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Emacs interface for Guix

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Emacs interface for Guix
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 21:58:18 +0400
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I have questions about installing/deleting packages using guile repl.
I know it is possible to ‘(guix-package "--install" "guile-2.0.11")’,
but is there an easy way to install an output of an exact _package
object_?  I mean not any "guile" but #<package guile-2.0.11 ...>.

I think ‘(guix-package "--install-from-expression" ...)’ is also not
sufficient as it always (?) installs “out”.

If I understand correctly a lot of stuff should be done to perform
such actions properly: at first the new manifest is created from the
current one by adding/removing entries (created from packages) for
installation/deletion, then the derivations are built and symlinks are

There is a lot of code in “guix/scripts/package.scm” to do all that
stuff and unfortunately not much is exported from this module
(“package->manifest-entry” from “options->installable” would be very
useful for example), and I think trying to include this code in the
helper scheme file for guix.el is not right (besides my scheme foo is
weak and I'm not sure I can do that successfully) that's why I ask
about an easier way.

Thanks, Alex

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