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Re: Merging guix.el

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Merging guix.el
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 17:11:34 +0400
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Ludovic Courtès (2014-08-23 16:17 +0400) wrote:

> Hello!
> I think we can merge guix.el in the repo anytime now.  Here are some
> notes on how this could be done:
>   • Put all the .el and .scm files of the guix.el repo under an emacs/
>     directory.

Done.  I have made “emacs-ui” branch with what I did so far.  But as I
have no experience with autotools, I'm afraid all that stuff need to be
reviewed carefully.

>   • Have them appropriately listed in the top-level (I can
>     help with that, if you’re not familiar.)

Along with the small changes to top-level "", I made
"" in "emacs" dir and...

I imagine there may be... for example vi users, who wouldn't want to
install this feature, so I made some changes in "" to add
“--disable-emacs-ui” option.

Also I use almost the same code in "" that is used in
"scripts/", so I think it will be good to have some little
additional module with ‘config-lookup’ function.  WDYT?

>   • Add a section in the manual, probably under “Package Management”,
>     describing the interface (probably as a separate .texi file
>     @included from the main one.)  It can come later.

This is new subject for me as well; I'll write it as soon as possible.

For now the most important part of the documentation is that after
installing guix with emacs UI, it may be used by putting:

  (require 'guix-init)

into ".emacs".  After that autoloaded "guix-..." commands should be

Alex Kost

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