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branch wip-installer deleted (was 7462214)

From: John Darrington
Subject: branch wip-installer deleted (was 7462214)
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2017 15:49:16 +0000 (UTC)

jmd pushed a change to branch wip-installer
in repository guix.

       was  7462214   installer: Use --fallback when installing.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  7462214   installer: Use --fallback when installing.
  discards  d9655fd   installer: Add confidence indicator.
  discards  a6891aa   installer: Rename "file-browser" -> "time-zone".
  discards  6f04be3   installer: Remove "continue" button from host name page.
  discards  6f046c2   installer: Add new page to set the system role.
  discards  e4734b4   installer: Add predicate for the network task.
  discards  41f6d77   installer: Ensure that all mount points are absolute 
  discards  193bbc8   installer: Make setting up of the network a prerequisite.
  discards  64d8d8b   installer: Change essid --> wireless.
  discards  7f84313   installer: Add page with which the wifi password can be 
  discards  241c415   installer: Indicate which wireless access points are 
  discards  e6208a3   installer: Do not allow forms to set the cursor 
  discards  8a73e92   installer: Format configuration to fix width of window.
  discards  4f57e72   installer: Add flags to indicate network interface status.
  discards  d5eb580   installer: Add a console-keymap service.
  discards  88c305b   installer: Do not use /tmp for holding the configuration.
  discards  88bda06   installer: Use global variable instead of string literal 
for "/gnu".
  discards  baedb39   installer: Change the order of the filesystem task 
  discards  870976a   installer: Change N_ from a procedure to a macro.
  discards  db6428a   installer: Prevent the user specifying the same mount 
point twice.
  discards  2ee7267   installer: Allow users to remove mount points during 
  discards  827b389   installer: Issue message to user on failure of 
filesystems task.
  discards  82630e4   installer: Replace spawned mount command with the mount 
  discards  91eaa52   installer: Close unused ports in pipe-cmd.
  discards  1ff5718   installer: Improve install page.
  discards  0a82d35   installer: Replace "%temporary-configuration-file-port" 
with "config-file".
  discards  375828e   installer: Fix bug where window-pipe did not return the 
proper exit status.
  discards  2cf0b9f   installer: Use consistent window heights.
  discards  33ee2c8   installer: Rename module "new" to "guixsd-installer".
  discards  492aa16   installer: Wrap installer in (catch #t ...)
  discards  2ff3178   installer: Enable scrolling in the installation window.
  discards  a608ef1   installer: Turn off kernel ring messages to console.
  discards  788d6ac   installer: Add inetutils bin directory to PATH.
  discards  d2fcd7c   installer: Replace an instance of cdr with match.
  discards  c25fde7   installer: Add wireless-tools bin directory to PATH.
  discards  d654694   gnu: Add guix to the path environment for the 
guix-installer service.
  discards  9ede0bf   installer: Correct bugs generating the configuration.
  discards  e5ce406   install: Define new procedure pipe-cmd and use it to 
implement window-pipe.
  discards  325beb0   installer: Ensure that all mount-points have a file 
  discards  2a44b2d   installer: New predicate valid-hostname?
  discards  2d047ab   installer: Replace some instances of "car".
  discards  1bc4281   installer: Improve dependencies on the final task.
  discards  5175bef   installer: Remove ad-hoc completed predicate and use 
standard one.
  discards  417a7e2   installer: Make minumum-store-size variable global.
  discards  43e46ce   installer: Add path to mount/umount commands in installer 
  discards  94f15d1   installer: Write the configuration to a temporary file.
  discards  563cf3a   installer: Add a task to actually call guix system init.
  discards  6dd156e   gnu: Add service to start the installer in 
  discards  3bfba84   installer: Add a variable to represent the minimum 
recommended store size.
  discards  248b419   installer: Deal with partition tables which are 
(partially) corrupt.
  discards  283f543   installer:  Let the kernel know about (possibly) changed 
  discards  042a8d6   installer: Connect ethernet interfaces on selection.
  discards  472803b   installer: Add a new menu to configure wireless 
  discards  5aa3a63   installer: Use a cleaner way of generating the lspci 
  discards  3fe5d0b   installer: Make "interfaces" return an alist.
  discards  b574581   installer: Fix incorrect host in ping task.
  discards  7d3808a   installer: Return slurped lines in their correct order.
  discards  704f546   gnu: guix: Add dependency: guile-ncurses.
  discards  9e5dc17   installer: Remove unused procedure.
  discards  7585787   installer: Handle the 'back' action in the filesystems 
  discards  77588cb   installer: Add completion predicate for disk task.
  discards  e89e955   installer: Add new procedure to get the list of volumes.
  discards  cd6fd07   installer: Use %default-subsitute-urls instead of our own 
  discards  2db7fe6   installer: Add procedures to replace car/cdr since these  
are frounded upon by Guile gurus.
  discards  90322ee   installer: Add alternate method of finding TZDIR.
  discards  4db5f19   installer: Use call-with-temporary-output-file.
  discards  8f2b4ce   installer: Add gurses modules.
  discards  ae433e0   installer: Change "interfaces" from a variable to a 
  discards  7a76f1e   installer: Perform a task's dependencies prior to the 
task itself.
  discards  0b2db4d   installer: Use a record instead of a list to contain 
  discards  304ea34   installer: Add IETF contraints for hostname in entry form.
  discards  0afe28a   installer: Use ice-9 match.
  discards  c0556ce   installer: use ice-9 format everywhere.
  discards  d9918c9   installer: fix warning in usage of "format".
  discards  97a2dfe   installer: Fix broken timezone menu.
  discards  3f103a4   installer: Remove obsolete procedures/variables
  discards  4644086   installer: Fix broken keymap change option.
  discards  d397c4f   gnu: Add graphical installer

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