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Searchable archive at MARC?

From: Hank Leininger
Subject: Searchable archive at MARC?
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 01:44:40 -0400
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Hi folks,

I recently ran across Guix.  I help run the MARC mailing list archives
at, and we don't currently carry any of the guix-*

Would there be any objection to the guix lists being added?  We don't do
the email-stripping, 'address@hidden' header & body munging, and
/mp/ lookup thing that the existing public archives at do - just some "lite" munging of From:
headers, but we are hands-off bodies so that we don't break patches,
PGP signatures, etc.  So, that may concern some people.

Of course, the public archives at don't do any of
that either, nor does the git web interface on savannah, so hopefully
the Guix community would be OK with searchable list archives at MARC.

(I just bulk-added the nix-devel list, which does have existing
completely open archives - it will take a while for MARC's indexer to
catch up.)



Hank Leininger <address@hidden>
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