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Re: 0.6 is around the corner!

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: Re: 0.6 is around the corner!
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 15:20:24 -0400
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Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

> I've run into a build issue with recent master on x86_64 and Loongson 3A
> (both hosted on Debian wheezy).  Python 3 fails in the tests with
> "OSError: out of pty devices" and then the guix-daemon sometimes gets
> stuck in a sleeping state and hangs indefinitely.
> My Loongson 2F system, based on 1eefbb2693f0f29f8f095af9f067240b85e735aa
> with some cherry-picks and local patches, did not run into this problem.

Actually, the reason it worked on my Loongson 2F is that the Python 3
tests weren't run at all.  They've been enabled since then.

On the subject of things I want to get into 0.6, I forgot these:

> a44bec8 * PRELIMINARY Upgrade sqlite to 3.8.4, and apply large page size fix.

Dan Kennedy, who I guess is an sqlite dev, gave me a patch to fix the
problems with sqlite on systems with 64K pages, such as my YeeLoong.
I'd like to get this in, along with an upgrade to 3.8.4, or if
it's on the sourceforge mirror now (it wasn't the last time I checked).

> b749814 * TEMPORARY HACK: Disable tests for gdb.

gdb-7.7 seems to work for me, but the test suite consistently fails for
me on MIPS, and apparently also i686 judging from hydra, last I checked.

> Beyond that, here are some things that I'd ideally like to get into 0.6:
> * New union.scm.
> * Fix more packages to install man pages in share/man: expect, lua, zip,
>   pth, bazaar, ocaml, indent, netpbm.
> * Look into security updates for mutt, file, and libssh:
>   file: 
>   mutt: Debian Security Advisory DSA-2874-1
>   libssh: Debian Security Advisory DSA-2879-1
>      Mark

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