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Re: [PATCH] gnu: base: Add Glibc-Hurd.

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu: base: Add Glibc-Hurd.
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 19:56:49 +0000

2014-06-09 19:27 GMT+00:00 Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden>:
> Γειά σας!
Γεια σου Λουδοβικε ! :P

> Libc provides <hurd.h>, which includes a bunch of Hurd and Mach headers,
> so both should be propagated.
> Can you add this explanation in a comment above ‘propagated-inputs’?

>>> Is --host the only thing that differs from ‘glibc’?  If so, we need to
>>> factorize things.
Factorizing done. Everything seems okay.

> Could you add a comment justifying each of these --enable/disable flags?
> For instance, I don’t see why nscd would need to be disabled.

If we don't, the build will fail, cause it cannot contact nscd. Check
the attached log.
>>> However, why do the headers need to be copied in the first place?  I
>>> believe the sysdeps headers of add-ons are automatically picked up the
>>> libc’s build system normally.  Could you check what’s going on?

Normally before building glibc, we should first do make
install-headers for libpthread. But because that would need a lot of
things to be done, and a libpthread headers package, copying the
headers in the right place is much easier and faster.

>>>> --- /dev/null
>>>> +++ b/gnu/packages/patches/glibc-manual-fix.patch
>>>> @@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
>>>> +diff --git a/manual/contrib.texi b/manual/contrib.texi
>>>> +index 3b9d23c..376b40d 100644
>>>> +--- a/manual/contrib.texi
>>>> ++++ b/manual/contrib.texi
>>>> +@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
>>>> address@hidden deftypefun
>>>> + @node Contributors, Free Manuals, Platform, Top
>>>> + @c %MENU% Who wrote what parts of the GNU C Library
>>>> + @appendix Contributors to @theglibc{}
>>> What’s this?  (Missing explanation.)
>> Without this, I get the error
>>> ./contrib.texi:1: @node seen before @end deftypefun
> I suppose you could do without the patch by using ‘texinfo-4’ instead of
> ‘texinfo’, which would be easier.  Could you check that?
still the same, added explanation.

In the last patch I forgot to send the libpthread-glibc-preparation
patch, which I added now.

In the glibc-fix.patch I remove #define _EXTERN_INLINE because it
doesn't get defined as it should. I onced asked about it in bug-hurd,
but I forgot about that. I am looking into it now.

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