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Guix at the Open Bioinformatics Codefest 2014 hackathon

From: David Thompson
Subject: Guix at the Open Bioinformatics Codefest 2014 hackathon
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 08:05:14 -0400
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As some of you know, I gave a brief talk yesterday about Guix at the
hackathon mentioned in the subject line.  I had a few quick slides
(mostly copy/paste from the home page and docs) and a demonstration
(which of course had some technical difficulties).  Overall, I think it
went well for my first technical talk outside of college.  I received
several good questions from the audience, which showed me that people
were paying attention and are interested!  Afterwards, I had a few more
conversations about how Guix works at a local bar.

>From what I gathered, the folks working in Bioinformatics are dealing
with big problems around reproducibility and determinism in their
computing environments, and I think project's like ours can really help
in this matter.

Here's to hoping we gain some more contributors. :)

David Thompson
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