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Re: Synchronizing descriptions with GSRC?

From: Brandon Invergo
Subject: Re: Synchronizing descriptions with GSRC?
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 15:55:20 +0200
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address@hidden (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> Excellent, thanks!  I’ve updated the synchronization tool in Guix to use
> this file, and then I’ll update the descriptions (a bit of work for
> today, but I’m glad that means less work in the longer term ;-)).
> How complete is this list currently?  I see Guix is missing, for
> instance.  :-)

It's not 100%.  It is missing some that I haven't yet implemented in
GSRC as well as some that I (probably) won't implement in GSRC since it
wouldn't make sense (such as GSRC itself).  Finally, it doesn't include
any package that hasn't yet had a release (not including alpha
releases), which I think is reasonable enough.

Here's the list of released software that's missing from the file, with
comments about their status regarding writing descriptions:

TODO (high priority):
guile-gstreamer (from guile-gnome, though it doesn't build)

TODO (separate files for sanity?):
GNOME packages (at least the main ones)
GNUstep packages (I actually have a lot of these in GSRC)

TODO (low priority):
xhippo (todo, but low priority since it requires GTK 1 to build)
dr-geo (gnu version is long out of date, though it just got a new
        maintainer, so wait and see)
phantom_home (way out of date, low priority)
+ any unreleased/alpha-only packages upon release

config (not sure...maybe not worth including)
gnujdoc (just documentation)
gnulib (not sure...probably worth including)
lispintro (just documentation)
pgccfd (just documentation)
womb (probably not appropriate to include)

bfd (packaged with binutils)
dc (packaged with bc)
gnat (packaged with gcc)
gnu-crypto (mostly merged with classpath)
gnucomm (prefer individual gnu telephony packages)
gnukart (only one ancient release, currently unmaintained, low priority)
gnustandards (not a package; redirects to
gnuzilla (see icecat)
libiberty (packaged with binutils and gcc)
network (see gnunet, social, gnufm)
qexo (included in kawa)
trans-coord (see gnun)
vc-changelog (see vc-dwim)

BTW, you might find the GSRC TODO file to be handy in the development of
GSRC.  It contains an exhaustive list of all GNU packages past and
present, along with (very brief) notes on ones that fail to build or
haven't been released yet (it's how I was able to put together the above
lists pretty quickly).  It could save you a bit of info hunting or build
frustration.  It seems the Savannah bzr repo browser isn't working at
the moment, so you'll have to check out the repository to get it...


Brandon Invergo

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