   gnu: Add ghc-html.
  discards  663f3b5   gnu: Add ghc-cgi.
  discards  949c996   gnu: Add ghc-multipart.
  discards  cd0faba   gnu: Add ghc-alex.
  discards  88e2b71   gnu: Add ghc-haddock.
  discards  664ee16   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-api.
  discards  3f5813a   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-library.
  discards  b52cddb   gnu: Add Idris, the dependently-typed language.
  discards  2e62764   gnu: Add ghc-trifecta.
  discards  741555a   gnu: Add ghc-cheapskate.
  discards  4670c61   gnu: Add ghc-lens.
  discards  7aa9c66   gnu: Add ghc-kan-extensions.
  discards  560f12d   gnu: Add ghc-vector-binary-instances.
  discards  3414ffe   gnu: Add ghc-wai-extra.
  discards  839503a   gnu: Add ghc-wai-logger.
  discards  e22cda7   gnu: Add ghc-wai.
  discards  001d2fd   gnu: Add ghc-cookie.
  discards  e776e33   gnu: Add ghc-parsers.
  discards  7976b82   gnu: Add ghc-xss-sanitize.
  discards  1bd1f21   gnu: Add ghc-streaming-commons.
  discards  0a80429   gnu: Add ghc-resourcet.
  discards  b8c25fb   gnu: Add ghc-hlint.
  discards  1e4facd   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src-exts.
  discards  09d51a1   gnu: Add ghc-happy.
  discards  7504d52   gnu: Add ghc-cmdargs.
  discards  4b38382   gnu: Add ghc-cpphs.
  discards  0e1b372   gnu: Add ghc-simple-reflect.
  discards  6ce6ea0   gnu: Add ghc-adjunctions.
  discards  fd53e50   gnu: Add ghc-free.
  discards  542fa9b   gnu: Add ghc-prelude-extras.
  discards  493c04a   gnu: Add ghc-reflection.
  discards  761d524   gnu: Add ghc-reducers.
  discards  f6eb506   gnu: Add ghc-semigroupoids.
  discards  2f28da1   gnu: Add ghc-profunctors.
  discards  a469495   gnu: Add ghc-extra.
  discards  afe3e5d   gnu: Add ghc-polyparse.
  discards  4ee2866   gnu: Add ghc-hscolour.
  discards  42f75b1   gnu: Add ghc-comonad.
  discards  ac8396e   gnu: Add ghc-distributive.
  discards  6fd7646   gnu: Add ghc-cereal.
  discards  2b7659c   gnu: Add ghc-zip-archive.
  discards  c4988cf   gnu: Add ghc-css-text.
  discards  2864e82   gnu: Add ghc-aeson.
  discards  f9f35c4   gnu: Add ghc-attoparsec.
  discards  cb5e86c   gnu: Add ghc-scientific.
  discards  8f77033   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-ant-xml.
  discards  ca74a66   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-smallcheck.
  discards  94acca4   gnu: Add ghc-smallcheck.
  discards  5c94992   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-golden.
  discards  7bc9983   gnu: Add ghc-temporary-rc.
  discards  f089b64   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-quickcheck.
  discards  e5863a7   gnu: Add ghc-stringsearch.
  discards  5738120   gnu: Add ghc-word8.
  discards  6e856d3   gnu: Add ghc-lifted-base.
  discards  7617fd0   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-hunit.
  discards  2d9cbf7   gnu: Add ghc-tasty.
  discards  6d668f5   gnu: Add ghc-regex-tdfa-rc.
  discards  964b814   gnu: Add ghc-clock.
  discards  0ab5dad   gnu: Add ghc-charset.
  discards  a4acd44   gnu: Add ghc-fast-logger.
  discards  9f5e263   gnu: Add ghc-bytestring-builder.
  discards  90afd44   gnu: Add ghc-tagsoup.
  discards  39eb1ef   gnu: Add ghc-digest.
  discards  0c5e921   gnu: Add ghc-contravariant.
  discards  51d9e5c   gnu: Add ghc-statevar.
  discards  69ea379   gnu: Add ghc-bifunctors.
  discards  ee4cc12   gnu: Add ghc-void.
  discards  a790425   gnu: Add ghc-semigroups.
  discards  b3d15cf   gnu: Add ghc-nats.
  discards  df483d8   gnu: Add ghc-http-types.
  discards  4221e55   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-instances.
  discards  9086201   gnu: Add ghc-unix-compat.
  discards  803fefb   gnu: Add ghc-unix-time.
  discards  8c33f2b   gnu: Add ghc-iproute.
  discards  bbcba2e   gnu: Add ghc-unbounded-delays.
  discards  155e643   gnu: Add ghc-tagged.
  discards  68e7b3c   gnu: Add ghc-auto-update.
  discards  7e50f34   gnu: Add ghc-doctest.
  discards  12b79c3   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-html.
  discards  24be9ee   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-markup.
  discards  54f8894   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-builder.
  discards  980a260   gnu: Add ghc-base-compat.
  discards  e609b4e   gnu: Add ghc-easy-file.
  discards  fc58a3e   gnu: Add ghc-byteorder.
  discards  256e19b   gnu: Add ghc-monad-control.
  discards  b4acb04   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-base.
  discards  f11abf7   gnu: Add ghc-mmorph.
  discards  c21e391   gnu: Add ghc-vault.
  discards  b170174   gnu: Add ghc-base-orphans.
  discards  372e992   gnu: Add ghc-optparse-applicative.
  discards  6a16592   gnu: Add ghc-fingertree.
  discards  b8f9e19   gnu: Add ghc-uniplate.
  discards  f280698   gnu: Add ghc-base64-bytestring.
  discards  dc47b50   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-wl-pprint.
  discards  fc2933d   gnu: Add ghc-annotated-wl-pprint.
  discards  484ac21   gnu: ghc-split: Update dependencies.
  discards  50612fc   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-unicode.
  discards  4d526fe   gnu: Add ghc-xml.
  discards  5ad20d4   gnu: Add ghc-logict.
  discards  191411d   gnu: Add ghc-pcre-light.
  discards  cf6b5da   gnu: Add ghc-generic-deriving.
  discards  f6c5dbc   gnu: Add ghc-safe.
  discards  5efb56d   gnu: Add ghc-appar.
  discards  95e4e97   gnu: Add ghc-regex-base.
  discards  3cf6d0b   gnu: Add ghc-hspec.
  discards  a3f253c   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-discover.
  discards  46f7c45   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-meta.
  discards  8729ef3   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-core.
  discards  1263282   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-expectations.
  discards  1287870   gnu: Add ghc-silently.
  discards  6435562   gnu: Add ghc-temporary.
  discards  ad0bd65   gnu: Add ghc-exceptions.
  discards  9d048d8   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-compat.
  discards  db2a7c0   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-io.
  discards  f690588   gnu: Add ghc-stringbuilder.
  discards  9c26997   gnu: Add ghc-setenv.
  discards  e3c28a0   gnu: Add ghc-async.
  discards  2098954   gnu: ghc-containers: Remove variable.
  discards  49a12a4   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-terminal.
  discards  1c145c3   gnu: cabal-install: Update to
  discards  da3e25a   gnu: ghc-http: Update to 4000.2.20.
  discards  adea607   gnu: ghc-old-time: Add variable.
  discards  5eb37a4   gnu: ghc-network: Update to
  discards  b4469a2   gnu: ghc-vector: Update to
  discards  92b538d   gnu: ghc-syb: Update to 0.6.
  discards  7450181   gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Update to 2.8.1.
  discards  afaf1af   gnu: ghc-primitive: Update to
  discards  608f01e   gnu: ghc-hashable: Update to
  discards  794dc03   gnu: ghc-text: Update to
  discards  b1b4600   gnu: ghc-dlist: Enable tests.
  discards  9bf43da   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
  discards  2225474   gnu: ghc-xmonad-contrib: Update to version 0.11.4.
  discards  1518acd   gnu: xmonad: Patch for updated libraries.
  discards  d955f3c   gnu: Add ghc-old-locale.
  discards  d7e0ec4   gnu: ghc-utf8-string: Update to
  discards  0de8b80   gnu: ghc-mtl: Update to 2.2.1.
  discards  71d7879   gnu: ghc: Update to 7.10.2.

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