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branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was 18e7a8b)

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was 18e7a8b)
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2018 13:24:34 -0400 (EDT)

janneke pushed a change to branch wip-bootstrap
in repository guix.

       was  18e7a8b   gnu: mes-boot0: Support Nyacc 0.86.0.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  18e7a8b   gnu: mes-boot0: Support Nyacc 0.86.0.
  discards  6b157ab   gnu: nyacc-boot: Update to 0.86.0.
  discards  83e50d0   gnu: mes: Update to 0.17.1.
  discards  4275baa   gnu: nyacc: Update to 0.86.0.
  discards  cf580ef   gnu: bison-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  9556f55   gnu: m4-boot0: New variable.
  discards  100e2d2   gnu: perl-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  9650416   gnu: gcc-boot0: Workaround libtool install bug.
  discards  8122897   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Drop obsolete sun rpc support.
  discards  a9aff39   gnu: libstdc++-boot0: Copy to pass 
  discards  cf5b1af   gnu: file-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  b7a589c   gnu: findutils-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  d44a539   gnu: diffutils-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  af4e6ad   gnu: Add gcc-mesboot-4.9.4.
  discards  10d0ef6   Oops, libstdc++ build fixes WIP
  discards  2855fde   build: make %boot*-inputs a procedure.
  discards  affb2e1   glibc-mesboot: do not validate runpath
  discards  11da72c   oops: fixup glibc-bootstrap-system-2.16.0.patch name.
  discards  9f10cd2   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Oops, install everything.
  discards  866ff84   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  6d65337   gnu: glibc-headers-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  c2ed99e   gnu: gcc-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  1bd78b8   gnu: make-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  046c924   gnu: binutils-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  06a835a   gnu: make-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  a06fad8   gnu: gcc-mesboot0: Cleanup.
  discards  583ab62   gnu: glibc-mesboot0: Cleanup.
  discards  cbf18f7   gnu: mesboot-headers: Cleanup.
  discards  38f907c   gnu: gcc-core-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  5be9d4c   gnu: binutils-mesboot0: Cleanup.
  discards  89fd946   gnu: diffutils-mesboot: Cleanup.
  discards  43c84aa   gnu: make-mesboot0: Cleanup.
  discards  ecc3a11   gnu: tcc-boot: Cleanup.
  discards  1f2b5c1   gnu: tcc-boot0: Cleanup.
  discards  f976298   gnu: mes-boot: Cleanup.
  discards  5c939f4   mescc-tools-boot: Cleanup.
  discards  1e4601e   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Remove %bootstrap-glibc.
  discards  9867174   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Update to 2.16.0.
  discards  bacf48f   gnu: Add mesboot-headers.
  discards  85bd95a   copy-linux-headers: Update for glibc-2.16.0.
  discards  5a78ed9   %bootstrap-linux-libre-headers: Update
  discards  bd2a596   gnu: make-mesboot: Update to 3.82.
  discards  8fd0e35   bootstrap: Evaluate %bootstrap-inputs+toolchain at build 
  discards  3b2e43f   gnu: gcc-mesboot-wrapper: Wrap g++ too.
  discards  1378429   gnu: gcc-mesboot: Enable c++ too.
  discards  8ef73c2   gnu: file-boot0: Do not strip binaries or 
  discards  12d5705   Revert "gnu: make-boot0: Set LOADLIBES for i686-linux."
  discards  307dc43   gnu: Add gcc-mesboot-wrapper 4.7.4.
  discards  6249a43   Add new cheat: use %bootstrap-glibc for x86 for now.
  discards  c74151a   gnu: Add glibc-mesboot 2.3.6.   WIP
  discards  e3ae1c5   gnu: make-boot0: Set LOADLIBES for i686-linux.
  discards  1a439c0   gnu: Add mpc-boot 1.0.3.
  discards  3c8fcaa   gcc-mesboot: use package-full-name "-" :-)
  discards  d4e1077   gnu: Add make-mesboot0 3.80
  discards  248d67a   Revert "gnu: Add %make-static, %make-static-stripped, 
  discards  f04c523   Revert "gnu: Add %bootstrap-make."
  discards  cada561   Revert "gnu: Add %diffutils-static, 
%diffutils-static-stripped, %diffutils-bootstrap-tarball."
  discards  574596f   Revert "gnu: Add %bootstrap-diffutils."
  discards  012a75a   bootstrap: Remove dependency on %bootstrap-make, 
  discards  9428daa   gnu: make-mesboot: Update to 3.80.
  discards  ffe2af2   gnu: Add diffutils-mesboot 2.7.
  discards  be806e9   gnu: Add make-mesboot 3.79.
  discards  93a8d1a   gnu: tcc-boot: Update for mes 0.17.1.
  discards  f0c4c00   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.17.1.
  discards  698f3f1   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.17.1.
  discards  e82cd42   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.17.1.
  discards  249caa0   bootstrap: Integrate mes bootstrap for i686-linux.
  discards  f6c7dd4   gnu: bootstrap-tarballs: Update inputs for i686-linux.
  discards  2875c88   gnu: Add %bootstrap-linux-libre-headers.
  discards  89051cd   gnu: Add %linux-libre-headers-stripped, 
  discards  611cefc   gnu: Add %bootstrap-diffutils.
  discards  8683d17   gnu: Add %diffutils-static, %diffutils-static-stripped, 
  discards  cc60acb   gnu: Add %bootstrap-make.
  discards  0a8298e   gnu: Add %make-static, %make-static-stripped, 
  discards  8c50288   gnu: tcc-boot: Use gnu-build-system.
  discards  7f4bca3   gnu: tcc-boot0: Use gnu-build-system.
  discards  2309ad8   gnu: mes-boot: Use gnu-build-system.
  discards  ceef3a8   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Use gnu-build-system.
  discards  a37c252   bootstrap: Move mes seeds to bootstrap.scm
  discards  97b5d49   gnu: tcc-boot0: Update for mes 0.17.
  discards  0cdef9b   gnu: mes: Update to 0.17.
  discards  6d3a6e7   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.17.
  discards  ddac967   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.17.
  discards  2077dc0   gnu: gcc-mesboot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  7f7d774   gnu: binutils-mesboot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  9644890   gnu: gcc-mesboot0: Revise dependencies.
  discards  0d0513e   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  f98e971   gnu: gcc-core-mesboot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  ccb93bb   gnu: binutils-mesboot0: Revise dependencies.
  discards  f1128b9   gnu: tcc-boot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  56a6a44   gnu: tcc-boot0: Revise dependencies.
  discards  0cc8fd3   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.16.1; revise dependencies.
  discards  f54dd96   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.16.1.
  discards  f9e167c   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Revise dependencies.
  discards  1ad68c8   gnu: Remove gcc-mesboot-4.1.0.
  discards  034b6a9   gnu: gcc-mesboot0: Package with bootstrap-guile.
  discards  d67ce17   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Package with bootstrap-guile.
  discards  9249903   gnu: gcc-core-mesboot: Package with bootstrap-guile.
  discards  c28cd5a   gnu: binutils-mesboot0: Package with bootstrap-guile.
  discards  eca4d2e   gnu: tcc-boot: Package with bootstrap-guile.
  discards  a92d237   gnu: m4-mesboot: Package with boostrap-guile.
  discards  b820beb   Revert "REMOVEME: %fake-bootstrap => #t."
  discards  101db8d   REMOVEME: %fake-bootstrap => #t.
  discards  2daa205   gnu: Add gcc-mesboot 4.7.4.  WIP
  discards  c981fa7   gnu: Add gcc-mesboot 4.1.0.
  discards  7190b65   Revert: gnu: binutils-boot0: Inject AR,LD from 
  discards  07ed841   gnu: binutils-mesboot: Rename from binutils-boot.
  discards  c9f9004   gnu: gcc-mesboot: Rename from gcc-boot.
  discards  2162aa6   gnu: glibc-mesboot: Rename from glibc-boot.
  discards  5725fb9   gnu: gcc-core-mesboot: Rename from gcc-core-boot.
  discards  f2b20ba   gnu: binutils-mesboot0: Rename from binutils-boot0.
  discards  9663caf   gnu: m4:mesboot: Rename from m4-boot.
  discards  f178a40   gnu: Remove binutils-boot0-cheat.
  discards  fe74bd1   gnu: binutils-boot0: Inject AR,LD from bootstrap-binaries.
  discards  eeacb03   gnu: gcc-boot: build with %cheat-binutils?
  discards  de4e174   gnu: Add binutils-boot0-cheat.
  discards  1914d86   gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.20.1a.
  discards  6d86337   gnu: tcc-boot0: Update for mes 0.16.
  discards  cc98215   gnu: Add tcc-boot 0.9.27.
  discards  e4f7217   gnu: Add binutils-boot 2.20.1, built with gcc+glibc.
  discards  bbc9a35   gnu: gcc-core-boot: Install libgcc2.a too.
  discards  22da1ec   gnu: glibc-boot: Install all headers. WIP plus more
  discards  fcc6db8   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.16.
  discards  7042f2e   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.16.
  discards  a45cce8   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.16.
  discards  47f6e5e   gnu: mes-boot: Update for fopen: Return 0 upon failure.
  discards  a69f7c9   gnu: mes-boot: Update for linux-4.17 elf32-header fix.
  discards  54491e6   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Update for linux-4.17 elf32-header 
  discards  8728047   gnu: %mescc-tools-seed: Update for linux-4.17 
elf32-header fix.
  discards  3dbc366   Revert "REMOVEME: %fake-bootstrap => #t."
  discards  739ffc7   REMOVEME: %fake-bootstrap => #t.
  discards  428ae7a   gnu: Add gcc-core-boot 2.95.3.
  discards  8812901   gnu: glibc-boot: Update to 2.2.5.
  discards  2c040ef   gnu: Add glibc-boot 2.0.1.
  discards  27c3497   Revert "gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.0."
  discards  ffed16e   Revert "gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.2."
  discards  3c26929   Revert "gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.4.0."
  discards  f349675   gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.4.0.
  discards  4091fd0   gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.2.
  discards  5f34ec7   gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 3.0.
  discards  ed3de44   gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 2.95.3.
  discards  0085133   gnu: linux-libre-headers-boot0: Export.
  discards  2372bb5   gnu: gcc-boot: Update to 2.6.3.
  discards  bea24e6   Revert "gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.25."
  discards  37a7645   Revert "gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.30."
  discards  6a0515e   gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.30.
  discards  4f839b5   gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.25.
  discards  780b411   gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.14.
  discards  42ba6da   gnu: binutils-boot: Update to 2.10.1.
  discards  1f1e76e   gnu: Add binutils-boot 2.5.1.
  discards  e1eef46   gnu: Add m4-boot.
  discards  4b63468   gnu: tinycc-boot: Update for mes 0.15.
  discards  c70be1d   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.15.
  discards  f5448ed   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.15.
  discards  db850fd   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for 0.15.
  discards  32e0c6f   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Update for mes 0.15.
  discards  edcadea   gnu: %mescc-tools-seed: Update for 0.15.
  discards  a454431   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Update to 0.4.
  discards  3d6fd54   gnu: %mescc-tools-seed: Update for 0.4.
  discards  5fa99d2   gnu: tcc-boot: Update for mes 0.14.
  discards  597af2c   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.14.
  discards  8cf56ae   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.14.
  discards  54a20a4   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.14.
  discards  d1a44f3   gnu: tcc-boot: Build with mes-boot.
  discards  fc0067d   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes 0.13.
  discards  7750de0   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.13.
  discards  69ef93a   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes 0.13.
  discards  9f5e4cb   gnu: nyacc-boot: Update to new gitlab url scheme.
  discards  ddb0115   gnu: stage0-boot: Update to new gitlab url scheme.
  discards  97a3559   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Remove stage0 dependency.
  discards  74cf04f   gnu: %mescc-tools-seed: Update to new gitlab url scheme.
  discards  f61b58f   gnu: tinycc-boot: Update for mes-0.12.
  discards  baed752   gnu: %tinycc-seed: Update for mes-0.12.
  discards  c4b8745   gnu: mes-boot: Update to 0.12.
  discards  3c86861   gnu: %mes-seed: Update for mes-0.12.
  discards  47d48d1   gnu: nyacc-boot: Update to 0.80.42.
  discards  0d70f0f   gnu: Update mes-boot: M4 support: robustify headers.
  discards  5bb988f   gnu: Update tcc-boot: qsort.
  discards  5014b6f   gnu: Update mes-boot: Add qsort.
  discards  7b5c86d   gnu: Update tcc-boot: mescc char cast truncate bug #2.
  discards  e7f7551   gnu: Update tcc-boot: mescc char cast truncate bug.
  discards  b8fbed4   gnu: Update tcc-boot: mescc has no long long.
  discards  1c3a178   gnu: Update tcc-boot: mescc has no unsigned arithmetic.
  discards  53b7e4b   gnu: Update mes-boot, tcc-boot:  __udivdi3, __umoddi3.
  discards  29a4585   gnu: Update tcc-boot: avoid mescc bug struct foo bar = 
*baz ().
  discards  0765a3a   gnu: Update mescc-tools-boot, mes-boot, tcc-boot.
  discards  fd3e621   gnu: Update mescc-tools-boot: Binaries with function 
debug info.
  discards  930e4f9   gnu: Update mescc-tools-boot, mes-boot, tcc-boot for 
  discards  53d04aa   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Update to bootstrap from M1 
  discards  18ccf55   gnu: Update mescc-tools-boot: bootstrap from .M1 sources: 
remove MORTAL SIN.
  discards  960bf6b   gnu: Update mes-boot: Mescc-tools support: char foo[BAR] 
= {'a', 'b', 'c'}.
  discards  db9f8d7   gnu: mes-boot: Update mes-boot, mes-seed: Mescc-tools 
  discards  267fef4   gnu: mes-boot: Use bootstrap Guile and simplify.
  discards  4f8227c   gnu: mescc-tools-boot: Use bootstrap Guile and simplify.
  discards  8dc0ac3   bump: mlibc: Mescc-tools support: chmod.
  discards  3a46a81   bump: mes-boot: fixup for 80-setjmp test
  discards  586692f   gnu: tcc-boot: Use bootstrap Guile and simplify.
  discards  1e0ee6e   bump tcc-boot: mlibc: GNU Gcc support: setjmp, longjmp.
  discards  1fa4d49   bump mes-seed: mlibc: GNU Gcc support: setjmp, longjmp.
  discards  1ec186b   bump mes-boot: mlibc: GNU Gcc support: setjmp, longjmp.
  discards  948f4a8   tcc-boot: bump tinycc-seed: GNU Gcc support: Add ferror.
  discards  48e1012   bump: mes-tools: add ferror for [m4] configure
  discards  8379360   bump tcc-boot: add sysinclude path for [m4] configure.
  discards  bbfdc45   gnu: Add gcc-boot.  WIP
  discards  3522a64   Revert "use %bootstrap-guile -- still guile-2.2 in 
bag-with-origins :-("
  discards  9436a8b   use %bootstrap-guile -- still guile-2.2 in 
bag-with-origins :-(
  discards  089b670   gnu: Add tcc-boot.
  discards  3aafdc4   gnu: Add nyacc-boot.
  discards  4d7e81c   gnu: Add mes-boot.
  discards  e98e6a2   gnu: Add mescc-tools-boot.
  discards  37639f2   gnu: Add stage0-boot.

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