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branch core-updates-2016-08-01 created (now a8cb87a)

From: Mark H. Weaver
Subject: branch core-updates-2016-08-01 created (now a8cb87a)
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 07:44:51 +0000 (UTC)

mhw pushed a change to branch core-updates-2016-08-01
in repository guix.

        at  a8cb87a   install: Add nvi to the image.

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  5d4c90a   gnu: gnutls: Update to 3.5.2.
       new  7575655   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  d778fa5   gnu: mozjs: Disable parallel build.
       new  d227260   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  f75f261   gnu: libepoxy: Update to 1.3.1.
       new  fe7fa35   gnu: bitcoin-core: Build with bdb-5.3.
       new  1abdc16   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  71eba3e   gnu: Add 'ghostscript-gs' and 'ghostscript-gs-with-x'.
       new  d8eb912   gnu: Use 'ghostscript-gs' in packages that need the 'gs' 
       new  14656f4   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
       new  e83a13f   gnu: fastcap: Build with ghostscript-gs.
       new  6689d09   gnu: lpsolve: Fail as early as possible.
       new  5dbfbef   gnu: lpsolve: Fix compilation issue.
       new  5ef469c   gnu: lout: Build with ghostscript-gs.
       new  02b934e   gnu: lout: Make ghostscript-gs a native input.
       new  5425269   gnu: lout: Add input ghostscript.
       new  0072b3d   gnu: skribilo: Add input ghostscript-gs.
       new  8b732bf   gnu: python-2.7: Disable test failing on mips64el-linux.
       new  1bb163b   gnu: address@hidden: Delete faulty test on mips64el only.
       new  e309c75   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 
       new  4320c1c   gnu: asymptote: Add native input gs.
       new  d6dfc39   gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.10.2.
       new  2d88825   gnu: r-genomicfeatures: Update to 1.24.5.
       new  303163c   gnu: r-genomeinfodb: Update to 1.8.3.
       new  380d3f8   gnu: r-rtracklayer: Update to 1.32.2.
       new  722b4c9   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.8.4.
       new  0d159d8   gnu: r-summarizedexperiment: Update to 1.2.3.
       new  658f36e   gnu: r-biostrings: Update to 2.40.2.
       new  7a0594f   gnu: r-biocparallel: Update to 1.6.3.
       new  ae60f38   gnu: r-annotationdbi: Update to 1.34.4.
       new  362f39d   gnu: r-genomicranges: Update to 1.24.2.
       new  bd0cc37   gnu: r-xvector: Update to 0.12.1.
       new  1c4ad60   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.28.17.
       new  e426cd7   gnu: r-iranges: Update to 2.6.1.
       new  ae32c58   gnu: r-bsgenome: Update to 1.40.1.
       new  c6b3dc6   gnu: vlc: Drop -ffast-math from the compilation flags.
       new  212163f   gnu: dico: Patch 'idxgcide' bug.
       new  622c22c   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  49d725a   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  0bab3af   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  359aba7   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  716753c   tests: base: Correct invalid merge.
       new  c2c54eb   gnu: Add glibc 2.22.
       new  85860fd   gnu: glibc-locales: Fix build.
       new  33906d5   gnu: perl-xml-libxml: Update to 2.0128.
       new  bb48452   gnu: python-alembic: Update to 0.8.7.
       new  7b995c7   gnu: wine: Update to 1.9.15.
       new  101e847   gnu: dealii: Update to 8.4.1.
       new  70a9672   gnu: dealii: Unregister deleted patch.
       new  ce430bd   gnu: tcc: Use "kernel-headers" instead of "linux-headers" 
to designate input.
       new  dceba1c   gnu: zsh: Update to 5.2.
       new  acac969   gnu: fastcap: Add input ghostscript.
       new  42bf342   gnu: rapicorn: Add patch to handle isnan.
       new  38f1cf8   download: Pass the raw file name to content-addressed 
       new  40f788b   download: Add as a content-addressed 
       new  1250034   tests: '' works when run 
from a tmpfs.
       new  932b2ea   gnu: ecl: Use "kernel-headers" instead of "linux-headers" 
to designate input.
       new  3d337bb   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  2be896d   gnu: unison: Add input ghostscript.
       new  a348af4   gnu: texlive-texmf: Mark as non-substitutable.
       new  23431ad   Update NEWS.
       new  d92e23d   build: Set XDG_CACHE_HOME to avoid loading stale .go 
       new  a8cb87a   install: Add nvi to the image.

The 63 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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