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Re: Package Definition Place

From: Kete
Subject: Re: Package Definition Place
Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2014 15:38:25 -0500
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On Wednesday, January 01, 2014 08:55:07 PM John Darrington wrote:
> the
> pre-inst-env file should exist in your build directory (after you have built
> guix of course)

If I finish this process, maybe somebody could use the instructions.
The location of pre-inst-env was one of my earlier questions. How can I be 
more clear?

How is the <pkg> argument supposed to work? Guix can't find the package. This 
is a package that the Guix project has not provided. I am trying to create it. 
Is that still encouraged as it was in the manual? Are you leaving out 
information to discourage me?

Am I supposed to add a module to

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