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branch master updated (f61719d -> deef6d7)

From: Oleg Pykhalov
Subject: branch master updated (f61719d -> deef6d7)
Date: Wed, 2 May 2018 13:21:01 -0400 (EDT)

wigust pushed a change to branch master
in repository guix.

      from  f61719d   gnu: magit: Update to 2.12.1.
       new  59dc661   gnu: Add emacs-nnreddit.
       new  63e6c4a   gnu: Add emacs-makey.
       new  a34d562   gnu: Add emacs-outorg.
       new  c47c377   gnu: Add emacs-outshine.
       new  de8d991   gnu: Add emacs-parsebib.
       new  55d5321   gnu: Add emacs-biblio.
       new  f063e18   gnu: Add emacs-helm-bibtex.
       new  f445c75   gnu: Add emacs-ewmctrl.
       new  707ff55   gnu: Add emacs-helm-gtags.
       new  53d4090   gnu: Add emacs-list-utils.
       new  fb3aeaf   gnu: Add emacs-move-text.
       new  dc58633   gnu: Add emacs-validate.
       new  f8a88f2   gnu: Add emacs-load-relative.
       new  d7403c1   gnu: Add emacs-rainbow-blocks.
       new  20b5b16   gnu: Add emacs-hierarchy.
       new  0acfc48   gnu: Add emacs-tree-mode.
       new  74b2f74   gnu: Add emacs-md4rd.
       new  b8f9104   gnu: Add emacs-pulseaudio-control.
       new  5746ca1   gnu: Add emacs-datetime.
       new  a3a876c   gnu: Add emacs-org-mind-map.
       new  8d90799   gnu: Add emacs-npm-mode.
       new  b12fb29   gnu: Add emacs-seq.
       new  be3cf80   gnu: Add emacs-itail.
       new  b836c65   gnu: Add emacs-loop.
       new  1bd3400   gnu: Add emacs-elisp-refs.
       new  08ff4fd   gnu: Add emacs-crux.
       new  3677e5e   gnu: Add emacs-edit-server.
       new  4024607   gnu: Add emacs-m-buffer-el.
       new  15d5683   gnu: Add emacs-let-alist.
       new  ddc56b8   gnu: Add emacs-esup.
       new  e33dba1   gnu: Add emacs-sourcemap.
       new  9968e44   gnu: Add emacs-macrostep.
       new  0299938   gnu: Add emacs-parent-mode.
       new  045f6b7   gnu: Add emacs-lacarte.
       new  b8ddef4   gnu: Add emacs-company-lua.
       new  f61ecb8   gnu: Add emacs-beginend.
       new  666e561   gnu: Add emacs-mbsync.
       new  60bf926   gnu: Add emacs-ibuffer-projectile.
       new  295513c   gnu: Add emacs-helm-mode-manager.
       new  4cdfc9e   gnu: Add emacs-hy-mode.
       new  8aab3d0   gnu: Add emacs-web-beautify.
       new  c1b9d72   gnu: Add emacs-helm-shell-history.
       new  2c63f72   gnu: Add emacs-discover-my-major.
       new  21a3de5   gnu: Add emacs-org-ref.
       new  56e90e3   gnu: Add emacs-add-hooks.
       new  58b5058   gnu: Add emacs-fancy-narrow.
       new  9b876c6   gnu: Add emacs-know-your-http-well.
       new  9f2b572   gnu: Add emacs-navi-mode.
       new  2f28093   gnu: Add emacs-download-region.
       new  8bc8efc   gnu: Add emacs-csv-mode.
       new  b2bf4f5   gnu: Add emacs-helpful.
       new  1024dad   gnu: Add emacs-logview.
       new  0bc5a32   gnu: Add emacs-suggest.
       new  c43c082   gnu: Add emacs-benchmark-init.
       new  c25dda7   gnu: Add emacs-emms-player-simple-mpv.
       new  26165a7   gnu: Add emacs-magit-org-todos-el.
       new  f4dc59a   gnu: Add emacs-f3.
       new  89378bb   gnu: Add emacs-dumb-jump.
       new  6d6d9ac   gnu: Add emacs-lice-el.
       new  fc86ea6   gnu: Add emacs-academic-phrases.
       new  75a8780   gnu: Add emacs-auto-yasnippet.
       new  a79cf99   gnu: Add emacs-highlight-numbers.
       new  6e28f15   gnu: Add emacs-darkroom.
       new  bf8300d   gnu: Add emacs-rsw-elisp.
       new  192a9a2   gnu: Add emacs-default-text-scale.
       new  2f9e137   gnu: Add emacs-visual-regexp.
       new  6f83725   gnu: Add emacs-faceup.
       new  f52b635   gnu: Add emacs-racket-mode.
       new  8f052df   gnu: Add emacs-grep-context.
       new  d3f7e53   gnu: Add emacs-helm-firefox.
       new  b268bf1   gnu: Add emacs-interactive-align.
       new  fcd8d4f   gnu: Add emacs-shift-number.
       new  b91e172   gnu: Add emacs-highlight-defined.
       new  8a2ab51   gnu: Add emacs-parinfer-mode.
       new  abe8ef7   gnu: Add emacs-helm-eww.
       new  b870ee1   gnu: Add emacs-stumpwm-mode.
       new  dbbd6e8   gnu: Add emacs-irfc.
       new  0e087b7   gnu: Add emacs-ido-vertical-mode.
       new  ca0e2ab   gnu: Add emacs-wordgen.
       new  4766750   gnu: Add emacs-on-screen.
       new  cfeefca   gnu: Add emacs-highlight-escape-sequences.
       new  99092bd   gnu: Add emacs-dashboard.
       new  37fa904   gnu: Add emacs-slime-company.
       new  1a73164   gnu: Add emacs-sml-mode.
       new  c498ff5   gnu: Add emacs-eros.
       new  6673bbe   gnu: Add emacs-stickyfunc-enhance.
       new  c9efc22   gnu: Add emacs-git-auto-commit-mode.
       new  deef6d7   gnu: Add emacs-company-restclient.

The 88 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 gnu/packages/emacs.scm | 2182 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 2182 insertions(+)

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