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Re: Compiling guix 0.3 on a fedora 8 planetlab node

From: Matthias Wachs
Subject: Re: Compiling guix 0.3 on a fedora 8 planetlab node
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:18:57 +0200

> How did it complain exactly?  Is it running as ‘root’, as per
> <>?
> The ability to run build processes in a chroot and under separate UIDs
> is essential to achieve reproducibility.

The basic issue is: 
I cannot add a builder group since on these machines I don't have the
"groupadd" command ... limitations of the image/testbed

So when starting the daemon with:

address@hidden ~]$ sudo guix-daemon
warning: daemon is running as root, so using `--build-users-group' is
highly recommended
accepted connection from pid 13641, uid 1376
245 operations

The client prints:

guix package -i make
guix package: error: build failed: unable to fork: Operation not

> > Thanks a lot for your effort any!
> > I'll let you know about progess installing gnunet with guix!
> Sure, let us know about any problems you may have.  Thank you!
> Ludo’.

Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Wachs
Free Secure Network Systems Group
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Chair for Network Architectures and Services
Institute for Informatics / I8           Tel:    +49 89 289 18037
Boltzmannstr. 3 / Room 03.05.042         Fax:    +49 89 289 18033
D-85748 Garching b. Muenchen, Germany    Email: address@hidden

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