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make test fails

From: Alen Skondro
Subject: make test fails
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 21:53:46 +0200
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can you check the following issue with recent guix (git) in "make test" procedure?

PASS: tests/base32.scm
PASS: tests/base64.scm
PASS: tests/hash.scm
PASS: tests/pk-crypto.scm
PASS: tests/pki.scm
PASS: tests/substitute-binary.scm
PASS: tests/builders.scm
PASS: tests/derivations.scm
PASS: tests/ui.scm
PASS: tests/records.scm
PASS: tests/utils.scm
PASS: tests/build-utils.scm
PASS: tests/packages.scm
PASS: tests/snix.scm
PASS: tests/store.scm
PASS: tests/monads.scm
PASS: tests/gexp.scm
FAIL: tests/nar.scm
PASS: tests/union.scm
PASS: tests/profiles.scm
PASS: tests/syscalls.scm
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/
FAIL: tests/
PASS: tests/
PASS: tests/

From test-suite.log:

ERROR: In procedure scm_to_sockaddr: unix address path too long: /home/alesko/aur/guix-git/src/guix/t-register-3048/home/alesko/aur/guix-git/src/guix/t-register-3048/usr/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket

Is it something guile related? I'm not familiar.


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