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Re: Emacs UI for Guix (GSOC)

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Emacs UI for Guix (GSOC)
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 14:50:28 +0100
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Yagnesh Raghava Yakkala <address@hidden> skribis:

> I know its too late and few hours before the dead line of GSOC
> application. Anyway I wrote a proposal based on previously discussed by Xue¹

Heh, we can thank him.  ;-)

> in the list. I am attaching that here.  I would like to work on this whether
> or not I will get selected for GSOC. I seek your comments (especially
> Ludovic.)

I don’t see significant differences compared to what we originally
discussed with Xue, and I like the proposal.

One thing the proposal doesn’t mention is the possibility to have an
additional mode to browse the generation history.  I think it’d be nice
to keep it as a “bonus item”.

> * Timeline of the development.
> ** Before April 21:
> - Getting familiar with guix concepts and code base
> - Study Emacs Package.el implementation.
> - Adding new package to guix.
> ** April 20 – May 23:
> - Start on guix.el coding.
> - Initial work on Elisp interface of guix function calls.
> - Finalizing on guix.el implementation concepts that includes how to interact
>   with guix from Emacs.

An open question is whether to rely on Geiser for communication between
Emacs and Guix.  I suggest discussing it with jao, the author of Geiser.

> ** May 24 – July 15:
> - Implementation of glue code between Elisp and Guix.
> - Work towards primary usable implementation of guix.el.
> ** July 16 – July 24:
> - Code cleanup
> - Fixing initial reported bugs.
> - Preparing for submission of mid term evaluation
> ** June 27th Mid term evaluation
> ** June 28  – July 15:
> - Further changes to improve code functionality.
> - Refactoring code if required.
> - Writing tests
> ** July 15 – July 25:
> - Start working on documentation to meet GNU documentation standards.
> - Fixing remaining bugs.
> - Code cleanup
> ** July 26 - August 11
> - reserved time left for unexpected delays.
> - During whole period I will be communicating with mentor in guix IRC channel.

Looks good to me!

Also, an important part of GSoC, IMO, is communication.  So I’d expect
that we keep in touch on IRC and the mailing list during GSoC, so we can
share our thoughts, problems, experience, etc.


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