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branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was c86b9c9)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch wip-bootstrap deleted (was c86b9c9)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2019 13:02:49 -0500 (EST)

janneke pushed a change to branch wip-bootstrap
in repository guix.

       was  c86b9c9   bootstrap: coreutils-final: Inherit from 

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  c86b9c9   bootstrap: coreutils-final: Inherit from 
  discards  b8632c7   Revert "bootstrap: ACL: disable tests.  FIXME: 
  discards  ec8088f   squash! gash-core-utils-boot0: http://lilypond
  discards  e7caf42   squash! gash-boot0 http://lilypond
  discards  32a4044   bootstrap: Add gash-boot0, gash-core-utils-boot0 WIP
  discards  3a1d105   guile-build-system: Add #:implicit-inputs.
  discards  5fef6f6   bootstrap: Add janneke's guix package url.
  discards  f79d074   bootstrap: Replace %bootstrap-binaries-tarball with 
  discards  a48c340   bootstrap: ACL: disable tests.  FIXME: LD_PRELOAD.
  discards  f47f922   bootstrap: Add coreutils-boot0.
  discards  3d50011   bootstrap: Typo.
  discards  f5d6972   bootstrap: Add tar-boot0.
  discards  2fcec6e   bootstrap: Add bzip2-boot0.
  discards  821d31c   bootstrap: Add patch-boot0.
  discards  eeed036   bootstrap: Add ed-boot0.
  discards  f4388d9   gnu: Add ed-1.4.
  discards  3f2622f   bootstrap: Remove %bootstrap-coreutils&co, 
  discards  1630a99   bootstrap: Add sed-boot0.
  discards  8c53b8a   bootstrap: %bootstrap-inputs+toolchain: Scheme-only 
  discards  3eae343   bootstrap: Remove m4-bootstrap.
  discards  2b24f32   bootstrap: Add coreutils-mesboot.
  discards  c8effa4   bootstrap: gcc-mesboot-wrapper: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  41bb9ba   bootstrap: gcc-mesboot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  43b70b8   bootstrap: gcc-mesboot1-wrapper: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  c00d324   bootstrap: glibc-mesboot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  b8c2421   bootstrap: glibc-headers-mesboot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  ee0d24f   bootstrap: binutils-mesboot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  f9f4b73   bootstrap: Add hello-mesboot.
  discards  111592a   bootstrap: Add xz-mesboot.
  discards  cd1c805   bootstrap: Add gcc-mesboot1: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  af505e3   bootstrap: Add bash-mesboot.
  discards  538978f   bootstrap: Add gcc-core-mesboot1.
  discards  e749946   bootstrap: Add sed-mesboot.
  discards  f5e8a3d   bootstrap: Add gawk-mesboot.
  discards  e6dd3b7   bootstrap: Add make-mesboot.
  discards  da74df5   bootstrap: Add coreutils-mesboot0.
  discards  0601877   bootstrap: Add binutils-mesboot1.
  discards  c28a81f   bootstrap: Add grep-mesboot.
  discards  69dffec   bootstrap: Add tar-mesboot.
  discards  44a0423   bootstrap: gcc-mesboot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  be4c2a4   bootstrap: glibc-mesboot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  4ee289a   bootstrap: mesboot-headers: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  2d4b443   Revert "bootstrap: Add bash-mesboot1."
  discards  d44a0bf   bootstrap: Add bash-mesboot1.
  discards  81045e6   bootstrap: Add gawk-mesboot0.
  discards  d882554   bootstrap: gcc-core-mesboot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  b360d6e   bootstrap: binutils-mesboot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  7006593   bootstrap: Add sed-mesboot0.
  discards  bbfe08c   bootstrap: Add patch-mesboot0.
  discards  4df152c   bootstrap: diffuils-mesboot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  2238207   bootstrap: tcc-boot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  45f6300   bootstrap: Add bash-mesboot0.
  discards  f064220   bootstrap: Add bzip2-mesboot0.
  discards  b4ddc2c   bootstrap: make-mesboot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  61aec3c   bootstrap: Add gzip-mesboot0.
  discards  79a3ac3   bootstrap: tcc-boot0: Scheme-only bootstrap.  WIP
  discards  f70604f   bootstrap: mes-boot: Scheme-only bootstrap.
  discards  be9fbc7   bootstrap: Add %bootstrap-gash-rewired..
  discards  f19f68a   bootstrap: nyacc-boot.  WIP
  discards  3b09894   bootstrap: Add %bootstrap-gash.  WIP
  discards  21d03a8   bootstrap: Add %gash-bootstrap-guile, 
  discards  41b8ef5   bootstrap: Add gash-core-utils-boot.
  discards  4b9d774   bootstrap: Add gash-boot.
  discards  e554634   gnu: Add gash-core-utils.
  discards  7e843dd   gnu: Add ncompress.
  discards  0495efb   bootstrap: bootstrap-mes: Update to mes-0.21.
  discards  39d6558   bootstrap: bootstrap-mescc-tools: Update to 
  discards  76cc435   gnu: Remove mescc-tools-0.5.2.
  discards  59e46cf   bootstrap: mes-minimal: Update to mes-0.21.
  discards  4f9eb09   bootstrap: mescc-tools-static: Update to 0.6.1.
  discards  076b108   gnu: mes: Update to 0.21.

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