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branch core-updates updated (f79c3ea -> fa9fcd3)

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: branch core-updates updated (f79c3ea -> fa9fcd3)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 17:51:47 -0500 (EST)

mbakke pushed a change to branch core-updates
in repository guix.

      from  f79c3ea   gnu: wayland-protocols: Update to 1.12.
       new  e3f9406   gnu: glibc: Update to 2.26.105-g0890d5379 [fixes 
      adds  118a8ec   gnu: audacity: Fix building on non-Intel systems.
      adds  52d174d   ssh: Use (guix i18n).
      adds  85f4f7b   zlib: Fix race condition when closing gzip ports.
      adds  27015d6   gnu: c-toxcore: Update to 0.1.10.
      adds  0ce5cb0   gnu: qtox: Add filteraudio to inputs.
      adds  0b4c385   gnu: gajim: Add python2-axolotl to inputs.
      adds  485e006   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  aace9be   gnu: address@hidden: Respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in 
__DATE__ and __TIME__ macros.
      adds  08cc0ef   gnu: kodi: Update snapshot.
      adds  036f1ee   gnu: Add python-clf.
      adds  4bee904   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.99.
      adds  92be9ee   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.63.
      adds  aa6ae8d   gnu: scribus: Fix No module named _sysconfigdata_nd.
      adds  4b1ba80   gnu: wget2: Switch to official URL.
      adds  bd7e136   Add semicolon in commands that set GUIX_PROFILE.
      adds  41916be   gnu: Add python-pyodbc.
      adds  a5792de   compile: Put an upper bound on the number of workers.
      adds  ebde40a   gnu: musl: Update to 1.1.18.
      adds  74a8308   gnu: eid-mw: Update to 4.3.4.
      adds  e26e55c   gnu: nss: Mark up description.
      adds  733f94b   gnu: btrfs-progs: Update to 4.14.
      adds  ac1f1aa   gnu: perl-devel-stacktrace: Update to 2.03.
      adds  ffe7eee   gnu: protobuf: Add ‘static’ output.
      adds  7d9935b   gnu: Add fstrm.
      adds  7e685de   gnu: Use ‘license:’ prefix in (gnu packages protobuf).
      adds  023ef01   gnu: knot: Support dnstap query logging.
      adds  0056f4c   gnu: knot: Update licence information.
      adds  a0fe7c0   gnu: Patch path to locale in gnome-desktop.
      adds  760e504   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.964.
      adds  cb9b1a0   gnu: procenv: Update to 0.50.
      adds  7bd4103   gnu: cdogs-sdl: Update to 0.6.6.
      adds  9a87aa8   gnu: retroarch: Update to 1.6.8.
      adds  40e89f5   gnu: guix: Disable test that fails on Btrfs.
      adds  3151345   gnu: signify: Update to 23.
      adds  b63466f   gnu: samba: Update to 4.7.3 [fixes CVE-2017-14746 and 
      adds  0c417d9   gnu: orc: Update to 0.4.28.
      adds  a28835a   gnu: gnupg: Update to 2.2.3.
      adds  d280a0f   gnu: retroarch: Update to 1.6.9.
      adds  d1451fa   gnu: taglib: Update to 1.11.1 and fix home page.
      adds  953c2de   tests: Disable test for freed disk space that fails on 
      adds  5c1f38b   gnu: guix: Update snapshot.
      adds  5952342   union: Parametrize the symlink procedure .
      adds  de98b30   gexp: 'directory-union' has a #:quiet? parameter.
      adds  a659138   pull: Trim import list.
      adds  fe9b3ec   git: Do not add '.git' to the store.
      adds  5f93d97   Add (guix self) and use it when pulling.
      adds  4996195   hydra: 'evaluate' passes an alist to the entry point.
      adds  11a54b3   hydra: Add jobs for the modular Guix.
      adds  40590ca   gnu: idr: Correct license.
      adds  aa33cc2   gnu: idr: Update to 2.0.3.
      adds  cd295fb   Revert "Add (guix self) and use it when pulling."
      adds  ab2ccf4   gnu: lmms: Fix build.
      adds  1dc37cf   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.100.
      adds  86f914e   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.64.
      adds  3ebbf6d   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.1.
      adds  c297e96   gnu: procmail: Fix CVE-2017-16844.
      adds  77f9215   doc: Split the "Substitutes" section into subsections.
      adds  f61aaaf   gnu: emacs-hl-todo: Update to 1.8.0.
      adds  09f7c41   gnu: emacs-magit-popup: Update for the new source.
      adds  f137f84   gnu: vlc: Update to 2.2.8 [fixes CVE-2017-9300, 
      adds  8d6c745   gnu: libzip: Use new home page.
      adds  77e62ee   gnu: libzip: Update to 1.3.2.
      adds  26ac92d   gnu: goffice: Update to 0.10.36.
      adds  d655f39   gnu: gnumeric: Update to 1.12.36.
      adds  0cb9c9d   shepherd: Include /etc/group in service containers.
      adds  9e549ad   services: dicod: Run in a container.
      adds  5aa6e0d   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.1.3.
      adds  e6debca   gnu: subread: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  e57e3dc   gnu: knot: Update to 2.6.2.
      adds  d868cf4   gnu: fish: Update to 2.7.0.
      adds  7044b92   linux-libre: Adapt some arm options to match intel conf.
      adds  be07cc4   bootloader: extlinux: Fix device tree path.
      adds  be10e4a   doc: Update package count.
      adds  0dcad04   gnu: pcmanfm: Add missing inputs. Remove comment.
      adds  327620d   gnu: pcmanfm: Fix CVE-2017-8934.
      adds  5864f1c   gnu: higan: Update to 106.
      adds  17c3f77   gnu: supertuxkart: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  d7c64ad   gnu: Add MASSCAN.
      adds  907ab9e   gnu: utox: Update to 0.16.1.
      adds  06378ce   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 5.9.3.
      adds  7997d37   gnu: qt: Update to 5.9.3.
      adds  9c3c2ca   gnu: parallel: Update to 20171122.
      adds  b5bfa47   ui: 'known-variable-definition' protects against module 
      adds  f7f8930   gnu: coq-interval: Fix source URL for 3.3.0.
      adds  026f6a4   gnu-maintenance: Relax recursion cutoff in 
      adds  70c68ed   gnu: system->defconfig: Fix typo.
      adds  68b4910   doc: Fix typo.
      adds  77e3ce3   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix typo in description.
      adds  cc558bd   gnu: knot: Update to 2.6.3.
      adds  01e9bc4   gnu: python-pytz, python-pytzdata: Update to 2017.3.x.
      adds  dd0134f   gnu: gcl: Update snapshot.
      adds  202e235   gnu: php: Update to 7.1.12.
      adds  b2383e5   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-annotations: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  bd614de   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-core: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  37cf071   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-databind: Update to 2.9.2.
      adds  7cee3cb   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-modules-base-jaxb: Update to 
      adds  abe5347   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-yaml: Update to 
      adds  8cc1fce   gnu: java-fasterxml-jackson-dataformat-xml: Update to 
      adds  7a45268   gnu: Add emacs-highlight-stages.
      adds  17dc2a0   gnu: django: Fix building python-django-allauth.
      adds  ea3b9f7   gnu: mail: Remove python-django-mailman3.
      adds  e9291ea   gnu: Add guile-dsv.
      adds  749164c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.102.
      adds  b2785c5   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.65.
      adds  a93ac4c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.2.
      adds  1e0ea1d   gnu: utox: Make CHECK a native-input.
      adds  4aac8d0   syscalls: Adjust utmpx test.
      adds  33b02e0   gnu: efl: Update to 1.20.6.
      adds  7989ba2   gnu: enlightenment: Update to 0.22.1.
      adds  68cb962   gnu: guile-emacs: Resurrect, fixes #29186.
      adds  5ea35b4   gnu: qtsensors: Disable parallel tests.
      adds  2af6be9   gnu: diffoscope: Fix error messages related to comparison 
      adds  f1c49e7   gnu: mongodb: Update to 3.4.10.
      adds  29cfbfc   gnu: mongodb: Build without wiredtiger on 32-bit systems.
      adds  319b52c   gnu: mongodb: Use system wiredtiger when available.
      adds  51b0f09   gnu: mongodb: Remove some bundled sources.
      adds  a0bd6ff   gnu: tidy-html: Update to 5.6.0.
      adds  64047c8   gnu: qtox: Update to 1.13.0.
      adds  b8e7781   vm: Use os-defined initrd intead of base-initrd.
      adds  93bfc96   gnu: prosody: Update to 0.10.0.
      adds  cb31a52   gnu: Add lua5.1-bitop.
      adds  3ba5010   gnu: prosody: Add lua5.1-bitop to inputs.
      adds  5cc6dcd   services: prosody: Adapt to Prosody 0.10.0.
      adds  f59de6b   services: prosody: Add support for http-external-url.
      adds  1f6f1a0   services: prosody: Add support for http-max-content-size.
      adds  274b950   services: prosody: Allow to add raw content to the config 
      adds  e30038d   services: prosody: Add support for 
      adds  5c22f37   tests: messaging: Enable Prosody DIGEST-MD5 auth 
      adds  9b07130   list-runtime-roots: Ignore ESRCH while reading from /proc.
      adds  1ee13e0   gnu: image: Rename pngcrunch to pngcrush and update it.
      adds  5b327a2   gnu: exim: Fix CVE-2017-16943.
      adds  6dbad37   gnu: openntpd: Update to 6.2p3.
      adds  6438a46   gnu: crawl: Update to 0.20.1.
      adds  66e4791   gnu: python-pycanberra: Switch to new download URL.
      adds  f953aa5   gnu: fish-guix: Use new URL.
      adds  9221979   Update e-mail for ng0.
      adds  9071581   gnu: shotwell: Update to 0.27.1.
      adds  35e78aa   gnu: r-rhdf5: Fix build phase.
      adds  9cc51d1   gnu: librecad: Ensure that icons are found at runtime.
      adds  933ad80   gnu: Add java-snappy-1.
      adds  fc8d100   gnu: Add javacc.
      adds  6688c41   gnu: Add javacc-4.
      adds  9e325e8   gnu: Add java-commons-jexl-2.
      adds  bd94b6f   gnu: java-htsjdk: Update to 2.3.0.
      adds  d7fed31   gnu: Add java-picard.
      adds  c5ff11d   gnu: Add java-cofoja.
      adds  5e3abfc   gnu: Add java-commons-bcel.
      adds  9ce7ac9   gnu: Add ant-apache-bcel.
      adds  fa6c421   gnu: Add ant-junit.
      adds  d7f2477   gnu: Add java-picard-1.113.
      adds  776d2fb   gnu: Add java-jbzip2.
      adds  e084090   gnu: guile-wisp: Update to 0.9.8.
      adds  89c4bfe   gnu: guile-wisp: Switch to Guile 2.2.
      adds  e8374e6   gnu: guile-wisp: Move .go files to 
      adds  216614a   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.11.26.
      adds  5f16901   gnu: borg: Update to 1.1.3 [fixes CVE-2017-15914].
      adds  36c5cf7   gnu: rapicorn: Update home page.
      adds  d152d93   gnu: python-pyicu: Update to 1.9.8.
      adds  8fab029   gnu: python-pyicu: Update home page.
      adds  b46ea39   gnu: python-prompt-toolkit: Update to 1.0.15.
      adds  18533bc   gnu: borg: Use new home page.
      adds  26ff9cb   gnu: libzip: Run all tests.
      adds  ac25f59   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 3.20.2.
      adds  47aba9d   gnu: libgweather: Update to 3.26.1.
      adds  778c4a2   gnu: rhythmbox: Update to 3.4.2.
      adds  7832785   gnu: steghide: Fix description.
      adds  14e09e9   gnu: monero: Update to
      adds  12a130b   gnu: monero-core: Update to
      adds  080e023   gnu: openntpd: Enable use of TLS-based time constraints.
      adds  5823396   services: desktop: Create /var/run/udisks2 for the udisks 
      adds  03800de   gnu: Patch udisks to directly reference cryptsetup and 
      adds  b200ecd   gnu: Add gama.
      adds  aad2dbf   gnu: Add vim-fugitive.
      adds  1aace3d   gnu: gnurl: Update to 7.56.1-2.
      adds  149b2c4   gnu: lua-lpeg: Avoid code repetition.
      adds  19ff1f2   services: configuration: Show default values of list 
      adds  769e715   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix sha256 checksum due to 
emacs-org update.
      adds  62028e9   gnu: nano: Update to 2.9.1.
      adds  ff6dcc1   gnu: libmicrohttpd: Update to 0.9.57.
      adds  797d238   gnu: node: Update to 8.9.1.
      adds  0d2ecf8   ui: Avoid "pkg:out" syntax when reporting collisions.
      adds  b32596e   gnu: Add perl-file-basedir.
      adds  825cebd   gnu: Add perl-file-desktopentry.
      adds  d0ce96b   gnu: Add perl-file-mimeinfo.
      adds  04c3573   gnu: xdg-utils: Add perl-file-mimeinfo as an input.
      adds  d344f5a   services: xorg: Allow users to specify a list of modules.
      adds  94b9abd   services: slim: Remove unused 'bash' configuration field.
      adds  b37f86d   services: xorg: Document 'slim-configuration' and 
deprecate 'slim-service'.
      adds  65c0f43   services: xorg: Remove WindowMaker as a default fallback.
      adds  91c619e   gnu: guix: Provide the correct version string.
      adds  dd1640e   gnu: guix: Add guile-bytestructures to the search path.
      adds  c397dfc   build: Explicitly flush the "LOAD" and "GUILEC" lines.
      adds  1da3d2a   gnu: perl-markdown-discount: Use a shorter patch file 
      adds  eef01cf   lint: 'patch-file-names' checks for file name length.
      adds  0a154c1   lint: Adjust file-name length test for out-of-tree file 
      adds  07f3b37   gnu: Add roguebox-adventures.
      adds  a6d02fc   gnu: Add eless.
      adds  e463a94   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 0a154c1.
      adds  25fa22a   gnu: python-internetarchive: Update to 1.7.4.
      adds  2cdf78d   gnu: python-internetarchive: Enable tests.
      adds  142535c   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.985.
      adds  fbf5ca3   gnu: libressl: Update to 2.6.3.
      adds  4440e40   gnu: zsh: Update to 5.4.2.
      adds  27a1077   gnu: Add font-dosis.
      adds  4eb4742   gnu: Add font-lato.
      adds  0ee27df   gnu: add font-fira-sans.
      adds  427a51f   gnu: Add python2-ufolib.
      adds  9b3c752   gnu: Add python-setuptools-scm-git-archive.
      adds  a39211f   gnu: Add python-pyclipper.
      adds  76040f7   gnu: Add python2-booleanoperations.
      adds  3715aff   gnu: Add python2-defcon.
      adds  20d2c6e   gnu: Add nototools.
      adds  f612992   build: Add missing patch.
      adds  1115f14   services: Add certbot service.
      adds  05f1cb3   doc: Create "Version Control Services" section.
      adds  4103493   services: Add Git HTTP(S) service support.
      adds  e755692   tests: cgit: Add a file to the test repository.
      adds  87dad87   tests: Add 'git-http' test.
      adds  a222b73   services: cgit, git-daemon: Add description and default 
      adds  3af03e5   services: certbot: Add default value and description.
      adds  38faa2b   gnu: qemu: Fix CVE-2017-{15118,15119}.
      adds  48adc61   gnu: exim: Fix CVE-2017-16944.
      adds  d2bdee8   gnu: synergy: Fix install test/install error.
      adds  3519f28   gnu: libtorrent-rasterbar: Update to 1.1.4.
      adds  94989d4   gnu: cran: Add r-rmpi.
      adds  efa6a1d   gnu: Add r-copynumber.
      adds  0e7fb0c   gnu: optipng: Fix CVE-2017-1000229.
      adds  4fc61da   gnu: libxcursor: Replace with 1.1.15 [fixes 
      adds  1ec0b74   gnu: address@hidden: Update replacement to 2.0.3 [fixes 
      adds  b3e53aa   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 1.5.4 [fixes 
      adds  d5feb09   gnu: limnoria: Update to 2017.10.01.
      adds  60c8a14   gnu: ghc-tasty-rerun: Update to 1.1.7.
      adds  1fd904f   gnu: Update r-mutationalpatterns to 1.4.1.
      adds  56f0feb   gnu: grub: Disable tests on ARM platforms.
      adds  06d91fd   gnu: Add vpnc-scripts.
      adds  101e67a   gnu: vpnc: Use newer vpnc-scripts.
      adds  a6d06e8   gnu: openconnect: Use only vpnc-scripts.
      adds  748d4a8   linux-boot: Ensure /etc exists on the root file system.
      adds  15c2ddc   vm: ISO9660 images include /etc and other standard files.
      adds  a912c72   gexp: 'compiled-modules' disables deprecation warnings by 
      adds  6308772   gnu: grub :Disable tests on aarch64.
      adds  2c646b7   gnu: libtorrent-rasterbar: Update to 1.1.5.
      adds  e6e8352   gnu: curl: Update to 7.57.0 [fixes 
      adds  ead48d0   gnu: ghc-happy: Update to 1.19.8.
      adds  32008a7   gnu: spectrwm: Fix description.
      adds  6ee797f   gexp: Default to 'guile-2.2' for 'program-file'.
      adds  53d2616   gnu: libgit2: Avoid dependency on cURL.
      adds  3e90135   gnu: exim: Update to 4.89.1.
      adds  46ff2db   gnu: grub-efi: Disable tests on all platforms.
      adds  d65d775   doc: Give the absolute file name of '' 
in snippets.
      adds  8833a64   gnu: guix: Move 'bootstrap' phase after 'unpack'.
      adds  cbe1314   gnu: Update r-minimal to 3.4.3.
      adds  c71558f   gnu: Update r-cluster to 2.0.6.
      adds  8937abe   gnu: Update r-matrix to 1.2-12.
      adds  c5b2905   gnu: dtc: Fix build on 32 bits platforms.
      adds  bf63027   gnu: scons: Update to 3.0.1.
      adds  3d0aa7f   build-system: Add scons-build-system.
      adds  2b1a5ed   gnu: linuxdcpp: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  2235abb   gnu: gpick: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  82cc825   gnu: serf: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  9364a52   gnu: metabat: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  92b51d1   gnu: godot: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  3f3f8f4   gnu: pingus: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  bc27eb3   gnu: klick: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  6e385b7   gnu: mongodb: Use scons-build-system.
      adds  cdc129d   gnu: Add r-psych.
      adds  6c8c8c6   gnu: Add r-broom.
      adds  18a11c6   gnu: r-recipes: Update to 0.1.1.
      adds  6c84c73   gnu: r-dendextend: Update to 1.6.0.
      adds  09c0107   gnu: r-hms: Update to 0.4.0.
      adds  b796f9e   gnu: r-openssl: Update to 0.9.9.
      adds  c8fb593   gnu: r-sn: Update to 1.5-1.
      adds  a0a3184   gnu: r-car: Update to 2.1-6.
      adds  6d4aed8   gnu: r-rcppeigen: Update to
      adds  20b0f8a   gnu: r-mclust: Update to 5.4.
      adds  3e11bdd   gnu: r-devtools: Update to 1.13.4.
      adds  87313f6   gnu: r-stringi: Update to 1.1.6.
      adds  26007cd   gnu: r-timedate: Update to 3042.101.
      adds  d76f987   gnu: r-rcpp: Update to 0.12.14.
      adds  814fd32   gnu: r-circlize: Update to 0.4.2.
      adds  654c29a   gnu: r-annotate: Update to 1.56.1.
      adds  058644c   gnu: r-deseq2: Update to 1.18.1.
      adds  d259932   gnu: r-dexseq: Update to 1.24.1.
      adds  4220ab0   gnu: r-gseabase: Update to 1.40.1.
      adds  d2081a1   gnu: r-getopt: Update to 1.20.1.
      adds  8131cf4   gnu: r-variantannotation: Update to 1.24.2.
      adds  1ce5d32   gnu: r-limma: Update to 3.34.2.
      adds  06e8e0f   gnu: r-genomicalignments: Update to 1.14.1.
      adds  4394926   gnu: r-maldiquant: Update to 1.17.
      adds  87e91a9   gnu: r-msnid: Update to 1.12.1.
      adds  9b8d020   gnu: r-annotationhub: Update to 2.10.1.
      adds  05fd8e6   gnu: r-pracma: Update to 2.1.1.
      adds  e35cac9   gnu: r-batchjobs: Update to 1.7.
      adds  0382d37   gnu: r-rmarkdown: Update to 1.8.
      adds  a3ae2fa   gnu: r-rcppprogress: Update to 0.4.
      adds  b50a4b1   gnu: r-cowplot: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  f1b90a2   gnu: r-bigmemory: Update to 4.5.31.
      adds  117d8cc   gnu: jellyfish: Update to 2.2.7.
      adds  e42f026   ui: Present 'use-modules' hints with a question mark.
      adds  1d752e4   gnu: Add xautolock.
      adds  1d0865c   gnu: monero-core: Fix missing dependency.
      adds  f00515b   vm: Filter out file systems that refer to UUIDs or labels.
      adds  e339043   gnu: fish-guix: Update to
      adds  34a28c1   gnu: qemu: Enable seccomp support.
      adds  9ce07f2   doc: Update the example VCS snapshot package definition.
      adds  8b86000   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.4.103.
      adds  6850c9c   gnu: address@hidden: Update to 4.9.66.
      adds  1776d5c   gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.14.3.
      adds  f8446df   gnu: elogind: Remove "uaccess" tag usage in "seat-late" 
      adds  c03ba83   gnu: git: Run tests sequentially.
      adds  491cbd3   gnu: Add emacs-evil-matchit.
      adds  6101cad   gnu: Add geomyidae.
      adds  f1de0e3   gnu: openfoam: Clean up to reduce closure.
      adds  e45b573   utils: Add target-arm32? procedure.
      adds  00e39b2   system: vm: Do not add EFI partition on ARM system.
      adds  fb5569b   gnu: man-pages: Update to 4.14.
      adds  e695d79   gnu: ghc-edisoncore: Fix typo in synopsis.
      adds  1252dd3   progress: Factorize erase-in-line.
      adds  5ed534c   progress: 'progress-bar' accounts for brackets.
      adds  4cdb27a   progress: Add 'progress-reporter/bar'.
      adds  1fafa2f   weather: Use (guix progress) for progress report.
      adds  e4ecd51   guix system: Simplify closure copy.
      adds  e261e27   guix system: 'init' displays a progress bar while copying.
      adds  4afc903   services: xorg: Add 'font-misc-misc' to the default font 
      adds  8ad4f0a   gnu: gnome-default-applications: Add Evince for PDF and 
      adds  c7ffbfe   gnu: guile: Add version 2.2.3.
      adds  f454839   gnu: java: Fix several synopses & descriptions.
      adds  1a1cf03   gnu: ghc-aeson-qq: Update to 0.8.2.
      adds  92cd946   gnu: ghc-array: Update to
      adds  c24bfc3   gnu: ghc-asn1-encoding: Update to 0.9.5.
      adds  17c3a50   gnu: ghc-asn1-types: Update to 0.3.2.
      adds  3f691f7   gnu: ghc-blaze-builder: Update to
      adds  b59a8fd   gnu: Add mtr.
      adds  b9fb70c   gnu: glusterfs: Replace hardcoded FHS references.
      adds  27c4796   gnu: tor: Update to 3.1.9 [security fixes].
      adds  2e7825b   gnu: guile-sly: Do not propagate Guile.
      adds  cea25b0   records: Use 'make-struct/no-tail'.
      adds  2a40503   tests: Avoid double slash in URIs.
      adds  e2721a0   Do not set '%fresh-auto-compile'.
      adds  31e557c   gnu: nss-certs: Update to 3.34.1.
      adds  763269f   gnu: keepassxc: Update to 2.2.2.
      adds  04bbd07   system: vm: Fix typo in comment.
      adds  63b31b5   gnu: xfig: Don't ignore 'xmkmf' exit code.
      adds  3c97322   gnu: Add groff-minimal.
      adds  c85f069   gnu: man-db: Use 'groff-minimal' at run time.
      adds  63f5656   gnu: mtr: Don't mention only ICMP ECHO.
      adds  5247e79   gnu: youtube-dl: Update to 2017.12.02.
      adds  72f6caa   gnu: elogind: Add file-name for source.
      adds  bf57e1c   uuid: Fix typo in comment.
      adds  7bf7463   build: Do not compile (gnu build shepherd).
      adds  22bf86a   linux-boot: Remove unneeded import.
      adds  211e804   gnu: u-boot: Update to 2017.11.
      adds  8c94393   gnu: mescc-tools: Update to 0.3.
      adds  8c80f8e   gnu: guile-dsv: Update to 0.2.1 & correct sha256.
      adds  993490d   gnu: giac-xcas: Update to 1.4.9-33.
      adds  4016de5   gnu: wireshark: Update to 2.4.3.
      adds  3d0ffa6   gnu: git: Update to 2.15.1.
      adds  d0d666f   gnu: libwebp: Update to 0.6.1.
      adds  0a3b5bb   gnu: weechat: Update to 2.0.
      adds  5189571   gnu: Add gst123.
      adds  a360474   gnu: faust: Update to 0.9.90.
      adds  75bbc3c   gnu: faust-2: Remove inherited phase.
      adds  952837c   gnu: guitarix: Update to 0.36.1.
      adds  a452762   gnu: jack-2: Update to 1.9.11-RC1.
      adds  803a9d5   gnu: calf: Update to 0.90.0.
      adds  d112e5a   gnu: Add kallisto.
      adds  cdc938d   profiles: Do not import the host's srfi-{19,26}.scm files.
      adds  af4a761   install: Add the prerequisites of 'profile-derivation' as 
GC roots.
      adds  350cb5b   doc: Link to work on bootstrapping.
      adds  2f60084   profiles: Avoid _IO* in profile builder.
      adds  8638362   install: Add colors in 'motd' and 'issue'.
      adds  2815fca   profile: Use _IO* but disable deprecation warning.
      adds  4a7b1ad   gnu: synthv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  54c76c2   gnu: drumkv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  98a26dc   gnu: samplv1: Update to 0.8.5.
      adds  d9721c2   scripts: Default to Guile 2.2 as the guile-for-build.
      adds  cbb7678   profiles: Really disable deprecation warnings for 
      adds  4bd7090   gnu: shepherd: Avoid "Bad file descriptor" warnings.
      adds  3fb6464   ui: Tweak conflicting profile entry error message.
      adds  b901043   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.990.
      adds  8d7f1d7   gnu: guix: Update snapshot to 3fb6464.
      adds  d3cdb25   gnu: python-scikit-learn: Update to 0.19.1.
      adds  440c427   gnu: coda: Update to 2.18.3.
      adds  1d3c059   gnu: eolie: Update to 0.9.13.
      adds  f745999   gnu: di: Update to 4.44.
      adds  7e95d0f   gnu: ghc-comonad: Remove duplicate input.
      adds  8301d73   gnu: ghc-alex: Update to 3.2.3.
      adds  1740cb7   gnu: ghc-async: Update to
      adds  7432787   gnu: you-get: Update to 0.4.995.
      adds  78bae62   gnu: protobuf: Update to 3.5.0.
      adds  617e87b   services: xorg: Properly handle the case where ~/.xession 
is used.
      adds  8cbb589   gnu: erlang: Update to 20.1.
      adds  6de3d17   gnu: elixir: Update to 1.5.2 and disable failing tests.
      adds  b9aab87   nls: Update 'fr' translation.
      adds  42d1603   tests: Look for multi-digit column numbers in unbound 
variable test.
      adds  2626062   doc: Merge "USB Stick Installation" and "DVD 
      adds  3b6e7c7   maint: Add the '.iso' extension to installation images.
      adds  9d163ec   maint: Add 'aarch64-linux' to the supported systems.
      adds  aa1d47e   maint: Let 'guix system vm-image' determine the right 
      adds  c7699eb   gnu: git: Remove unreliable git-svn tests.
      adds  c735e9e   Update NEWS.
      adds  be5622e   maint: Add ''.
      adds  39b27f4   doc: Mention
      adds  4307397   bootloader: extlinux: Stop using dd binary.
      adds  982caea   gnu: bazaar: Fix CVE-2017-14176.
      adds  b142756   gnu: spice: Update to 0.14.0.
      adds  a64d9d5   gnu: mbedtls-apache: Build shared library.
      adds  80e2524   gnu: Add bctoolbox.
      adds  0c45a6a   gnu: Add ortp.
      adds  dba33ca   gnu: Add bluez-alsa.
      adds  1fa37d1   gnu: bluez-alsa: Add missing file-name field.
      adds  4392570   gnu: Add libmygpo-qt.
      adds  d20b738   gnu: Add clementine.
      adds  3433e35   gnu: ghc-base-compat: Update to 0.9.3.
      adds  2545c92   gnu: ghc-bytestring: Update to
      adds  df90616   gnu: ghc-bytestring: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  934dc8d   gnu: ghc-bytestring-builder: Update to
      adds  39bcc93   gnu: ghc-bytestring-handle: Update to
      adds  6bfcb59   gnu: ghc-bytestring-handle: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  2c72272   gnu: ghc-chasingbottoms: Update to
      adds  751de3d   gnu: ghc-cheapskate: Alphabetise inputs.
      adds  4d9cdf3   gnu: ghc-cheapskate: Expand description.
      adds  615abb9   gnu: ghc-clock: Update to 0.7.2.
      adds  b849085   gnu: ghc-cmark: Update to 0.5.6.
      adds  bfd2ebd   gnu: ghc-cmdargs: Update to 0.10.18.
      adds  ab880e6   gnu: ghc-contravariant: Update to 1.4.
      adds  6d39aee   gnu: ghc-cookie: Update to 0.4.3.
      adds  59e0812   gnu: ghc-deepseq-generics: Update to
      adds  b46ebdd   gnu: ghc-directory: Update to
      adds  7c0e595   gnu: ghc-dlist: Update to
      adds  56aa945   gnu: ghc-enclosed-exceptions: Update to 2.0.1.
      adds  092ab12   gnu: ghc-exceptions: Update to 0.8.3.
      adds  e1e8038   gnu: ghc-exceptions: Run tests.
      adds  1c42bd1   gnu: ghc-executable-path: Update to
      adds  d4fd8ee   gnu: ghc-fgl-arbitrary: Update to
      adds  35deff7   gnu: ghc-fingertree: Update to
      adds  ffe8c06   gnu: ghc-fingertree: Run tests.
      adds  93e8c79   gnu: ghc-foldl: Update to 1.3.5.
      adds  c18f82d   gnu: ghc-free: Update to 4.12.4.
      adds  c0fc500   gnu: ghc-glob: Update to 0.9.1.
      adds  45a608d   gnu: ghc-glob: Mark up description.
      adds  a5f89a6   gnu: ghc-psqueues: Tweak description.
      adds  f1c2aed   gnu: ghc-half: Update to
      adds  bdd4aa1   gnu: ghc-comonad: Run tests.
      adds  26c6de8   gnu: di: Streamline description.
      adds  006a245   gnu: libvirt: Update to 3.10.0.
      adds  be520f1   gnu: emacs-org: Update to 9.1.4.
      adds  35377cf   gnu: emacs-org-contrib: Fix typo.
       new  7718181   Merge branch 'master' into core-updates
       new  6dd28a5   gnu: address@hidden: Remove graft for 2.0.3.
       new  da66345   gnu: curl: Remove graft for 7.57.0.
       new  2664e0f   gnu: guile: Update to 2.2.3.
       new  fa9fcd3   gnu: libxcursor: Remove graft for 1.1.15.

The 6 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .dir-locals.el                                     |    3 +-
 .mailmap                                           |   21 +-                                        |   18 +-
 NEWS                                               |   76 + =>   |    0
 build-aux/compile-all.scm                          |    6 +-
 build-aux/hydra/evaluate.scm                       |    9 +-
 build-aux/hydra/{guix.scm => guix-modular.scm}     |   78 +-
 doc/guix.texi                                      |  773 ++++++---
 gnu/bootloader/extlinux.scm                        |   22 +-
 gnu/build/linux-boot.scm                           |    2 +-
 gnu/build/shepherd.scm                             |   10 +-
 gnu/build/vm.scm                                   |    6 +-
 gnu/                                       |   29 +-
 gnu/packages/admin.scm                             |   53 +-
 gnu/packages/algebra.scm                           |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/audio.scm                             |  122 +-
 gnu/packages/aux-files/linux-libre/4.14-arm.conf   |   25 +-
 gnu/packages/backup.scm                            |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/base.scm                              |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/bioinformatics.scm                    |  379 ++++-
 gnu/packages/bittorrent.scm                        |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm                       |   24 +-
 gnu/packages/certs.scm                             |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/compression.scm                       |  116 +-
 gnu/packages/cran.scm                              |  116 +-
 gnu/packages/crypto.scm                            |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/curl.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/databases.scm                         |   66 +-
 gnu/packages/direct-connect.scm                    |   25 +-
 gnu/packages/django.scm                            |   20 +
 gnu/packages/dns.scm                               |   29 +-
 gnu/packages/elixir.scm                            |   34 +-
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm                             |  151 +-
 gnu/packages/engineering.scm                       |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/enlightenment.scm                     |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/erlang.scm                            |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/file-systems.scm                      |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/finance.scm                           |   11 +-
 gnu/packages/fonts.scm                             |  106 ++
 gnu/packages/fontutils.scm                         |  105 +-
 gnu/packages/freedesktop.scm                       |  147 +-
 gnu/packages/game-development.scm                  |   45 +-
 gnu/packages/games.scm                             |  123 +-
 gnu/packages/gcc.scm                               |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/gnome.scm                             |   45 +-
 gnu/packages/gnunet.scm                            |   29 +-
 gnu/packages/gnupg.scm                             |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                          |   11 +-
 gnu/packages/gps.scm                               |   31 +-
 gnu/packages/graphics.scm                          |    3 +-
 gnu/packages/groff.scm                             |   47 +
 gnu/packages/gstreamer.scm                         |   34 +-
 gnu/packages/guile.scm                             |  128 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-check.scm                     |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-crypto.scm                    |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell-web.scm                       |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/haskell.scm                           |  206 ++-
 gnu/packages/image.scm                             |   55 +-
 gnu/packages/irc.scm                               |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/java.scm                              |  308 +++-
 gnu/packages/kodi.scm                              |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/libcanberra.scm                       |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/linux.scm                             |   22 +-
 gnu/packages/lisp.scm                              |  163 +-
 gnu/packages/lua.scm                               |   46 +-
 gnu/packages/lxde.scm                              |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/machine-learning.scm                  |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/mail.scm                              |   49 +-
 gnu/packages/man.scm                               |   23 +-
 gnu/packages/markup.scm                            |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/maths.scm                             |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/mes.scm                               |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/messaging.scm                         |   56 +-
 gnu/packages/mp3.scm                               |   11 +-
 gnu/packages/music.scm                             |  208 ++-
 gnu/packages/musl.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/nano.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/networking.scm                        |   35 +-
 gnu/packages/node.scm                              |   23 +-
 gnu/packages/ntp.scm                               |    6 +-
 gnu/packages/ocaml.scm                             |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/package-management.scm                |   37 +-
 gnu/packages/parallel.scm                          |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/password-utils.scm                    |    5 +-
 gnu/packages/patches/bazaar-CVE-2017-14176.patch   |  166 ++
 gnu/packages/patches/clementine-use-openssl.patch  |   67 +
 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-32-bits-check.patch       |  134 ++
 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-format-modifier.patch     |   38 +
 .../patches/emacs-highlight-stages-add-gexp.patch  |   26 +
 gnu/packages/patches/exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch   |   59 -
 ...och-1.patch => gcc-6-source-date-epoch-1.patch} |   53 +-
 ...och-2.patch => gcc-6-source-date-epoch-2.patch} |   75 +-
 .../glusterfs-use-PATH-instead-of-hardcodes.patch  |  140 ++
 .../patches/guile-emacs-fix-configure.patch        |  211 +++
 .../patches/higan-remove-march-native-flag.patch   |   15 +-
 .../patches/libmygpo-qt-fix-jsoncreatortest.patch  |   41 +
 .../libtorrent-rasterbar-boost-compat.patch        |   27 -
 .../patches/libvirt-CVE-2017-1000256.patch         |   84 -
 .../node-test-http2-server-rst-stream.patch        |  131 ++
 .../patches/optipng-CVE-2017-1000229.patch         |   22 +
 gnu/packages/patches/pcmanfm-CVE-2017-8934.patch   |   56 +
 ... => perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch} |    0
 gnu/packages/patches/procmail-CVE-2017-16844.patch |   25 +
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15118.patch     |   58 +
 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15119.patch     |   68 +
 gnu/packages/patches/shepherd-close-fds.patch      |   36 +
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9577.patch     |   33 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-1.patch   |   33 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-2.patch   |   38 -
 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2017-7506.patch     |  158 --
 .../patches/supertuxkart-angelscript-ftbfs.patch   |   42 -
 gnu/packages/patches/vpnc-script.patch             |   15 -
 gnu/packages/perl.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/php.scm                               |    7 +-
 gnu/packages/protobuf.scm                          |   68 +-
 gnu/packages/python.scm                            |  119 +-
 gnu/packages/qt.scm                                |  121 +-
 gnu/packages/samba.scm                             |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/scribus.scm                           |   14 +-
 gnu/packages/security-token.scm                    |    9 +-
 gnu/packages/shells.scm                            |   41 +-
 gnu/packages/simulation.scm                        |   11 +
 gnu/packages/spice.scm                             |   12 +-
 gnu/packages/statistics.scm                        |   88 +-
 gnu/packages/synergy.scm                           |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/telephony.scm                         |   48 +
 gnu/packages/time.scm                              |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/tls.scm                               |    8 +-
 gnu/packages/tor.scm                               |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm                   |   26 +-
 gnu/packages/video.scm                             |   15 +-
 gnu/packages/vim.scm                               |   40 +
 gnu/packages/virtualization.scm                    |   10 +-
 gnu/packages/vpn.scm                               |  137 +-
 gnu/packages/web.scm                               |  155 +-
 gnu/packages/wget.scm                              |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/wm.scm                                |    4 +-
 gnu/packages/xdisorg.scm                           |   51 +
 gnu/packages/xfig.scm                              |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/xorg.scm                              |   13 +-
 gnu/services/base.scm                              |    2 +-
 gnu/services/certbot.scm                           |  133 ++
 gnu/services/configuration.scm                     |    3 +-
 gnu/services/desktop.scm                           |   13 +-
 gnu/services/dict.scm                              |   26 +-
 gnu/services/messaging.scm                         |   57 +-
 gnu/services/version-control.scm                   |   63 +-
 gnu/services/xorg.scm                              |  298 +++-
 gnu/system.scm                                     |    4 +-
 gnu/system/install.scm                             |   27 +-
 gnu/system/uuid.scm                                |    2 +-
 gnu/system/vm.scm                                  |   70 +-
 gnu/tests/messaging.scm                            |    1 +
 gnu/tests/version-control.scm                      |  131 +-
 guix/build-system/{emacs.scm => scons.scm}         |   76 +-
 guix/build/compile.scm                             |    6 +-
 guix/build/profiles.scm                            |    2 +-
 guix/build/scons-build-system.scm                  |   65 +
 guix/build/union.scm                               |   11 +-
 guix/gexp.scm                                      |   55 +-
 guix/git.scm                                       |   12 +-
 guix/gnu-maintenance.scm                           |   10 +-
 guix/packages.scm                                  |    1 +
 guix/profiles.scm                                  |  147 +-
 guix/progress.scm                                  |   69 +-
 guix/records.scm                                   |    2 +-
 guix/scripts/environment.scm                       |    2 +-
 guix/scripts/lint.scm                              |   31 +-
 guix/scripts/offload.scm                           |    2 +-
 guix/scripts/package.scm                           |    4 +-
 guix/scripts/pull.scm                              |    8 +-
 guix/scripts/system.scm                            |   85 +-
 guix/scripts/weather.scm                           |  106 +-
 guix/ssh.scm                                       |    2 +-
 guix/ui.scm                                        |   50 +-
 guix/utils.scm                                     |    5 +
 guix/zlib.scm                                      |   46 +-
 nix/scripts/                  |    1 +
 po/guix/fr.po                                      | 1706 ++++++++++++--------
 po/packages/                            |    2 +
 tests/                               |    4 +-
 tests/lint.scm                                     |   15 +-
 tests/publish.scm                                  |    2 +-
 tests/store.scm                                    |    4 +-
 tests/syscalls.scm                                 |    7 +-
 186 files changed, 7642 insertions(+), 3102 deletions(-)
 rename => (100%)
 copy build-aux/hydra/{guix.scm => guix-modular.scm} (56%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/bazaar-CVE-2017-14176.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/clementine-use-openssl.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-32-bits-check.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/dtc-format-modifier.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/emacs-highlight-stages-add-gexp.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/exim-CVE-2017-1000369.patch
 copy gnu/packages/patches/{gcc-5-source-date-epoch-1.patch => 
gcc-6-source-date-epoch-1.patch} (81%)
 copy gnu/packages/patches/{gcc-5-source-date-epoch-2.patch => 
gcc-6-source-date-epoch-2.patch} (84%)
 create mode 100644 
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/guile-emacs-fix-configure.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libmygpo-qt-fix-jsoncreatortest.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libtorrent-rasterbar-boost-compat.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/libvirt-CVE-2017-1000256.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/node-test-http2-server-rst-stream.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/optipng-CVE-2017-1000229.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/pcmanfm-CVE-2017-8934.patch
gnu/packages/patches/{perl-text-markdown-discount-use-system-markdown.patch => 
perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch} (100%)
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/procmail-CVE-2017-16844.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15118.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/qemu-CVE-2017-15119.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/shepherd-close-fds.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9577.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-1.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2016-9578-2.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/spice-CVE-2017-7506.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/supertuxkart-angelscript-ftbfs.patch
 delete mode 100644 gnu/packages/patches/vpnc-script.patch
 create mode 100644 gnu/services/certbot.scm
 copy guix/build-system/{emacs.scm => scons.scm} (66%)
 create mode 100644 guix/build/scons-build-system.scm

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