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Re: Qt

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: Qt
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 23:25:38 +0200
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On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 09:38:08PM +0200, Ludovic Court??s wrote:
> I wonder how people address this in general.  Perhaps we could start
> xvfb in a pre-check phase if that’s enough?

(Something is weird with your character encoding. Or with my character

I think that people either do not run "make check", or they have an X server
at the time of compiling and checking graphic libraries...
> > The gui program complains about a missing icui18n library. Strace shows the
> > following:
> libicu4c is a dependency of Qt, right?


> If so, I would make sure that it’s NEEDed by, and that it’s in
> its RUNPATH.  To do that, run:
>   objdump -x | grep -E '(NEED|PATH)'

Hm, which There are 20 libQt*.so! Precisely:                

Anyway, objdump on none of them yields anything after piped through "grep icu".

The problem of not finding the icu library was not critical, by the way;
a warning was printed on the console, and the "hello world" program worked


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