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branch master updated (70848cd -> 2d41d86)

From: guix-commits
Subject: branch master updated (70848cd -> 2d41d86)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 13:18:54 -0500 (EST)

efraim pushed a change to branch master
in repository guix.

      from  70848cd   gnu: tdlib: Configure build for RELEASE and LTO.
       new  2822a58   gnu: Add rust-bstr-0.1.
       new  4aba421   gnu: Add rust-bstr-0.2.
       new  c155a3c   gnu: Add rust-globset-0.4.
       new  8d0568f   gnu: Add rust-serde-test-1.0.
       new  6f90508   gnu: Add rust-pcre2-sys-0.2.
       new  0cb1001   gnu: Add rust-grep-cli-0.1.
       new  bc0d1bb   gnu: Add rust-pcre2-0.2.
       new  583a5fd   gnu: Add rust-regex-1.1.
       new  73dd517   gnu: Add rust-memchr-2.2.
       new  5d183b9   gnu: Add rust-memchr-1.0.
       new  cc657be   gnu: Add rust-bincode-1.1.
       new  352741c   gnu: Add rust-chrono-0.4.
       new  e398ecc   gnu: Add rust-humantime-1.2.
       new  45c312f   gnu: Add rust-serde-bytes-0.11.
       new  85e7ee5   gnu: Add rust-env-logger-0.6.
       new  77032bf   gnu: Add rust-rand-core-0.5.
       new  55e6486   gnu: rust-rand-core-0.4: Update package.
       new  432e9b0   gnu: Add rust-quickcheck-0.8.
       new  3e240e1   gnu: Add rust-grep-pcre2-0.1.
       new  ef46db3   gnu: Add rust-grep-matcher-0.1.
       new  1413975   gnu: Add rust-byteorder-1.3.
       new  472685a7  gnu: Add rust-cast-0.2.
       new  9b11488   gnu: Add rust-either-1.5.
       new  3885163   gnu: Add rust-itertools-0.8.
       new  d59e136   gnu: Add rust-itertools-num-0.1.
       new  7f87d5b   gnu: Add rust-num-complex-0.2.
       new  5377314   gnu: Add rust-criterion-plot-0.3.
       new  fb17428   gnu: Add rust-arrayvec-0.4.
       new  b96b4d3   gnu: Add rust-csv-core-0.1.
       new  0533bf0   gnu: Add rust-utf8-ranges-1.0.
       new  33c947d   gnu: Add rust-regex-automata-0.1.
       new  6180193   gnu: Add rust-futures-channel-preview-0.3.
       new  4b185ec   gnu: Add rust-futures-executor-preview-0.3.
       new  14f2988   gnu: Add rust-futures-select-macro-preview-0.3.
       new  f9ff44d   gnu: Add rust-proc-macro-hack-0.5.
       new  9ee2b2a   gnu: Add rust-demo-hack-0.0.
       new  7267678   gnu: Add rust-demo-hack-impl-0.0.
       new  e1dc622   gnu: Add rust-proc-macro-nested-0.1.
       new  d687f02   gnu: Add rust-bytes-0.4.
       new  81417d3   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-utils-0.6.
       new  29a5b2e   gnu: Add rust-mio-0.6.
       new  eafec2b   gnu: Add rust-tokio-io-0.1.
       new  1cb21ed   gnu: Add rust-tokio-executor-0.1.
       new  a80b060   gnu: Add rust-tokio-codec-0.1.
       new  bd4aeaf   gnu: Add rust-futures-util-preview-0.3.
       new  ceebedc   gnu: Add rust-tokio-current-thread-0.1.
       new  9d0864a   gnu: Add rust-rand-xoshiro-0.3.
       new  b431206   gnu: Add rust-rand-xorshift-0.2.
       new  fbd9fd9   gnu: rust-rand-xorshift-0.1: Fix home-page.
       new  22772b1   gnu: Add rust-docopt-1.1.
       new  c2f1c56   gnu: Add rust-memoffset-0.2.
       new  9217494   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-epoch-0.7.
       new  e05162f   gnu: Add rust-ascii-0.9.
       new  878ff13   gnu: Add rust-term-0.5.1.
       new  2fac909   gnu: Add rust-clippy-0.0.
       new  e45eb80   gnu: Add rust-lock-api-0.2.
       new  88e267b   gnu: rust-ansi-term: Skip build.
       new  c74508b   gnu: Add rust-encode-unicode-0.3.
       new  c3344a3   gnu: Add rust-semver-0.9.
       new  2721bb8   gnu: Add rust-rustc-version-0.2.
       new  a7a6915   gnu: Add rust-afl-0.4.
       new  bec483d   gnu: Add rust-insta-0.8.
       new  dd0caa8   gnu: Add rust-speculate-0.1.
       new  cb347c7   gnu: Add rust-syn-0.15.
       new  a605d8f   gnu: Add rust-diff-0.1.
       new  2a8864d   gnu: Add rust-cpp-demangle-0.2.
       new  6f37e13   gnu: Add rust-indexmap-1.0.
       new  6226151   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-deque-0.7.
       new  3a1a844   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-queue-0.1.
       new  b1c488a   gnu: Add rust-smallvec-0.6.
       new  d0f3fb7   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-channel-0.3.
       new  c3e66f6   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-0.7.
       new  64e4035   gnu: Add rust-crc32fast-1.2.
       new  f626a64   gnu: Add rust-miniz-oxide-0.2.
       new  b5901bd   gnu: rust-miniz-oxide-0.3: Skip build.
       new  8e8c6d8   gnu: Add rust-tokio-sync-0.1.
       new  1d537e0   gnu: Add rust-miniz-oxide-c-api-0.2.
       new  7750524   gnu: Add rust-tokio-reactor-0.1.
       new  6be675f   gnu: Add rust-tokio-tcp-0.1.
       new  de23274   gnu: Add rust-tokio-threadpool-0.1.
       new  4d33dfd   gnu: Add rust-flate2-1.0.
       new  a12a88b   gnu: Add rust-stdweb-derive-0.5.
       new  8565f32   gnu: Add rust-foreign-types-macros-0.1.
       new  ba5de73   gnu: Add rust-foreign-types-shared-0.1.
       new  431abc6   gnu: Add rust-foreign-types-0.3.
       new  d6dd7e2   gnu: Add rust-openssl-0.10.
       new  1f63512   gnu: Add rust-sha1-0.6.
       new  cbdde03   gnu: Add rust-stdweb-internal-macros-0.2.
       new  75076f6   gnu: Add rust-rayon-core-1.5.
       new  cb190d9   gnu: Add rust-rayon-1.1.
       new  f27e3ec   gnu: Add rust-csv-1.1.
       new  2b201b8   gnu: Add rust-approx-0.3.
       new  c3aaba1   gnu: Add rust-criterion-0.2.
       new  5aa00c0   gnu: Add rust-tinytemplate-1.0.
       new  2fcb9ef   gnu: Add rust-bumpalo-2.5.
       new  5ad1c79   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-backend-0.2.
       new  502597f   gnu: Add rust-base64-0.10.
       new  a5ec784   gnu: Add rust-trybuild-1.0.
       new  b9945ec   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-macro-support-0.2.
       new  0dbbb5a   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-0.2.
       new  ca09e4a   gnu: Add rust-console-error-panic-hook-0.1.
       new  1572b05   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-futures-0.3.
       new  0d97875   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-test-0.2.
       new  d616284   gnu: Add rust-js-sys-0.3.
       new  5d8dfef   gnu: Add rust-core-arch-0.1.
       new  31c1c18   gnu: Add rust-ci-info-0.3.
       new  57388f3   gnu: Add rust-scroll-derive-0.9.
       new  1c9ad3c   gnu: Add rust-scroll-0.9.
       new  6d95d02   gnu: Add rust-envmnt-0.6.
       new  ea3616e   gnu: Add rust-goblin-0.0.
       new  d3af7e3   gnu: Add rust-test-assembler-0.1.
       new  1ac4b95   gnu: Add rust-typed-arena-1.4.
       new  ecc528c   gnu: Add rust-gimli-0.18.
       new  033b098   gnu: Add rust-intervaltree-0.2.
       new  2f7e32a   gnu: Add rust-lazycell-1.2.
       new  a10ff6f   gnu: Add rust-half-1.3.
       new  0dd2eb4   gnu: Add rust-serde-cbor-0.10.
       new  99af41f   gnu: Add rust-erased-serde-0.3.
       new  3c313f1   gnu: Add rust-slog-2.4.
       new  baef2e8   gnu: Add rust-uuid-0.7.
       new  d4eb88f   gnu: Add rust-object-0.12.
       new  2854715   gnu: Add rust-rustc-test-0.3.
       new  50d2e60   gnu: Add rust-backtrace-0.3.
       new  075929a   gnu: Add rust-addr2line-0.9.
       new  6f45955   gnu: Add rust-rawslice-0.1.
       new  2ebc4f3   gnu: Add rust-unchecked-index-0.2.
       new  2069051   gnu: Add rust-odds-0.3.
       new  87d7db0   gnu: Add rust-petgraph-0.4.
       new  0511c4c   gnu: Add parking-lot-core-0.5.
       new  c334364   gnu: Add parking-lot-0.8.
       new  3b4f183   gnu: Add rust-console-0.7.
       new  ad6f956   gnu: Add rust-synstructure-0.10.
       new  a68b5dc   gnu: Add rust-failure-derive-0.1.
       new  688ac26   gnu: Add rust-difference-2.0.
       new  4eea286   gnu: Add rust-failure-0.1.
       new  1ac58b8   gnu: Add rust-pest-2.1.
       new  f04b12d   gnu: Add rust-byte-tools-0.3.
       new  cc03fe2   gnu: Add rust-block-padding-0.1.
       new  ef58ab3   gnu: Add rust-block-buffer-0.7.
       new  33d0400   gnu: Add rust-blobby-0.1.
       new  cf988f6   gnu: Add rust-opaque-debug-0.2.
       new  98ad878   gnu: Add rust-digest-0.8.
       new  061eda1   gnu: Add rust-fake-simd-0.1.
       new  31e4305   gnu: Add rust-generic-array-0.13.
       new  1885a4f   gnu: Add rust-sha1-asm-0.4.
       new  7f57a46   gnu: Add rust-hex-literal-0.2.
       new  c0eabce   gnu: Add rust-sha-1-0.8
       new  546a1ac   gnu: Add rust-pest-meta-2.1.
       new  e514384   gnu: Add rust-hex-literal-impl-0.2.
       new  6db6226   gnu: Add rust-pest-generator-2.1.
       new  d4e9927   gnu: Add rust-ron-0.4.
       new  864ce51   gnu: Add rust-pest-derive-2.1.
       new  a85ea2f   gnu: Add rust-linked-hash-map-0.5.
       new  cab0911   gnu: Add rust-yaml-rust-0.4.
       new  5442b8b   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-tests-0.1
       new  0826aa6   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-korean-1.20141219.
       new  ef6e6fa   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-japanese-1.20141219.
       new  be9a61f   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-simpchinese-1.20141219.
       new  eb7e4fc   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-tradchinese-1.20141219.
       new  407b06a   gnu: Add rust-encoding-index-singlebyte-1.20141219.
       new  745dd6f   gnu: Add rust-flame-0.2.
       new  1127d22   gnu: Add rust-serde-yaml-0.8.
       new  8fed953   gnu: Add rust-flamer-0.3.
       new  5cc1677   gnu: Add rust-unicode-bidi-0.3.
       new  74ec654   gnu: Add rust-unicode-normalization-0.1.
       new  15466f9   gnu: Add rust-idna-0.1.
       new  a4be6e9   gnu: Add rust-stackvector-1.0.
       new  22e2e2d   gnu: Add rust-url-1.7.
       new  9fce9dd   gnu: Add rust-bit-vec-0.5.
       new  e017969   gnu: Add rust-bit-set-0.5.
       new  4fc46b9   gnu: Add rust-stream-cipher-0.3.
       new  6b69ca2   gnu: Add rust-c2-chacha-0.2.
       new  ec5dfc4   gnu: Add rust-rand-chacha-0.2.
       new  c1c211f   gnu: rust-rand-chacha-0.1: Skip build.
       new  de6acef   gnu: Add rust-wait-timeout-0.2.
       new  db294c8   gnu: Add rust-rusty-fork-0.2.
       new  7472fe2   gnu: Add rust-proptest-0.9.
       new  a87f77b   gnu: Add rust-lexical-core-0.4.
       new  1b63d8e   gnu: Add rust-paste-impl-0.1.
       new  ab0a221   gnu: Add rust-paste-0.1.
       new  f01b62d   gnu: Add rust-jemallocator-0.3.
       new  cf47457   gnu: Add rust-nom-4.2.
       new  045cdf8   gnu: Add rust-cexpr-0.3.
       new  95c9898   gnu: Add rust-seahash-3.0.
       new  b3cddd5   gnu: Add rust-which-2.0.
       new  5952f57   gnu: Add rust-bindgen-0.50.
       new  da1d287   gnu: Add rust-fxhash-0.2.
       new  b364ad1   gnu: Add rust-packed-simd-0.3.
       new  e3d04c3   gnu: Add rust-sleef-sys-0.1.
       new  e832840   gnu: Add rust-bytecount-0.5.
       new  d832bcb   gnu: Add rust-aho-corasick-0.7.
       new  ab5a01f   gnu: Add rust-encoding-rs-0.8.
       new  4d4bcff   gnu: Add rust-encoding-rs-io-0.1.
       new  b7a062b   gnu: Add rust-grep-regex-0.1.
       new  37d10a5   gnu: Add rust-grep-searcher-0.1.
       new  2226884   gnu: Add rust-grep-printer-0.1.
       new  af88c95   gnu: Add rust-stdweb-0.4.
       new  417b483   gnu: Add rust-grep-0.2.
       new  e1488b1   gnu: Add rust-tokio-fs-0.1.
       new  8c3e625   gnu: Add rust-tokio-timer-0.2.
       new  d3af79f   gnu: Add rust-tokio-uds-0.2.
       new  eea77ec   gnu: Add rust-tokio-udp-0.1.
       new  3285f25   gnu: Add rust-mio-uds-0.6.
       new  2449995   gnu: Add rust-tokio-trace-core-0.2.
       new  9cb3f7e   gnu: Add rust-http-0.1.
       new  a0adfcc   gnu: Add rust-httparse-1.3.
       new  a9ce2bd   gnu: Add rust-tokio-0.1.
       new  c2fe39a   gnu: Add rust-ignore-0.4.
       new  85116b9   gnu: Add rust-wasm-bindgen-macro-0.2.
       new  18fa122   gnu: rust-openssl-sys-0.9: Update to 0.9.53.
       new  0f192fe   gnu: Add rust-generic-array-0.12.
       new  1f53105   gnu: Add rust-ucd-parse-0.1.
       new  b4971bb   gnu: Add rust-unicode-segmentation-1.3.
       new  7d041f8   gnu: Add rust-rand-os-0.2.
       new  67ea3fb   gnu: rust-rand-os-0.1: Skip build.
       new  bf500b6   gnu: Add rust-phf-shared-0.7.
       new  88866ab   gnu: Add rust-phf-generator-0.7.
       new  ff9ca85   gnu: Add rust-siphasher-0.2.
       new  e9f0f7b   gnu: Add rust-parking-lot-0.9.
       new  1e09c20   gnu: Add rust-once-cell-1.2.
       new  56fd363   gnu: Add rust-errno-dragonfly-0.1.
       new  09486a9   gnu: Add rust-mac-0.1.
       new  205bb72   gnu: Add rust-encoding-0.2.
       new  386f3e4   gnu: Add rust-errno-0.2.
       new  2997d26   gnu: Add rust-error-chain-0.12.
       new  372719b   gnu: Add rust-caps-0.3.
       new  0cc23d8   gnu: Add rust-sysctl-0.4.
       new  0ecc0f2   gnu: Add rust-nix-0.15.
       new  ac3977b   gnu: Add rust-os-pipe-0.8.
       new  7451f6f   gnu: Add rust-shared-child-0.3.
       new  0b85a41   gnu: Add rust-duct-0.13.
       new  61a3fc7   gnu: Add rust-rustfix-0.4.
       new  c347c42   gnu: Add rust-tester-0.5.
       new  33fc4e2   gnu: Add rust-compiletest-rs-0.3.
       new  983903e   gnu: Add rust-phf-0.7.
       new  b74dd02   gnu: Add rust-phf-macros-0.7.
       new  01c2b09   gnu: Add rust-new-debug-unreachable-1.0.
       new  8dee127   gnu: Add rust-string-cache-shared-0.3.
       new  f0a4158   gnu: Add rust-precomputed-hash-0.1.
       new  a51fe3f   gnu: Add rust-string-cache-0.7.
       new  9edb054   gnu: Add rust-string-cache-codegen-0.4.
       new  89bafcf   gnu: Add rust-tendril-0.4.
       new  8d701b2   gnu: Add rust-markup5ever-0.8.
       new  4c81e9b   gnu: Add rust-phf-codegen-0.7.
       new  234e1ba   gnu: Add rust-html5ever-0.23.
       new  d66f264   gnu: Add rust-pulldown-cmark-0.4.
       new  e1fd0a8   gnu: Add rust-model-0.1.
       new  da75b88   gnu: Add rust-arc-swap-0.3.
       new  9176bf5   gnu: Add rust-signal-hook-registry-1.0.
       new  23308c7   gnu: Add rust-term-0.5.
       new  4e6586c   gnu: Add rust-signal-hook-0.1.
       new  c28a8ff   gnu: Add rust-ordermap-0.3.
       new  489c418   gnu: Add rust-getrandom-0.1.
       new  3ad3842   gnu: Add rust-git2-0.9.
       new  b7a2cf6   gnu: Add rust-crates-index-0.13.
       new  8dbe086   gnu: Add rust-crossbeam-deque-0.6.
       new  3c5a75a   gnu: Add rust-lock-api-0.3.
       new  15b17fd   gnu: Add rust-parking-lot-core-0.6.
       new  215545b   gnu: Add rust-ref-cast-0.2.
       new  f76bbcb   gnu: Add rust-futf-0.1.
       new  6691d93   gnu: Add rust-ref-cast-impl-0.2.
       new  0c5b3ab   gnu: Add rust-utf-8-0.7.
       new  f041cdb   gnu: Add rust-parking-lot-core-0.7.
       new  30a0767   gnu: Add rust-tokio-io-pool-0.1.
       new  ade2e5e   gnu: Add rust-parking-lot-core-0.4.
       new  10d5ee6   gnu: Add rust-generator-0.6.
       new  0e4a064   gnu: Add rust-loom-0.1.
       new  04a8921   gnu: Add rust-version-sync-0.8.
       new  9e22567   gnu: Add ripgrep.
       new  6bc2b7a   gnu: rust-serde-derive-1.0: Skip build.
       new  5dd1df7   gnu: rust-rand-core-0.3: Skip build.
       new  8a74a74   gnu: rust-proc-macro2-0.4: Skip build.
       new  bc75f6d   gnu: rust-proc-macro2-1.0: Skip build.
       new  fab352f   gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-shared-0.2: Skip build.
       new  9566322   gnu: rust-wasm-bindgen-test-macro-0.2: Skip build.
       new  7700a54   gnu: rust-widestring-0.4: Skip build.
       new  c579894   gnu: rust-winapi-0.2: Skip build.
       new  3d47a31   gnu: rust-winapi-0.3: Skip build.
       new  3cb422d   gnu: rust-winapi-build-0.1: Skip build.
       new  9b03b9c   gnu: rust-winapi-util-0.1: Skip build.
       new  cccf902   gnu: rust-wincolor-1.0: Skip build.
       new  5524f3d   gnu: rust-winutil-0.1: Skip build.
       new  ba33cf6   gnu: rust-ws2-32-sys-0.2: Skip build.
       new  c5c4876   gnu: rust-cbindgen: Move to rust-apps.scm
       new  747c302   gnu: crates-io.scm: Sort alphabetically.
       new  f9fde7a   gnu: rust-clippy-0.0: Build with rust-term-0.5.
       new  a7542ad   gnu: rust-serde-json-1.0: Skip build.
       new  709f1d5   gnu: rust-clap-2: Skip build.
       new  f916b7a   gnu: rust-termcolor-1.0: Skip build.
       new  36dfd43   gnu: rust-regex-syntax-0.6: Skip build.
       new  7072c72   gnu: rust-lazy-static-1.3: Skip build.
       new  cddb4ed   gnu: rust-log-0.4: Skip build.
       new  784f39f   gnu: rust-serde-1.0: Skip build.
       new  390f419   gnu: rust-tempfile-3.0: Skip build.
       new  badffd8   gnu: rust-rand-0.3: Skip build.
       new  c85ed23   gnu: rust-rand-0.4: Skip build.
       new  05207ca   gnu: rust-rand-0.6: Skip build.
       new  c282b97   gnu: rust-rand-0.4: Update to 0.4.6.
       new  2d41d86   gnu: rust-cbindgen: Remove extra inputs.

The 299 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "adds" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 gnu/                                      |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/crates-io.scm                        | 8494 +++++++++++++++++++--
 gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm                         |    2 +-
 gnu/packages/{rust-cbindgen.scm => rust-apps.scm} |   79 +-
 4 files changed, 8045 insertions(+), 532 deletions(-)
 rename gnu/packages/{rust-cbindgen.scm => rust-apps.scm} (57%)

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