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branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now c83c2c7)

From: Paul
Subject: branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now c83c2c7)
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 17:23:04 +0000

toothbrush pushed a change to branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a
in repository guix.

        at  c83c2c7   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  71d7879   gnu: ghc: Update to 7.10.2.
       new  0de8b80   gnu: ghc-mtl: Update to 2.2.1.
       new  d7e0ec4   gnu: ghc-utf8-string: Update to
       new  d955f3c   gnu: Add ghc-old-locale.
       new  1d7d4e1   gnu: xmonad: Patch for updated libraries.
       new  9905ae7   gnu: Add ghc-old-time.
       new  62cedf4   gnu: ghc-xmonad-contrib: Update to version 0.11.4.
       new  cc4d8d4   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
       new  17e8adc   gnu: ghc-dlist: Enable tests.
       new  1ea0ed4   gnu: ghc-text: Update to
       new  003be9a   gnu: ghc-hashable: Update to
       new  62d5fee   gnu: ghc-primitive: Update to
       new  a308fea   gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Update to 2.8.1.
       new  559c256   gnu: ghc-syb: Update to 0.6.
       new  b47522c   gnu: ghc-vector: Update to
       new  64d55ad   gnu: ghc-network: Update to
       new  a656596   gnu: ghc-http: Update to 4000.2.20.
       new  31a840a   gnu: cabal-install: Update to
       new  c38bf17   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-terminal.
       new  6a6ba09   gnu: Remove ghc-containers.
       new  e0b67e0   gnu: Add ghc-async.
       new  d8d2ad5   gnu: Add ghc-setenv.
       new  9c3810b   gnu: Add ghc-stringbuilder.
       new  61ce917   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-io.
       new  23fa03f   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-compat.
       new  9b04363   gnu: Add ghc-exceptions.
       new  a095418   gnu: Add ghc-temporary.
       new  196e87f   gnu: Add ghc-silently.
       new  e23dabc   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-expectations.
       new  3ae22f7   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-core.
       new  8f9a7df   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-meta.
       new  a9c1019   gnu: Add hspec-discover.
       new  3038794   gnu: Add ghc-hspec.
       new  07c20be   gnu: Add ghc-regex-base.
       new  3a21ae0   gnu: Add ghc-appar.
       new  8978f09   gnu: Add ghc-safe.
       new  add8876   gnu: Add ghc-generic-deriving.
       new  057e840   gnu: Add ghc-pcre-light.
       new  8a9938a   gnu: Add ghc-logict.
       new  123cef1   gnu: Add ghc-xml.
       new  053edb4   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-unicode.
       new  480016c   gnu: ghc-split: Update dependencies.
       new  7518589   gnu: Add ghc-annotated-wl-pprint.
       new  1f1fb44   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-wl-pprint.
       new  a086293   gnu: Add ghc-base64-bytestring.
       new  3e37858   gnu: Add ghc-uniplate.
       new  21ef7bf   gnu: Add ghc-fingertree.
       new  3913472   gnu: Add ghc-optparse-applicative.
       new  99c28cf   gnu: Add ghc-base-orphans.
       new  5ca67b7   gnu: Add ghc-vault.
       new  537df8c   gnu: Add ghc-mmorph.
       new  994fdd9   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-base.
       new  7a1d044   gnu: Add ghc-monad-control.
       new  4aaea1d   gnu: Add ghc-byteorder.
       new  2ed81ff   gnu: Add ghc-easy-file.
       new  669ef9c   gnu: Add ghc-base-compat.
       new  a0e9087   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-builder.
       new  0c132e6   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-markup.
       new  a15120e   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-html.
       new  c5d9e89   gnu: Add ghc-doctest.
       new  7975121   gnu: Add ghc-auto-update.
       new  21b0a32   gnu: Add ghc-tagged.
       new  2a3a076   gnu: Add ghc-unbounded-delays.
       new  b44a9f0   gnu: Add ghc-iproute.
       new  a7ff98d   gnu: Add ghc-unix-time.
       new  7bfb90d   gnu: Add ghc-unix-compat.
       new  d764288   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-instances.
       new  cae3234   gnu: Add ghc-http-types.
       new  71e6534   gnu: Add ghc-nats.
       new  e305669   gnu: Add ghc-semigroups.
       new  4a595b9   gnu: Add ghc-void.
       new  8662a55   gnu: Add ghc-bifunctors.
       new  f8eae8e   gnu: Add ghc-statevar.
       new  dbde825   gnu: Add ghc-contravariant.
       new  df533a1   gnu: Add ghc-digest.
       new  46cd385   gnu: Add ghc-tagsoup.
       new  71eb8fa   gnu: Add ghc-bytestring-builder.
       new  0577020   gnu: Add ghc-fast-logger.
       new  93a6a69   gnu: Add ghc-charset.
       new  2eb4645   gnu: Add ghc-regex-tdfa-rc.
       new  d766625   gnu: Add ghc-lifted-base.
       new  5b13071   gnu: Add ghc-word8.
       new  5c9276d   gnu: Add ghc-stringsearch.
       new  8d31ded   gnu: Add ghc-clock-bootstrap.
       new  0610f39   gnu: Add ghc-tasty.
       new  f4c3c95   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-hunit.
       new  48aa40f   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-quickcheck.
       new  585628a   gnu: Add ghc-clock.
       new  c32d6bc   gnu: Add ghc-temporary-rc.
       new  13e08d1   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-golden.
       new  710ea1a   gnu: Add ghc-smallcheck.
       new  a666734   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-smallcheck.
       new  fbfaac8   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-ant-xml.
       new  c48903e   gnu: Add ghc-scientific.
       new  01e270a   gnu: Add ghc-attoparsec.
       new  cd11ff1   gnu: Add ghc-aeson.
       new  5f9d1be   gnu: Add ghc-css-text.
       new  053718f   gnu: Add ghc-zip-archive.
       new  126bc3d   gnu: Add ghc-cereal.
       new  0add79f   gnu: Add ghc-distributive.
       new  378e55f   gnu: Add ghc-comonad.
       new  d256c96   gnu: Add HScolour.
       new  f2cb9cd   gnu: Add ghc-polyparse.
       new  feadef0   gnu: Add ghc-extra.
       new  02671dd   gnu: Add ghc-profunctors.
       new  24c300e   gnu: Add ghc-semigroupoids.
       new  838d4de   gnu: Add ghc-reducers.
       new  ce01787   gnu: Add ghc-reflection.
       new  1a7f463   gnu: Add ghc-prelude-extras.
       new  7567e1b   gnu: Add ghc-free.
       new  6d11847   gnu: Add ghc-adjunctions.
       new  524ac26   gnu: Add ghc-simple-reflect.
       new  9d2e288   gnu: Add cpphs.
       new  a50b7c5   gnu: Add ghc-cmdargs.
       new  4b771fb   gnu: Add ghc-happy.
       new  96c1299   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src-exts.
       new  c292811   gnu: Add hlint.
       new  95dc243   gnu: Add ghc-resourcet.
       new  f68b307   gnu: Add ghc-streaming-commons.
       new  91e519a   gnu: Add ghc-xss-sanitize.
       new  be935db   gnu: Add ghc-parsers.
       new  46288fe   gnu: Add ghc-cookie.
       new  580d4f7   gnu: Add ghc-wai.
       new  50f9606   gnu: Add ghc-wai-logger.
       new  6ba4db8   gnu: Add ghc-wai-extra.
       new  15ec999   gnu: Add ghc-vector-binary-instances.
       new  a782bc4   gnu: Add ghc-kan-extensions.
       new  f2ebc9b   gnu: Add ghc-lens.
       new  e2d163f   gnu: Add ghc-cheapskate.
       new  589ad6b   gnu: Add ghc-trifecta.
       new  dcd11d3   gnu: Add Idris.
       new  f0457f0   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-library.
       new  88ee2fa   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-api.
       new  849cc7a   gnu: Add ghc-haddock.
       new  252946f   gnu: Add ghc-alex.
       new  e26bc1f   gnu: Add ghc-multipart.
       new  39232c0   gnu: Add ghc-cgi.
       new  e222c72   gnu: Add ghc-html.
       new  5558085   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src.
       new  1564557   gnu: Add ghc-xhtml.
       new  1c05edf   gnu: Add ghc-regex-posix.
       new  7de3115   gnu: Add ghc-regex-compat.
       new  3400950   gnu: Add ghc-half.
       new  6b36cef   gnu: Add ghc-openglraw.
       new  a9edeb1   gnu: Add ghc-gluraw.
       new  eaf22d2   gnu: Add ghc-objectname.
       new  6547afc   gnu: Add ghc-opengl.
       new  6142c59   gnu: Add ghc-glut.
       new  1994a39   gnu: Add ghc-sdl.
       new  dd00488   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-mixer.
       new  6722052   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-image.
       new  1a97fac   gnu: Add Raincat.
       new  125fce2   import: hackage: Update GHC libraries for 7.10.2.
       new  c83c2c7   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

The 154 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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