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branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was ac4c0b1)

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was ac4c0b1)
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:40:23 -0400 (EDT)

janneke pushed a change to branch wip-bootstrap
in repository guix.

       was  ac4c0b1   patch: WIP.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  ac4c0b1   patch: WIP.
  discards  87cc73d   patch: wip
  discards  47df47d   bootstrap: tcc update WIP
  discards  1f81655   patch
  discards  1ff9fe0   bootstrap: cleanup, document patches WIP
  discards  c879171   patch doc
  discards  725afe9   patch: doc
  discards  2e0ae3f   diffutils-boot0: another go at using/fixing usage of 
  discards  5076b74   Revert "gnu: diffutils-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks."
  discards  7739ac9   public
  discards  1b9192a   doc: review by Ricardo.  WIP: Squash me
  discards  bdb3e21   bootstrappable: more comments
  discards  7f6eaa9   bootstrappable: Add some comments: WIP: also squash into 
`Add Mes bootstrap.'
  discards  d35e4f8   bootstrap: binutils-mesboot remove package/inherit WIP: 
also squash into `Add Mes bootstrap.'
  discards  6764bc3   bootstrappable: Minor style issues.  WIP: also squash 
into `Add Mes bootstrap.'
  discards  8541aea   bootstrap: Do not export mes bootstrap packages.
  discards  fd71a6f   doc: Include gcc-mesboot-bag bootstrap graph.
  discards  a957888   doc: Describe the Reduced Binary Seed bootstrap.
  discards  5d8b713   gnu: mes: Oops, use mirror://gnu download url.
  discards  1ff6d26   bootstrap: Replace GNU toolchain seeds with Mes for 
  discards  ca8895b   bootstrap: Add Mes bootstrap.
  discards  be65bf9   gnu: Add Mes bootstrap seeds.
  discards  45856f8   gnu: Add linux-libre-headers-bootstrap-tarball.
  discards  cd9830f   guix: copy-linux-headers: Prepare for Mes bootstrap.
  discards  6265040   guix: package-from-tarball: Allow PROGRAM-TO-TEST to be 
  discards  8d9c16e   gnu: texinfo-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  f9a76a7   gnu: bison-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  12394cc   gnu: m4-boot0: New variable.
  discards  6891da3   gnu: perl-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  f933b16   gnu: file-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  9c0912a   gnu: findutils-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  53616d8   gnu: diffutils-boot0: Remove bootstrap leaks.
  discards  7503cee   bootstrap: %bootstrap-inputs+toolchain: Prepare for Mes 
  discards  80bd4a9   bootstrap: %bootstrap-inputs: Prepare for Mes bootstrap.

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