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Re: Cmake build system and build directories

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Cmake build system and build directories
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 23:41:04 +0100
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Andreas Enge <address@hidden> skribis:

> CMake Error at cmake/modules/MacroEnsureOutOfSourceBuild.cmake:17 (MESSAGE):
>   kdelibs requires an out of source build.  Please create a separate build
>   directory and run 'cmake path_to_kdelibs [options]' there.
> Call Stack (most recent call first):
>   CMakeLists.txt:157 (macro_ensure_out_of_source_build)
> I think it is simply a matter of replacing in
>    cmake-build-system.scm (configure)
> the call to
>    cmake
> by
>    mkdir build
>    cd build
>    cmake ..
> (appropriately guilified).

I suspect this one-byte change is enough:

diff --git a/guix/build-system/cmake.scm b/guix/build-system/cmake.scm
index e09f165..1a5f4b6 100644
--- a/guix/build-system/cmake.scm
+++ b/guix/build-system/cmake.scm
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
                      (search-paths '())
                      (make-flags ''())
                      (cmake (default-cmake))
-                     (out-of-source? #f)
+                     (out-of-source? #t)
                      (tests? #t)
                      (test-target "test")
                      (parallel-build? #t) (parallel-tests? #f)
Can you confirm?

It will cause some rebuild, but it’s probably the right thing since my
understanding is that out-of-source builds are the norm with CMake.


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