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branch wip-gnome-upgrades deleted (was d9689b1)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-gnome-upgrades deleted (was d9689b1)
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2019 06:11:50 -0500 (EST)

rekado pushed a change to branch wip-gnome-upgrades
in repository guix.

       was  d9689b1   gnu: mozjs-52: Add configure flag to prevent crash.

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  d9689b1   gnu: mozjs-52: Add configure flag to prevent crash.
  discards  0f502c4   gnu: gnome-shell: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  51c6304   gnu: gnome-settings-daemon: Ensure RUNPATH contains 
library subdir.
  discards  1ff29cf   gnu: eog: Ensure RUNPATH contains output library 
  discards  1ad80ab   gnu: libimobiledevice: Do not hardcode Python version.
  discards  a39bdd4   gnu: cups-filters: Fix build with newer version of 
  discards  e70e61f   gnu: dconf-editor: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  87890a3   gnu: network-manager-applet: Update to 1.8.14.
  discards  38eb9c4   gnu: network-manager-openvpn: Update to 1.8.4.
  discards  e596013   gnu: gnome-online-accounts: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  06332d3   gnu: evolution-data-server: Update to 3.28.3.
  discards  3f21098   gnu: gdm: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  f856d9d   gnu: gnome-control-center: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  66b40f1   gnu: nautilus: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  69986f0   gnu: gnome-bluetooth: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  985c2ea   gnu: tracker: Update to 2.0.4.
  discards  23cb412   gnu: gnome-screenshot: Update to 3.26.0.
  discards  46f10f1   gnu: gnome-clocks: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  e8ed7cb   gnu: gnome-todo: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  0bd468c   gnu: gnome-calendar: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  5253a18   gnu: Add libdazzle.
  discards  e776007   gnu: gnome-shell-extensions: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  aa534b1   gnu: libgnomekbd: Update to 3.26.0.
  discards  7d6dd36   gnu: gnome-calculator: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  4ea74cf   gnu: gucharmap: Update to 10.0.4.
  discards  b3e1511   gnu: gnome-system-monitor: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  fcece3d   gnu: python-pyatspi: Update to 2.26.0.
  discards  e60989b   gnu: mutter: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  b5a27e5   gnu: zenity: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  672e481   gnu: gnome-session: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  b71c088   gnu: network-manager: Update to 1.10.10.
  discards  9cda610   gnu: cheese: Propagate more inputs.
  discards  449e77f   gnu: orca: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  eb663a9   gnu: gjs: Update to 1.52.3.
  discards  db9e65a   gnu: devhelp: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  79b67c3   gnu: gnome-mines: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  b861b24   gnu: librsvg: Build Vala bindings.
  discards  3e5b97a   gnu: gvfs: Update to 1.36.2.
  discards  4df82e5   gnu: gnome-keyring: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  320075d   gnu: libgnome-games-support: Update to 1.4.1.
  discards  f4f5a70   gnu: libgudev: Update to 232.
  discards  73bf016   gnu: eog: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  65f6ef4   gnu: totem-pl-parser: Update to 3.26.1.
  discards  73afd12   gnu: gnome-settings-daemon: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  3c687e4   gnu: libgweather: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  b1a1309   gnu: geocode-glib: Update to 3.26.0.
  discards  20f6798   gnu: five-or-more: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  def113d   gnu: glib-networking: Update to 2.56.1.
  discards  89b31ab   gnu: gnumeric: Update to 1.12.41.
  discards  caf24fa   gnu: goffice: Update to 0.10.41.
  discards  92891d7   gnu: glade3: Update to 3.22.1.
  discards  7f2b281   gnu: adwaita-icon-theme: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  213f9df   gnu: gsettings-desktop-schemas: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  a696bda   gnu: gcr: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  9fe8ce6   gnu: gnome-desktop: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  17d199a   gnu: libproxy: Remove network-manager.
  discards  7e49aa4   gnu: gnome-maps: Update to 3.28.2.
  discards  e887e1c   gnu: glibmm: Update to 2.56.0.
  discards  9ec91c7   gnu: Add libimobiledevice.
  discards  3e0ce76   gnu: Add libusbmuxd.
  discards  f083e15   gnu: Add libplist.
  discards  8aed040   gnu: libusb.scm: Use license: prefix.
  discards  969997d   gnu: gedit: Use gtksourceview-3.
  discards  3ec06db   gnu: file-roller: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  2e6a75f   gnu: yelp-tools: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  77c96a4   gnu: yelp-xsl: Update to 3.28.0.
  discards  53acc5c   gnu: yelp: Update to 3.28.1.
  discards  80cdc42   gnu: at-spi2-core: Update to 2.28.0.
  discards  a164929   gnu: graphene: Remove custom autogen phase.
  discards  2260e31   gnu: gtk-doc: Update to 1.28.
  discards  fc0b56b   gnu: Add gtksourceview-3.
  discards  e6806b9   gnu: gtksourceview: Update to 4.0.2.
  discards  6c1135a   gnu: sassc: Fix build.
  discards  957e5ee   gnu: Add umockdev.

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