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Re: Guix package failure

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: Re: Guix package failure
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 15:51:42 +0000

> In unknown file:
>    ?: 0 [opendir ("m4" 
> "/gnu/store/3a66h65pj9rfmgh38wngas7qjagbl39s-m4-1.4.17")]
> ERROR: In procedure opendir:
> ERROR: Wrong type (expecting string): ("m4" 
> "/gnu/store/3a66h65pj9rfmgh38wngas7qjagbl39s-m4-1.4.17")
> builder for `/gnu/store/p9jq9v14yhzzbahwambkxhnjsyx5py2v-profile.drv' failed 
> with exit code 1
> guix package: error: build failed: build of 
> `/gnu/store/p9jq9v14yhzzbahwambkxhnjsyx5py2v-profile.drv' failed

I had exactly the same problem but the message varied. It was either
"m4" or "linux-headers"

I just cloned the repo again, built it, installed and the error is gone.


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