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branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now bbae2d6)

From: Paul
Subject: branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now bbae2d6)
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 16:14:32 +0000

toothbrush pushed a change to branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a
in repository guix.

        at  bbae2d6   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  71d7879   gnu: ghc: Update to 7.10.2.
       new  0de8b80   gnu: ghc-mtl: Update to 2.2.1.
       new  d7e0ec4   gnu: ghc-utf8-string: Update to
       new  d955f3c   gnu: Add ghc-old-locale.
       new  3d454d9   gnu: xmonad: Patch for updated libraries.
       new  1aaab30   gnu: Add ghc-old-time.
       new  5a96e37   gnu: ghc-xmonad-contrib: Update to version 0.11.4.
       new  2c0bbf5   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
       new  4eaca4b   gnu: ghc-dlist: Enable tests.
       new  f5cb6d8   gnu: ghc-text: Update to
       new  cd02486   gnu: ghc-hashable: Update to
       new  f19634f   gnu: ghc-primitive: Update to
       new  0f9933e   gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Update to 2.8.1.
       new  85b57bc   gnu: ghc-syb: Update to 0.6.
       new  df429af   gnu: ghc-vector: Update to
       new  ac1056f   gnu: ghc-network: Update to
       new  73d4d05   gnu: ghc-http: Update to 4000.2.20.
       new  acce7f5   gnu: cabal-install: Update to
       new  8051ee2   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-terminal.
       new  fc1bbdd   gnu: Remove ghc-containers.
       new  8be6dd0   gnu: Add ghc-async.
       new  4db0e8b   gnu: Add ghc-setenv.
       new  e965c73   gnu: Add ghc-stringbuilder.
       new  983ce7a   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-io.
       new  03ded99   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-compat.
       new  f8e1caa   gnu: Add ghc-exceptions.
       new  f9a687f   gnu: Add ghc-temporary.
       new  c6bf12d   gnu: Add ghc-silently.
       new  54149c6   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-expectations.
       new  7fd2240   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-core.
       new  9cb3279   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-meta.
       new  8444507   gnu: Add hspec-discover.
       new  71d999b   gnu: Add ghc-hspec.
       new  a01b94d   gnu: Add ghc-regex-base.
       new  e7b1f43   gnu: Add ghc-appar.
       new  2cf3cf2   gnu: Add ghc-safe.
       new  db45e23   gnu: Add ghc-generic-deriving.
       new  b492d93   gnu: Add ghc-pcre-light.
       new  f1109c0   gnu: Add ghc-logict.
       new  e4a4cbc   gnu: Add ghc-xml.
       new  543c7e2   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-unicode.
       new  9e41449   gnu: ghc-split: Update dependencies.
       new  dad6bed   gnu: Add ghc-annotated-wl-pprint.
       new  0953a28   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-wl-pprint.
       new  7f4f5ab   gnu: Add ghc-base64-bytestring.
       new  ed9d9e9   gnu: Add ghc-uniplate.
       new  78af068   gnu: Add ghc-fingertree.
       new  76583c9   gnu: Add ghc-optparse-applicative.
       new  4ef4872   gnu: Add ghc-base-orphans.
       new  76f9ef6   gnu: Add ghc-vault.
       new  a2a4508   gnu: Add ghc-mmorph.
       new  0f19707   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-base.
       new  860af48   gnu: Add ghc-monad-control.
       new  0819ce7   gnu: Add ghc-byteorder.
       new  50a8bce   gnu: Add ghc-easy-file.
       new  21009f4   gnu: Add ghc-base-compat.
       new  4ffa00a   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-builder.
       new  ca7d8ac   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-markup.
       new  56c4021   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-html.
       new  552ed20   gnu: Add ghc-doctest.
       new  239cfc1   gnu: Add ghc-auto-update.
       new  4e89455   gnu: Add ghc-tagged.
       new  986bc6f   gnu: Add ghc-unbounded-delays.
       new  f31bad5   gnu: Add ghc-iproute.
       new  b5bcf83   gnu: Add ghc-unix-time.
       new  0d994d8   gnu: Add ghc-unix-compat.
       new  ab8886b   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-instances.
       new  acf3b5e   gnu: Add ghc-http-types.
       new  77a321b   gnu: Add ghc-nats.
       new  2f6dab0   gnu: Add ghc-semigroups.
       new  4abff55   gnu: Add ghc-void.
       new  d1ac514   gnu: Add ghc-bifunctors.
       new  e5461ca   gnu: Add ghc-statevar.
       new  ca2541e   gnu: Add ghc-contravariant.
       new  1681ba0   gnu: Add ghc-digest.
       new  bde55bf   gnu: Add ghc-tagsoup.
       new  994bfee   gnu: Add ghc-bytestring-builder.
       new  8ab71c7   gnu: Add ghc-fast-logger.
       new  1bba265   gnu: Add ghc-charset.
       new  f8a4a49   gnu: Add ghc-regex-tdfa-rc.
       new  2f1ef3c   gnu: Add ghc-lifted-base.
       new  631c904   gnu: Add ghc-word8.
       new  828a0e2   gnu: Add ghc-stringsearch.
       new  7c89383   gnu: Add ghc-clock-bootstrap.
       new  dbf2b32   gnu: Add ghc-tasty.
       new  8d06b20   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-hunit.
       new  ad173b5   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-quickcheck.
       new  680ea95   gnu: Add ghc-clock.
       new  0294de2   gnu: Add ghc-temporary-rc.
       new  c85e68b   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-golden.
       new  34ce951   gnu: Add ghc-smallcheck.
       new  1ab8c3e   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-smallcheck.
       new  2b89c68   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-ant-xml.
       new  d8dde88   gnu: Add ghc-scientific.
       new  d51a070   gnu: Add ghc-attoparsec.
       new  ec0362b   gnu: Add ghc-aeson.
       new  d366761   gnu: Add ghc-css-text.
       new  e1c9d00   gnu: Add ghc-zip-archive.
       new  cab4e74   gnu: Add ghc-cereal.
       new  9915aab   gnu: Add ghc-distributive.
       new  8114e2b   gnu: Add ghc-comonad.
       new  9e0046c   gnu: Add HScolour.
       new  c0203f9   gnu: Add ghc-polyparse.
       new  6053148   gnu: Add ghc-extra.
       new  77bdaa8   gnu: Add ghc-profunctors.
       new  3d14e41   gnu: Add ghc-semigroupoids.
       new  af42df0   gnu: Add ghc-reducers.
       new  c7f8891   gnu: Add ghc-reflection.
       new  dbc40c7   gnu: Add ghc-prelude-extras.
       new  c307c90   gnu: Add ghc-free.
       new  2a464cc   gnu: Add ghc-adjunctions.
       new  c531bb2   gnu: Add ghc-simple-reflect.
       new  3ebc0ed   gnu: Add cpphs.
       new  5f0c0d3   gnu: Add ghc-cmdargs.
       new  b8cff0b   gnu: Add ghc-happy.
       new  2d2e7f4   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src-exts.
       new  bfd1b7d   gnu: Add hlint.
       new  d88588b   gnu: Add ghc-resourcet.
       new  0eaedb6   gnu: Add ghc-streaming-commons.
       new  8c942a8   gnu: Add ghc-xss-sanitize.
       new  34526f5   gnu: Add ghc-parsers.
       new  2a4d778   gnu: Add ghc-cookie.
       new  dbb86bd   gnu: Add ghc-wai.
       new  0f7b0be   gnu: Add ghc-wai-logger.
       new  5c55447   gnu: Add ghc-wai-extra.
       new  3528db0   gnu: Add ghc-vector-binary-instances.
       new  7980135   gnu: Add ghc-kan-extensions.
       new  6626842   gnu: Add ghc-lens.
       new  4b9a98a   gnu: Add ghc-cheapskate.
       new  1d560b3   gnu: Add ghc-trifecta.
       new  2d735d7   gnu: Add Idris.
       new  bd80027   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-library.
       new  d4a444c   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-api.
       new  ec8a30c   gnu: Add ghc-haddock.
       new  1dc67a7   gnu: Add ghc-alex.
       new  49d59ac   gnu: Add ghc-multipart.
       new  e831771   gnu: Add ghc-cgi.
       new  edd75e5   gnu: Add ghc-html.
       new  a48b70c   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src.
       new  4801ce6   gnu: Add ghc-xhtml.
       new  fe5e24f   gnu: Add ghc-regex-posix.
       new  aea379a   gnu: Add ghc-regex-compat.
       new  3e37296   gnu: Add ghc-half.
       new  338217a   gnu: Add ghc-openglraw.
       new  a4ba425   gnu: Add ghc-gluraw.
       new  f0471e9   gnu: Add ghc-objectname.
       new  1762381   gnu: Add ghc-opengl.
       new  6688a8a   gnu: Add ghc-glut.
       new  d3175cc   gnu: Add ghc-sdl.
       new  21b8892   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-mixer.
       new  47f50a8   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-image.
       new  a0fdb08   gnu: Add Raincat.
       new  89c721e   import: hackage: Update GHC libraries for 7.10.2.
       new  bbae2d6   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

The 154 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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