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Re: Guix Pull Failure

From: Alex Kost
Subject: Re: Guix Pull Failure
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 14:06:55 +0400
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This message is the answer to myself, so please ignore it and the
previous one.

Alex Kost (2014-09-30 12:13 +0400) wrote:

> Alex Sassmannshausen (2014-09-30 11:40 +0400) wrote:
>> Hello,
>> When doing `guix pull` this morning it consistently fails with:
>> ---8<-------->8------------
>> copying and compiling to 
>> '/gnu/store/gjb8zsijysxfcizw1374k5hcadd3x7mf-guix-latest'...
>> compiling...      8.7% of 335 filesERROR: no code for module (json)
>> ---8<-------->8------------
>> It does this even after I have installed guile-json. Could this be due
>> to the recent addition of the PyPi Importer?
> Indeed, I thought it would be fixed after
> <>,
> but it is not.

My mistake: this commit couldn't affect “guix pull” in any way.

For some reason I thought that “guix pull” does configure+make process
but it just copies and compiles *.scm files from "gnu/" and "guix/"
directories (and a couple of other scm-files).

And now (with Ludovic's commit 6d7328b), "guile-json" package is being
built (or downloaded from hydra) by “guix pull” before the main
"pulling" process.

Sorry for the noize and thanks Ludovic for a "virtual help" (I looked at
the source of “guix/scripts/pull.scm” and “guix/build/pull.scm” after
your commit).

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