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Re: [PATCH] Emacs interface for Guix

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Emacs interface for Guix
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 10:57:34 +0400
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Ludovic Courtès (2014-08-12 23:50 +0400) wrote:


>>> What about introducing a <manifest-transaction> type that would contain
>>> a list of packages to install, to remove, and to upgrade, and we could do:
>> I think only “install” part should contain a list of packages (or
>> (PACKAGE OUTPUT) things).  Upgrading and removing can be performed on
>> obsolete packages, so only a package specification of an installed
>> package is known in such cases.  Perhaps any pattern (package (with
>> "out" output), (package output), name specification) should be accepted.
> The arguments should be the same as (or compatible) for ‘manifest-add’
> and ‘manifest-remove’.
> So the list of packages could be installed could be a list of (PACKAGE
> OUTPUT) as you note.
> The list of packages to upgrade could a list of (PACKAGE OUTPUT) as
> well, computed by ‘guix package’ or guix.el.  (The difficulty here is
> that (guix profiles) should not depend on (gnu packages).)
> The list of packages to remove should be a list of <manifest-pattern>.
>> So there will be ‘make-manifest-transaction’ function with #:install,
>> #:upgrade, #:remove keys.  Do I understand it right?
> Rather, use (define-record-type* <manifest-transaction> ...), so we can
> then write:
>   (manifest-transaction
>     (install lst1)
>     (remove lst2)
>     ...)
>>>   ;; Show what will/would be installed, removed, etc.
>>>   (show-transaction manifest transaction #:dry-run? bool)
>>>   ;; Do the installation/removal/upgrades listed in TRANSACTION, and
>>>   ;; return the new manifest.
>>>   (manifest-perform-transaction manifest transaction)
>> So ‘manifest-perform-transaction’ will open connection?  If so,
>> shouldn't it accept '#:dry-run' and '#:use-substitutes?' keys?
> No, it would just return the new manifest, built by successive calls to
> ‘manifest-add’ and ‘manifest-remove’.  Very simple.
> The actual profile is still built with ‘profile-derivation’.

I realized there could be a problem with (PACKAGE OUTPUT) elements.
They should be transformed into manifest entries, but
"guix/scripts/package.scm" uses ‘package->manifest-entry*’ for that, so
this cannot be performed in (guix profiles) module.  Perhaps “install”
should just contain a list of manifest entries.  WDYT?

And manifest-transaction stuff could look like this:

(define-record-type* <manifest-transaction> manifest-transaction
  (install manifest-transaction-install ; list of <manifest-entry>
           (default '()))
  (remove  manifest-transaction-remove  ; list of <manifest-pattern>
           (default '())))

(define (manifest-perform-transaction manifest transaction)
  "Perform TRANSACTION on MANIFEST and return new manifest."
  (let ((install (manifest-transaction-install transaction))
        (remove  (manifest-transaction-remove transaction)))
    (manifest-add (manifest-remove manifest remove)

(define* (show-transaction manifest transaction #:key dry-run?)
  "Display what will/would be installed/removed from MANIFEST by TRANSACTION."
  (let ((install (manifest-transaction-install transaction))
        (remove  (manifest-matching-entries
                  (manifest-transaction-remove transaction))))
    (match remove
      ((($ <manifest-entry> name version output path _) ..1)
       (let ((len    (length name))
             (remove (map (cut format #f "   ~a-~a\t~a\t~a" <> <> <> <>)
                          name version output path)))
         (if dry-run?
             (format (current-error-port)
                     (N_ "The following package would be removed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
                         "The following packages would be removed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
             (format (current-error-port)
                     (N_ "The following package will be removed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
                         "The following packages will be removed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
      (_ #f))
    (match install
      ((($ <manifest-entry> name version output path _) ..1)
       (let ((len     (length name))
             (install (map (cut format #f "   ~a-~a\t~a\t~a" <> <> <> <>)
                           name version output path)))
         (if dry-run?
             (format (current-error-port)
                     (N_ "The following package would be installed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
                         "The following packages would be 
             (format (current-error-port)
                     (N_ "The following package will be installed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
                         "The following packages will be installed:~%~{~a~%~}~%"
      (_ #f))))
(I excluded “upgrade” part as it's the same as “install”, and
‘show-transaction’ is almost the same as ‘show-what-to-remove/install’
from "package.scm".)

Also I think "guix.el" should check for freshness too, so
‘check-package-freshness’ should probably be exported.

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