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branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now 86f0ef5)

From: Paul
Subject: branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a created (now 86f0ef5)
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 20:22:33 +0000

toothbrush pushed a change to branch wip-haskell-platform-7.10.2-a
in repository guix.

        at  86f0ef5   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  ba690bc   gnu: ghc: Update to 7.10.2.
       new  8f10d30   gnu: ghc-mtl: Update to 2.2.1.
       new  393f1ad   gnu: ghc-utf8-string: Update to
       new  9a693d3   gnu: Add ghc-old-locale.
       new  1a456ad   gnu: xmonad: Patch for updated libraries.
       new  1c48c2f   gnu: Add ghc-old-time.
       new  e507a28   gnu: ghc-xmonad-contrib: Update to version 0.11.4.
       new  92cca72   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
       new  4bac8b1   gnu: ghc-dlist: Enable tests.
       new  785ced8   gnu: ghc-text: Update to
       new  1d434eb   gnu: ghc-hashable: Update to
       new  1cfadee   gnu: ghc-primitive: Update to
       new  4975c36   gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Update to 2.8.1.
       new  7c638fb   gnu: ghc-syb: Update to 0.6.
       new  7bc8e1c   gnu: ghc-vector: Update to
       new  93c645f   gnu: ghc-network: Update to
       new  62e96b2   gnu: ghc-http: Update to 4000.2.20.
       new  b824ddf   gnu: cabal-install: Update to
       new  2788615   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-terminal.
       new  f755add   gnu: Remove ghc-containers.
       new  d076b44   gnu: Add ghc-async.
       new  40fc7b9   gnu: Add ghc-setenv.
       new  af4ac61   gnu: Add ghc-stringbuilder.
       new  1bd49d2   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-io.
       new  3771cce   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-compat.
       new  1ee8040   gnu: Add ghc-exceptions.
       new  3c219a2   gnu: Add ghc-temporary.
       new  843ebd7   gnu: Add ghc-silently.
       new  e3cdfeb   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-expectations.
       new  1f538f9   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-core.
       new  7d606fb   gnu: Add ghc-hspec-meta.
       new  f37db97   gnu: Add hspec-discover.
       new  ff2e026   gnu: Add ghc-hspec.
       new  ad4ed8a   gnu: Add ghc-regex-base.
       new  3e67f94   gnu: Add ghc-appar.
       new  e363a33   gnu: Add ghc-safe.
       new  7425cc2   gnu: Add ghc-generic-deriving.
       new  e2d85e3   gnu: Add ghc-pcre-light.
       new  9d932a5   gnu: Add ghc-logict.
       new  5fbc9d8   gnu: Add ghc-xml.
       new  d1bb2d1   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-unicode.
       new  8151b36   gnu: ghc-split: Update dependencies.
       new  9c8a19b   gnu: Add ghc-annotated-wl-pprint.
       new  7c1a38c   gnu: Add ghc-ansi-wl-pprint.
       new  fee0aec   gnu: Add ghc-base64-bytestring.
       new  ff843f0   gnu: Add ghc-uniplate.
       new  10f47cb   gnu: Add ghc-fingertree.
       new  43a0fd3   gnu: Add ghc-optparse-applicative.
       new  4c9a2c6   gnu: Add ghc-base-orphans.
       new  03b1efc   gnu: Add ghc-vault.
       new  f6716ae   gnu: Add ghc-mmorph.
       new  dc7cdc4   gnu: Add ghc-transformers-base.
       new  ca71ed8   gnu: Add ghc-monad-control.
       new  4745f01   gnu: Add ghc-byteorder.
       new  c7c1ee0   gnu: Add ghc-easy-file.
       new  d9ad381   gnu: Add ghc-base-compat.
       new  191711b   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-builder.
       new  16b04b4   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-markup.
       new  a0bf3c6   gnu: Add ghc-blaze-html.
       new  9a46979   gnu: Add ghc-doctest.
       new  8f1551e   gnu: Add ghc-auto-update.
       new  e9abc4d   gnu: Add ghc-tagged.
       new  c6f301b   gnu: Add ghc-unbounded-delays.
       new  f448b8a   gnu: Add ghc-iproute.
       new  7324743   gnu: Add ghc-unix-time.
       new  074d027   gnu: Add ghc-unix-compat.
       new  757b7a9   gnu: Add ghc-quickcheck-instances.
       new  6395cf1   gnu: Add ghc-http-types.
       new  b3f1624   gnu: Add ghc-nats.
       new  ea9826f   gnu: Add ghc-semigroups.
       new  46bf9f8   gnu: Add ghc-void.
       new  1a0fa2d   gnu: Add ghc-bifunctors.
       new  6b35987   gnu: Add ghc-statevar.
       new  ce7ef44   gnu: Add ghc-contravariant.
       new  dea08fc   gnu: Add ghc-digest.
       new  2d77e95   gnu: Add ghc-tagsoup.
       new  758e923   gnu: Add ghc-bytestring-builder.
       new  814a98b   gnu: Add ghc-fast-logger.
       new  3ef56b9   gnu: Add ghc-charset.
       new  d547271   gnu: Add ghc-regex-tdfa-rc.
       new  df9dc1b   gnu: Add ghc-lifted-base.
       new  08f6593   gnu: Add ghc-word8.
       new  2699c77   gnu: Add ghc-stringsearch.
       new  6f720cd   gnu: Add ghc-clock-bootstrap.
       new  1d3aa90   gnu: Add ghc-tasty.
       new  ac4df3f   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-hunit.
       new  201d062   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-quickcheck.
       new  2247a63   gnu: Add ghc-clock.
       new  9031d38   gnu: Add ghc-temporary-rc.
       new  570edaa   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-golden.
       new  e60b460   gnu: Add ghc-smallcheck.
       new  34ed213   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-smallcheck.
       new  ed5e45b   gnu: Add ghc-tasty-ant-xml.
       new  c993a75   gnu: Add ghc-scientific.
       new  76ff22c   gnu: Add ghc-attoparsec.
       new  0c1893f   gnu: Add ghc-aeson.
       new  3d61ae0   gnu: Add ghc-css-text.
       new  2a0d9e8   gnu: Add ghc-zip-archive.
       new  a41ef75   gnu: Add ghc-cereal.
       new  96b6f99   gnu: Add ghc-distributive.
       new  e164e5a   gnu: Add ghc-comonad.
       new  e97bbfe   gnu: Add HScolour.
       new  676bb69   gnu: Add ghc-polyparse.
       new  c86764d   gnu: Add ghc-extra.
       new  95f31ae   gnu: Add ghc-profunctors.
       new  7205b19   gnu: Add ghc-semigroupoids.
       new  1850453   gnu: Add ghc-reducers.
       new  f18d06a   gnu: Add ghc-reflection.
       new  0de84c0   gnu: Add ghc-prelude-extras.
       new  609ecf5   gnu: Add ghc-free.
       new  8cf0156   gnu: Add ghc-adjunctions.
       new  95a8d4c   gnu: Add ghc-simple-reflect.
       new  eb6dd12   gnu: Add cpphs.
       new  fc853c4   gnu: Add ghc-cmdargs.
       new  b8e1398   gnu: Add ghc-happy.
       new  a04250c   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src-exts.
       new  8629d40   gnu: Add hlint.
       new  440ba15   gnu: Add ghc-resourcet.
       new  eade676   gnu: Add ghc-streaming-commons.
       new  5b20415   gnu: Add ghc-xss-sanitize.
       new  daaebd9   gnu: Add ghc-parsers.
       new  6333005   gnu: Add ghc-cookie.
       new  04236cb   gnu: Add ghc-wai.
       new  d2a0d53   gnu: Add ghc-wai-logger.
       new  4e7a195   gnu: Add ghc-wai-extra.
       new  fabe2ba   gnu: Add ghc-vector-binary-instances.
       new  6ee433a   gnu: Add ghc-kan-extensions.
       new  43b8136   gnu: Add ghc-lens.
       new  a81a0ce   gnu: Add ghc-cheapskate.
       new  559930d   gnu: Add ghc-trifecta.
       new  f672cd0   gnu: Add Idris.
       new  c95e276   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-library.
       new  dcc4c09   gnu: Add ghc-haddock-api.
       new  3712bea   gnu: Add ghc-haddock.
       new  72a1bb9   gnu: Add ghc-alex.
       new  17abe80   gnu: Add ghc-multipart.
       new  eb50cad   gnu: Add ghc-cgi.
       new  3a95886   gnu: Add ghc-html.
       new  76d0510   gnu: Add ghc-haskell-src.
       new  557758b   gnu: Add ghc-xhtml.
       new  163a050   gnu: Add ghc-regex-posix.
       new  e90785a   gnu: Add ghc-regex-compat.
       new  6cb5b43   gnu: Add ghc-half.
       new  d77e117   gnu: Add ghc-openglraw.
       new  a8664b3   gnu: Add ghc-gluraw.
       new  8cb692b   gnu: Add ghc-objectname.
       new  7e11568   gnu: Add ghc-opengl.
       new  a34c226   gnu: Add ghc-glut.
       new  3d92075   gnu: Add ghc-sdl.
       new  7c2e7c8   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-mixer.
       new  fc04828   gnu: Add ghc-sdl-image.
       new  29b5986   gnu: Add Raincat.
       new  fc41155   import: hackage: Update GHC libraries for 7.10.2.
       new  86f0ef5   import: hackage: Fix grammar.

The 154 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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