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Re: LWN article on Guix

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: LWN article on Guix
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 18:44:37 +0200
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Am Dienstag, 20. August 2013 schrieb Ludovic Courtès:
> If you’ve missed it, the Aug. 1st edition of Linux Weekly News (LWN) had
> an article about Guix: .

Thanks for the link!

> It’s well written and conveys the important ideas, though there are a
> couple of misunderstandings

Rather annoying is the misunderstanding in: "For example, Guix's package 
store model works by linking a single directory in the system-wide store to 
a directory in the user's profile. This assumes that a package only 
installs files to one location, which is often not the case. Packages that 
install content in multiple output directories (e.g., /usr/bin and 
/usr/share/doc) are split up into separate pieces for Guix, so the GNU 
Distribution's glib package contains the Glibc binaries, while glib:doc 
contains its corresponding documentation."

Each file is symlinked separately, and splitting into several packages is 
just an option (like in this case to avoid that a user needs to install 
heavy documentation).


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