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Re: Building Guix

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Building Guix
Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 15:06:34 +0200
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Pjotr Prins <address@hidden> skribis:

> What I mean is that for my target audience, bioinformaticians, most
> number crunching is on aging Centos-style machines. If Nix is the
> easiest route to get Guix going for now I am perfectly happy to
> promote that, until Guix has it's own installation binaries as Nix has
> (binary tarball, rpm, deb etc.). The Nix binaries, unfortunately, do
> require root, which we don't have on all compute clusters, so I still
> end up building that from source.

I should mention that one may be able to install Guix using the
pre-built statically linked Guile that’s used in the bootstrap process
(look for DOWNLOAD_FILE at the end of

Then the system still needs to provide, libbz2, and a few


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