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Re: GnuTLS: Upgrade to 3.3.1 (fails)

From: Nikita Karetnikov
Subject: Re: GnuTLS: Upgrade to 3.3.1 (fails)
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 21:49:10 +0400

>> make[4]: Entering directory 
>> '/tmp/nix-build-gnutls-3.3.1.drv-0/gnutls-3.3.1/tests/cert-tests'
>> PASS: pathlen
>> PASS: aki
>> FAIL: pem-decoding
>> SKIP: template-test
>> make[5]: Entering directory 
>> '/tmp/nix-build-gnutls-3.3.1.drv-0/gnutls-3.3.1/tests/cert-tests'

> Does test-suite.log provide any useful hints?

Both issues should be fixed in the development version.  Would you like
to see it packaged or wait for the new release?

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