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branch master updated: talks: fosdem2020-search-discovery: Finish up out

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: branch master updated: talks: fosdem2020-search-discovery: Finish up outline.
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 06:10:59 -0500

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

ambrevar pushed a commit to branch master
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The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new c397b00  talks: fosdem2020-search-discovery: Finish up outline.
c397b00 is described below

commit c397b008768c8183fb3e9762e44afd4a321aedf7
Author: Pierre Neidhardt <address@hidden>
AuthorDate: Thu Jan 16 11:15:26 2020 +0100

    talks: fosdem2020-search-discovery: Finish up outline.
    * talks/fosdem-2020/search-discovery/ Do it.
 .../search-discovery/          | 135 +++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 96 insertions(+), 39 deletions(-)

diff --git a/talks/fosdem-2020/search-discovery/ 
index 7fdba48..8c025ae 100644
--- a/talks/fosdem-2020/search-discovery/
+++ b/talks/fosdem-2020/search-discovery/
@@ -16,16 +16,38 @@
 #+REVEAL_TITLE_SLIDE_BACKGROUND: ./images/Guix_logo_noname.svg.png
-#+TODO: Talk about guile.
+#+TODO: Talk about guile?
-* How do we search?
+* Sharing matters
-# TODO: Fill in the quote on linking web data.
--- Tim Berners Lee
-"The Next Web" (2009)
+# : The power of the data that other[s] have collected is locked up and we 
need to
+# : get it unlocked so we can tackle those huge problems.
+: A lot of the state of knowledge of the human race at the moment is on 
+: often sitting in their computers, and actually, currently not shared.
+-- Tim Berners-Lee
+"The next web" (2009)
+In 2009, TBL gave a speech on "The next web".
+Sharing matters:
+- Transparency and better understanding of the world.
+- Don't waste time.
+- Don't waste effort.
+Today we are at the free software conference where everyone understands this 
+yet, I would argue, that we are still not that good at sharing.  A lot of time
+and effort goes to waste.
+* Sharing is nothing without searching
+Efficient sharing means equally efficiant discovery.
 How do we find the program that we are looking for?
@@ -36,16 +58,20 @@ We don't expect to program them: we expect to run a program 
and get the job done
 User experience question: when first confronted with a computer, how do we know
 which program to run? => Tribal knowledge (e.g. VLC is famous because it's 
-Speak for Guix-specific improvements, but also more general research.
 * Dotfiles, or "Yet another home-made service"
 #+TODO: Take data from GitHub, gitlab "dotfiles" repositories
-??? "dotfiles" repositories across GitHub, GitLab...
-Average of ??? lines.
+130 K "dotfiles" repositories on GitHub.
+# 49 M users: 1 "dotfiles" every 377 users.
+# TODO: Average of ??? lines.
 Show of hands: who has spent too much time on their dotfiles?
@@ -89,6 +115,18 @@ Service example: daily backup of my data with rsync+ssh/vpn.
 # TODO: More examples?
+* Recipe for first-class services
+Just use GNU Guix and GNU Shepherd!
+- Shepherd services drag Guix dependent packages automatically.
+- Can be installed everywhere.
+It's hard to fix it for every distribution.
+Since Guix is universal, it fixes it for everyone.
 * A flood of packages and services
 Nix has some 40,000+ packages.
@@ -100,48 +138,37 @@ Services don't have well known names.
 How do we find our way around this mess?
-More general problem: search programs / services is hard.
+More general problem: search packages / services is hard.
-* GNU Guix and GNU Shepherd
-- Can be installed everywhere.
-- Shepherd services drag Guix dependent packages automatically.
 * Problem 1: File search
 SQLite databases from substitute servers.
-* Problem 2: Package parameters
+Nix can do this, Guix cannot.
+We need to fix this.
+* Problem 2: Gentoo "USE flags"
 # TODO: Really talk about this?
-"Gentoo USE flags"
-Example: FFmpeg compiled with AAC encoding
+# TODO: Better USE flag example.
+Example: FFmpeg compiled with AAC codec
 * Problem 3: User interface
-- Command line of course...
-- ...But also GUI!
 # TODO: Videos?  Demo with Helm?
-Live, fuzzy search that "does what you mean."
-Understands if you are looking for a service, file, application.
-* The Art of Searching
-- À-la "web search-engine".
-- Databases: Wikidata
-- Smart search engines: Xapian?
+Accessibility means "good GUI!"
-Wikidata is a good way to factor the work between distributions.
+Live, fuzzy search that "does what you mean."
+We can't afford a cumbersome command line.
-* Community contributions
+* Problem 4: Community data
 # Mention Alternative To?
@@ -156,14 +183,44 @@ We don't want to include tags in a permanent databases:
 - Evolves over time depending on the latest trends.
+* The Art of Searching
+- Live fuzzy search
+- Scoring system
+- Community data
+- Understands files, "USE flags"
+- Understands "what you mean", e.g. a service, file, application.
+  À-la "web search-engine".
+* Implementation
+- Databases: Wikidata?
+- Smart search engines: Xapian?
+Wikidata is a good way to factor the work between distributions.
 * Current work
+NLNet fund: New Generation Internet
+- (misleading description)
 For Guix:
-- File index
+- First class services
+- File search
+- USE flags support
 - GUI
-- Smarter search
-- User services
-- Community contribution integration
+- Smart search
+  (including community data)
+* Follow up
-# TODO: Mention NLNet?

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