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Hydra time out

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Hydra time out
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2014 23:22:12 +0200
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gcc-objc++-4.8.2.mips64el-linux fails to be built because of:

building of `/gnu/store/avdn8phqm44v33p6k42pipybcgjs92mb-gcc-objc++-4.8.2.drv' 
timed out after 72000 seconds
@ build-failed /gnu/store/avdn8phqm44v33p6k42pipybcgjs92mb-gcc-objc++-4.8.2.drv 
- timeout

I think it simply takes more than 12 hours...

Do you think there might be a way of compiling all gcc languages in one go
instead of in several packages? Maybe enable all languages in gcc? Or would
this create too big a gcc package? Also, maybe we could drop one of the three
gcc versions.

And finally, why are there two gcc-4.8.2 packages, and where are they actually?
$ guix package -A gcc
gcc     4.7.3   out     gnu/packages/gcc.scm:95:4
gcc     4.8.2   out     gnu/packages/gcc.scm:95:4
gcc     4.9.0   out     gnu/packages/gcc.scm:95:4
gcc     4.8.2   out     gnu/packages/gcc.scm:95:4

Is there a way of printing not the line 95 in which the base gcc package is
defined from which all others inherit, but the line where the actual package
is defined?


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