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[PATCH] Make sure /dev/pts/ptmx is world-writable

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [PATCH] Make sure /dev/pts/ptmx is world-writable
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2014 23:41:11 +0200
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While running Python 3’s test suite, we noticed that on some systems
/dev/pts/ptmx is created with permissions 0 (that’s the case with my
Nixpkgs-originating 3.0.43 kernel, but someone with a Debian-originating
3.10-3 reported not having this problem.)

There’s still the problem that people without
CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES=y are screwed (as noted in,
but I don’t see how we could work around it.



diff --git a/src/libstore/ b/src/libstore/
index e846995..53a92c1 100644
--- a/src/libstore/
+++ b/src/libstore/
@@ -2079,6 +2079,10 @@ void DerivationGoal::initChild()
                 if (mount("none", (chrootRootDir + "/dev/pts").c_str(), 
"devpts", 0, "newinstance,mode=0620") == -1)
                     throw SysError("mounting /dev/pts");
                 createSymlink("/dev/pts/ptmx", chrootRootDir + "/dev/ptmx");
+               /* Make sure /dev/pts/ptmx is world-writable.  With some
+                  Linux versions, it is created with permissions 0.  */
+               chmod_(chrootRootDir + "/dev/pts/ptmx", 0666);
             /* Do the chroot().  Below we do a chdir() to the

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