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Re: Neon and reverse address lookup

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: Neon and reverse address lookup
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 22:49:08 +0100
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I'm not sure if I'm reading your message as you intended, but for
the record, should ALWAYS resolve to "localhost" - without
the domain name, and NOT to the canonical hostname.

If it does not, then a lot of things break.


On Sat, Jan 18, 2014 at 10:32:31PM +0100, Ludovic Court??s wrote:
     So /etc/hosts is not enough for reverse lookups to work.
     With nscd turned off, I tried this:
       guile -c '(pk (gethostbyaddr (inet-pton AF_INET "")))'
     If nsswitch.conf is removed, then that resolves to ???localhost??? (instead
     of the actual host name.)
     If, in addition, resolv.conf is removed, then that fails as seen above.
     With nsswitch.conf alone, it resolves correctly (Mark was right.)
     And this works with only ???hosts: files??? in nsswitch.conf.
     It???s surprising that there???s this discrepancy between how NSS works for
     getaddrinfo and for gethostbyaddr.  At any rate, we may be able to solve
     this at the libc level.

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